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Mykola Cherneha

Offer Mykola to work on your next project.

Ukraine Ternopol, Ukraine
2 hours 52 minutes ago
Available for hire available for hire
1 arbitration procedure
added 14 bids
age 22 years
registered for 1 year


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Website development 1
Mobile apps design

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  • The Vpn Top

    Web design
    I have developed a VPN service for iOS, Android and web platforms, and also created a landing for our client where all the programs are available to download simply from a page, as well as a detailed presentation of the site functionality and other useful information.
  • The clothing store

    Web design
    Developed the website design for the customer.The programmer has to press on the wordpress
  • Design shop for gambling

    Web design
    Portfolio Project
  • No code

    Website development
    Developed for a company that is engaged in no code development in the United States.

    The Customer’s task:
    Make this hard animation on the first screen.
    Make a website fast, functional with a backlink form
    That the site was adaptive to all devices.

    Everyone got good and got a good feedback.
  • The Dragon Goal

    Website development
    Hello developed for the buyer here such a site, Mint Nft didn't connect discs and everything else because he wanted to connect later himself, made the design in Figma then moved the layer to the webflow and some times connected and all.The quick work is a good result.
  • The Crypto Global Trand

    Interface design
    When the customer gave me a task to create a cryptocurrency tracking site, I realized that it would be a big challenge. But I was confident in my abilities and experience, so I took the job.
    The first few days I spent exploring the cryptocurrency market and understanding how to track their movements. I have studied new technologies and tools to find the best way to realize this idea.
    After a few weeks of work I had the first prototype of the site. I showed him to the customer and we discussed his advantages and disadvantages. We have made a few corrections to make the site more useful and convenient for users.
  • Site under key

    Website development
    I created this site on the Webflow platform as a demonstration of my development skills using animations, hoveres and transitions.
  • Site under key

    Website development
    This website is built using an exciting system where there is a single block that changes when rebuilding, similar to the pages in the book, and all of these changes are accompanied by creative animations. This site presents my skills in working with the Webflow platform and writing my own codes.
  • Site for car rental

    Website development
    I successfully developed a web site using Webflow, including animations and hosts, and also created a mobile version for my client. Everything was finished in time, and I added the browser at the beginning of the site as I always do it with all my projects.
  • Banner

    Outdoor advertising
    I've made a banner for 4 years for this post!
  • Incredibly Beautiful Website

    Web design
    WOW is! I just can’t stop not to share with you the new exciting project I’ve worked on recently!

    Let me introduce you my latest development - an incredible site in the style of "neon fashion"!

    Check out the first screen of our site by link: neonoviy-stil.webflow.io

    This site is a real art creation! We work on it with the soul to create you an unforgettable impression from each click.

    What do you find on the first screen of our website?

    It’s a great 3D-meny that creates a unique effect.
    Incredible animations that resurrect a page and make it searched.
    Graphics that just fascinates and leaves you without words.
    We continue to work on the development of the rest of the site, and now it looks extremely expensive and stylish.

    So join us and give your page a unique look!
  • Crypto learning

    Website development
    I invite you to the world of elegant and searched design, where each detail is written with the maximum attention to modern trends and creativity. My project is made with careful attention to the design in each element, in order to provide your audience with an unforgettable impression.

    The main objective was to create not just the design, but the real visual masterpiece - a place where shape and function complement each other. Excellent adaptability and cross-forming add the project to modernity and availability for a wide range of users.

    This design is more than just a aesthetically pleasant look. It is an investment in the impression of your audience that is remembered for a long time. It is impossible to not notice its stylish and cool quality, which is expressed in each pixel.

    Thanks to this project, your online platform will be not only functional, but also visually exciting, ready to fascinate and fall into each visitor.
  • Portfolio website

    Website development
    You can look at most of the best works, reviews all look at me on this site!The !
  • The Tribus

    Website development
    I’ve successfully developed a web site “under key” – from unique design to implementation on the Webflow platform. The site was developed easily understood, and in the process of work all the necessary adaptations under different devices were provided. I have saved the site on my domain for you so that you can get acquainted with the result. The customer has remained satisfied with the product and is now working on connecting the payment gateway to the payment button. I am glad that I have been able to meet his needs and ready to carry out further projects on a prosperous path of cooperation.
  • Web3Craft

    Website development
    My name is pleased to introduce the site under the key for the cryptocurrency token - an innovative project that provides a simple and convenient exchange of tokens. The proposed site impresses with a modern and stylish design, with a dynamic tracker that attracts visitors immediately.Site navigation helps to easily find the necessary information and perform the desired actions. This project offers innovative solutions and opportunities for convenient and efficient financial transactions in the cryptocurrency world.


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