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Business Safe

Business Safe — service that facilitates comfortable cooperation of legal entities with freelancers, regardless of their location. Our service is not only the custodian of the funds that you pay from your company’s current account, but also provide all closing documents for your accounting department. Due to the specifics of remote work, Business Safe is the most effective way for legal entities to get the best result and at the same time to save the maximum cost.

Make cooperation with freelancers really comfortable

Cashless payment and contract work


How does the Business Safe work?

You publish the project on the service, indicating that you want to work through the Business Safe - offers of performers begin to arrive in a matter of minutes.

Among the freelancers, choose a winner based on the offered price, the rating of the performer, and portfolio.

In a specially created workspace, the client and the performer discuss and approve the final cost, terms and technical requirement.

After the terms are approved, contracts are signed, which we will send to your office, and funds are reserved from your company's current account.

The performer immediately starts to work, communicating with the client and exchanging files in the workspace.

The client accepts the work and completes the project, after which the reserved funds are transferred to the freelancer’s account. Together with the result, you will receive a complete package of closing documents.

Closing document package


Certificate of completion

Ability to exchange documents in electronic form



All documents are stored in the cloud of a specialized service Paperless in encrypted form.


According to the Law of Ukraine "On Digital Signature", documents signed with EDS have the same legal force like a paper document with a seal.


You do not spend money on printing, storing and sending documents, as well as significantly speed up the exchange of documents.