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Web site for shareware app

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I need a promotional (and point of sale) website for
my shareware application.

Users should be able to download trial version, buy
license, subscribe for updates/news or share (social),
get support. News feed/email, program update or end
of trial version brings users back to the site.

General Site Description
Site consists of 5-7 pages with maximum 2-level deep
hierarchy (see attachment).

Designer have to customize Buy Now page; integrate
feedback forum (UserVoice ) and social/share
functions; Google analytics and webmaster tools; site
monitoring (ping); and provide basic SEO (submit,
sitemap, robots); custom 404 page.

Target Audience
Anglo-American woman, 35-55 years old, some college.
As ordinary people, as business ladies, life-coaches,
writers, journalists, orators, etc.

They are not technical savvy. Use MS Word, Excel, some
Media players, Yahoo finance/news, Amazon, Gmail, eBay,
etc. Probably users will visit site once in 2-4 months and
stay for 2-5 minutes on it.

They mostly use Windows XP, IE6/7 and starting from
1024x768 screen size.

Me, web designer and copywriter will generate site
content. It is good to update site with one/two new
sentences once a week and once in 3 months with
application update.

Site doesn’t require full CMS and I should be able to
handle maintenance. Sources should be in W3C
standard (X)HTML with CSS, or simple CMS that
produces it.

There is IX web hosting already purchased. Registered
domain name needs to be transferred from Yahoo to
IX web hosting.

Graphic Look and Feel
Considering simple but modern look and feel with
female sensitive graphic elements (waves, flowers,
birds - see Windows 7 wallpapers), that designer
will create.

Application logos are still under construction. There in
no color theme too. So start with layout and functionality;
use black font on white background; increased font sizes.

Some software promotional we sites for example:
javacoolsoftware.com, limewire.com, shapecollage.com,
mjtnet.com, timegt.com, timesnapper.com,
desktop.ebay.com, messenger.yahoo.com, ilaughapp.com,

Please write about you design process, deliverables,
charges for maintenance, copyright, fixing bugs,
automated test cases, source code comments.

Also show me your previous experience in designing
websites for software products!

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