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Hi! ? 

We're on the same page if you want to make the world better doing your business. My ambition is to help companies in finding their own voice, so I write copies which will persuade your customers that you're doing a right thing for them. 

However, we're at cross purposes if you need a cheap copy just for the record and don't really care about its value. Unfortunately, we've already got tons of poor-quality content on the web. I'm not that person who will clog the web even more.  

My average day starts with writing articles, ads, product descriptions, etc. on a variety of topics. Even though I'm from Ukraine, 90% of brands which I promote operate in the American market, so I could do the same thing for you or your company.

5 Key Reasons Why My Copy May Help You  

  1. I create concise and plain articles. Your customer has no further questions after reading. 
  2. No cheap advertisement, intrusive call-to-actions and other things that hurt your business. 
  3. I dig deep into nuances of the topic and make my content highly informative for the reader. 
  4. My articles bring benefits to both your brand and your customer, not only to one party. 
  5. Honesty is the main principle of my writing.

Also, I'm able to translate texts from English to my native languages and vice versa with complete semantic preserving due to the perfect knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian grammar, rich vocabulary and literary manner of writing. 

Other Essential Skills:

  • basic knowledge of SEO and SMM;
  • pre-intermediate level of German language;
  • Adobe Photoshop + Lightroom.

More Facts about My Hobbies, Lifestyle and Education: 

I study international economy. I have already obtained a Bachelor degree and strive to get Masters.  

My hobbies are:

  • Photography. I take a lot of photos with my film/digital cameras and iPhone (mostly film camera for now). Some photos require a further editing, so I constantly improve my Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom skills. 
  • Sports: mostly gym, cycling and basketball. Moreover, I have chosen to be health-conscious. 
  • Mindfulness. Practice it on a daily basis. 
  • Electronic music. I spend a lot of time on Resident Advisor looking for new artists and often visit related events in my city.

Let's craft quality content together! 

Don't hesitate to send me a message if you need a compelling copy for your website, landing page or blog. 

You can also contact me via e-mail: [email protected] or telegram: @pipeandryder

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170 ₴scientific research: description of the service

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Адаптивный перевод текста https://hotshowlife.com/kak-zamorazhivat-ovoshhi-frukty-i-ostalnye-produkty/


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Екатерина профессионал с большой буквы. Оперативно выполнила заказ и все етко как требовалось.
Текст написан граммотно, лаконично и интересно.
Как раз то, что мне було нужно.
С радостью буду обращаться еще.
Рекомендую к сотрудничеству)

Виктория Е. Виктория Ерёменко | Ответный отзыв


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