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Illia Zdokhlii

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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
9 hours 29 minutes ago
Available for hire available for hire
added 34 bids
age 18 years
registered for 8 months 13 days


Successful projects
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Social media advertising 2
Lead generation and sales 1

Language Proficiency Level

Українська Українська: fluent
English English: intermediate



  • 362 USD

    Facebook Ads in E-Commerce

    Lead generation and sales
    Facebook Ads for the Internet Store
    Results: Spent $5 357, Sales 1340, AV CPA $4
  • 483 USD

    Facebook Ads in the Internet Education Niche

    Lead generation and sales
    Facebook Ads Advertising for Internet Courses
    Results: Spent $9 837, Leads 1805, AV CPA $5.45
  • 250 USD

    FB Ads for Internet Store Lighting

    Lead generation and sales
    Advertising for the Internet shop of lighting
    The average price per purchase: $5.27

    #FacebookAds #clothing #online-shop #online-shop
  • 300 USD

    FB ads for online clothing shop

    Lead generation and sales
    Advertising for the online shop of clothing
    The average price per purchase: $5.85

    #FacebookAds #clothing #online-shop #online-shop
  • 200 USD

    FB Ads for Women's Clothing Shop

    Lead generation and sales
    Advertising for the Women's Clothing Shop
    The average purchase price is $4.23

    #FacebookAds #clothing #online-shop #online-shop


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483 USD
Setting up contextual advertising for a landing page.
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