Карина Л.

ФрилансерыКарина Лисица

Украина Днепр, Украина
3 месяца 17 дней назад
Свободен для работы свободен для работы
на сервисе 5 лет

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June 2016  - May 2017 - English teacher, outsource translator

May 2017- Now - In-house translator at Liveuamap.com

Ability to do single-type work neatly and scrupulously, aim for detailed understanding, inquisitiveness in language and cultural matters, creative way of thinking, passion for project work, ability to work in group and to arrange common efforts, being considerate for details, usage of the association method and mnemonics in general, ability to explain and to listen.

Tactfulness and delicacy, liberal views and tolerancy towards people of different views and origin, disposition to general discussion in order to solve various problems, skill of working in group and arranging common efforts, individual psychological approach to groupmates, aptitude for encouraging, ability to avoid conflicts and - if any - to solve them painlessly, knowing aspects of different cultures and of their customs.Being extremely precise in managing various types of information. 

Ability to arrange work to achieve maximal total productivity, the approach of logical splitting to different problems, intellectual curiousity.Familiar with all the types of modern web browsers. Able to handle most programs for MS Windows. Good MS Office skills (MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Excel, MS Outlook), excellent knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. Thorough knowledge of the iOS platform

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Каталог Квернеланд Груп

Перевод текстов Перевод текстов


Перевод для алюминиевого гиганта «РУСАЛ»

Перевод текстов Перевод текстов



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