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Dmitry Golub

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Ukraine Khmelnitskyi, Ukraine
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Web programming

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  • Biodepoint

    Web programming
    Create a web design and develop a "under key" site for the revolutionary BioDeposit project.

    The specificity of the customer’s activity inspired our team to create an untype website. But about everything in order. Let’s start with the fact that BioDeposit unites the seekers to the international community of olive plantators. Therefore, we have developed a resource that provides the necessary information about the activity of the project, allows you to become a partner and offers you to buy a tree using the TreeStore tab.

    Now about the functional. From the main page you can see an unstandard approach to the task: interactive plantations maps and fields that show the state of parts in real-time; inserted to the page calculators and timers; video from which you can get all output information and a constant support button that will answer any of your questions. In addition, you can authorize yourself in your personal office to get personalized information about your own trees.
  • Emotionality

    Web programming
    The technical implementation of the platform for EmotionFit - fitness for spirit and body.

    EmotionFit learns how to feel good and stay productive
    To love yourself and take care of yourself is one of the hardest tasks of life. This requires constant support, understanding, friendly shoulder, right and unmotivated motivation, right words, EmotionFit will help you in this.
    We have developed individual types of testing to better know your emotional and physical condition, so that you can choose the right training program for you. We have developed a single digital algorithm to create individual programs of comprehensive personal support for physical and emotional workforce, where the combination of sports, nutrition, sleep and stress issues.
  • by David Rothman

    Web programming
    Technical implementation of the site for the brand "David Roytman Luxury Judaica"

    The brand "David Roytman Luxury Judaica" was created to show the world: any of the attributes of Judaica now is a subject of pride.It can - and should be as luxurious as a nice costume or clock.Luxury judaica is a philosophy.Therefore, the Jewish religion is not separated from the ordinary life.Therefore, in the collections not only religious attributes, but also daily accessories - ornaments, visitors, sports goods.Luxury judaica is art.In each collection there are items with manual drawing, unique mosaic, play.A convenient catalogue is designed for your shopping needs.The site is designed with a view to user convenience, which facilitates the search for the products you need.The catalogue has a convenient navigation system that allows you to view different sections, such as catalogue, categories, collections and individual products.Product cards include a variety of functions for easy use and filtering of products.You can filter products according to certain attributes, ensuring that you will find exactly what you are looking for.Photos allow you to get a clear visual presentation of the product from different points of view, allowing you to make a reasonable decision.In addition, detailed descriptions and additional product information provide you with all the necessary information to understand the characteristics and advantages of the product.
  • The Carbons

    Web programming
    Technical implementation of the site for the company Carbosnab - which is engaged in the design and production of transparent curves and light-proof facades of different types of complexity.

    A set of innovative tools and resources has been developed for professionals and people working with polycarbonate materials.
    One of the main modules of development, has become online calculators of calculations that allow users to quickly and accurately determine the accurate sizes and the amount of polycarbonate materials needed for their design.
    A 3D building tool has also been developed that allows users to figure out which materials are best used for their projects.
    In addition to these tools, target pages and personal user office have been developed where you can find all the necessary information about the order, shares, bonuses and more.
    For b2b customers, a personal account has been developed, with the ability to access specific information and easily manage their orders.
  • Photobum

    Web programming
    Create a design and site for a specialized online store of photo and video equipment; add the possibility of entrance to a personal office.

    FotoBym is a great choice of photo and video equipment that should be shown by the store’s website. In the photo and video technology sections, users can order cameras, lenses, firewalls, photo and video stations, additional batteries and network adapters for cameras, lenses light filters, bags and suitcases for transportation equipment and a number of other accessories.

    To accelerate the search, the Hexide Digital team has developed a special window that allows you to monitor the products in the presence and joined the service of the chat-to-site that will help to choose the necessary product. If users argue between similar products, the "Commoning Products" tab works on the site.
  • by Katy Corso

    Web programming
    Technical implementation of the online store for the searched costume manufacturer Katy Corso. The brand creates clothes for your most important days, from luxurious corner clothes with thousands of peets for bride princesses to extravagant clothes with pearls for loud celebrations, from closed network clothes with unexpected details for modern kings to silhouette bustes for confident beauty.

    Since the brand "Katy Corso" has a lot of unique collections and offers a wide range of costumes, we have developed a separate catalogue for each unfinished wedding and party collection, as well as an interesting blog where presented every unforgettable show of new collections in different corners of the world.

    For permanent customers, the Hexide Digital team has developed a personal office with the ability to register through social networks and track new brand collections.
  • Soup

    Web programming
    Create a marketing site for the SUP - the largest united force of independent Ukrainian entrepreneurs.

    The leading purpose of the site is to inform the potential members about the activities of the association and to facilitate the entrance process to a favorable Ukrainian business environment. The site is constantly updated information, news and events ads are added, so we have asked the site owners to easily manage the data on their own using a convenient admin panel.
  • Code of the Nation

    Web programming
    Technical implementation of the “National Code” website.

    The Code of the Nation is a foundation that deals with the restoration of Ukrainian culture and habits.
    On the website, each wishes can make their contribution to the restoration of the historic places of Ukraine.
    Each person can participate actively in the restoration of historical places throughout the country by making a donation to a specific destination, or the fund that is engaged in the restoration of these places.
    In addition, users can view articles, publications, information about projects, distinctive places, where a lot of information about the Ukrainian culture, habits and traditions is described.
    The project has a vision of a promising future, in which historical places will restore their former glory, and Ukrainian habits will prosper thanks to the joint efforts of supporters.
  • Hairhouse

    Web programming
    Realizing a holding corporate site for a modern beauty-space in the center of Kiev.

    Hairhouse is the place where you can do everything. This is the positioning we tried to transmit the site of the salon. Our team decided to break the price, subscriptions and store with technical animations that accompany the user from the moment of the page is uploaded. After the implementation of these elements, our main task was to ensure the fast resource transition and immediate response when the internal pages are loaded. And, judging from the good feedback, we succeeded!
  • The 360 Digital Online

    Web programming
    Technical implementation of the site for Digital - full cycle agency.

    360 - a full-cycle digital agency creates and develops your online projects, helps your business grow, go out to new markets and expand boundaries, through competencies in web development, design and marketing.
    Our task was interesting and stylish to submit the directions of the company and the case.
    Also on the site there are non-standard animated elements that emphasize the ease and
    Lockness of the site.
  • The world

    Web programming
    Technical implementation of the site

    Congratulations with Maria - a new brand of Ukrainian juices, which every morning inspires to incarnate important thoughts, go on your own journey and believe in Mria!Without dealing with the naturality and quality of its favourite flavours, the brand retains affordable prices among the range of drinks on the shelves of stores.Every glass of juice is a concern despite the difficulties of our time.And every Happy Birthday is the preservation of the Ukrainian Dream on packaging and in reminders: and the paper aircraft can have the wings of the largest aircraft in the world!The site offers a wide selection of juices, each of which is carefully designed to provide a explosion of flavor and freshness.From classic fruit blends to unique and exotic combinations.Also realised interactive and creative features that add additional pleasure, painting where you will be able to uncover your artistic talent and revive the illustrations on the theme of juices.
    Creative animations on the site.These animations add a playful and visually exciting element, filling the site with a sense of dynamism and energy.
  • by Limo

    Web programming
    Create a landing page for a promo company dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the Lviv Cold Combinate.

    Under the terms of the promotion, each Limo product buyer can enter a unique code on the site and participate in the 55 thousand prizes, including travel, iPhone and horoscope. The Hexide Digital team joined the project at the web production stage. The main challenge for developers was the development of a unique animation that will reflect on the user's actions and add the site dynamics. Thus, we aimed not only to provide user friendly pages, but also to draw attention to the details.
  • by Lenov

    Web programming
    To realize a website-visit, whose style will send the audience to the theme of VR technologies and promote the project "Kiev: from morning to morning".

    Lenovo-explorer is a light mobile shell of virtual reality. To show the product’s advantages, developers offer a virtual tour of Kyiv. And the Hexide Digital team offers users who are just familiar with the service to expand their idea of the project through interactive animation and untype layer.

    Our goals came together, and as a result we got a stylish, modern and stylish site that provides all the necessary information about the product, service, team and additional features with which pleasantly to interact.
  • Eat Easy

    Web programming
    Technical implementation of the site for the Ukrainian manufacturer of fermented low-gased non-alcoholic drink-probiotic - Eat easy.

    The main goal of Eat easy is to make the combucha popular and accessible to everyone. Our main task was to develop a stylish and modern site, with non-standard animation. The site catalog allows the user to view all the benefits of the product and interestingly provided information about the beverages.

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21 November 2023 1300 USD
Automatic response to email


Good and comprehensible communication. The project was somewhat delayed, but we didn’t expect the immediate fulfillment of the task. The executive has its own team that is able to implement different projects and find solutions when the task "in front" is not solved. Due to technical complexities from our side the project was processed by the execution to the working state.


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