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Sappers is a classic game-headwolf that is known to many since the time of the Windows operating system.The main goal of the game is to open all the cells on the game field, without exploding on the mines.The game is implemented using C# programming language and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) technology to create a graphic interface.In the "Saper" game the user can choose the game settings, such as the size of the field and the number of mines.Players need to select the cells on the field to discover them and, if there is no mine under the selected cell, get information about the number of neighboring mines.With the knowledge of this information, players can set proportions on cells that they think contain minerals.The goal of the game is to open all the cells in which there are no mines, and to mark all the cells with the mines flag.The game is realized using object-oriented programming, where each game object (cell, field, player) meets a certain class with its own properties and methods.The development of the logic of the game included algorithms for placing mines on the field and processing the player’s actions.The graphic interface was developed using the XAML language.
Work details
Budget 600 UAH
Added 9 October 2023
Vasil M.
Ukraine Kolomyya  6  0

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On service 3 years