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Vladislava Konoplya

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Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
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  • 204 USD

    Design of the building company website

    Web design
    Competition work - winner https://freelancehunt.com/contest/dizayn-landing-page/6735.html
  • 161 USD

    Landing Under Key - Personal Coaching for Entrepreneurs

    Web design
    For the buyer it was important that it was laconic, remembered. Per a little minimalist and to match the topic. The site is aesthetic, pleasant design, but super creative design is not a purpose). In this work of creation was from analysis and copywriting to the weblium design layer. The priority version is mobile, as this site is to launch the target.
    The review of this work from the customer can be read here - https://freelancehunt.com/project/stvorennya-lendingovoyi-storinki/1313615.html
  • 500 USD

    The online store of ethnic decorations on WordPress

    Web design
    The Vichnist shop project is designed to provide customers with the opportunity to purchase unique ethnic handmade decorations with the convenience of online shopping.I used the WordPress platform (elementor+woocommerce) to develop a store as it provides flexibility, ease of use and functionality expansion.Thanks to this, we were able to create a quiet and attractive design that reflects the unique and beauty of ethnic decorations.It contains all the important elements that make the online store efficient.They installed a convenient navigation, divided the goods into categories so that customers could quickly find the desired ornaments.Also added functions of adding goods to the basket, selected.Thanks-you page (thank you page after successful order)Each decor has a detailed description, photos and price so that customers can make their choice with the appropriate information.How to order an individual decoration.To improve the user experience, we have used WordPress extensions that allow you to increase the speed of page downloads, optimize SEO and ensure compatibility with mobile devices.We are proud of the results of our work and believe that the online store of ethnic jewellery will provide customers with an unforgettable shopping experience and allow them to express their uniqueity through stylish and exclusive jewellery.#Wordpress #woocommerce #woocomerce #elementor #design #web design #web design #web design #web design #web site #web design
  • 255 USD

    Online English Language School of Invibe

    Web design
    Design and development on the #Readymag website for the online school. The site is designed for young people and their needs. Bright visual elements, jokes and slings only confirm this. The school’s website also has a light animation set, which does not distract from the content and will work even on the old technique. You can look at the basis of information, reviews, prices and teachers. This is very important for the target audience of the business. On the website you can easily leave the application and contact the school. Design and #verst adapted and under mobile devices.
  • 166 USD

    Landing for the beauty salon on webflow

    Web design
    Landing on Webflow for the permanent makeup salon. Landing is adapted both under the PC and under the mobile devices. The brandbook was provided by the buyer, as well as photos for the site. The design was agreed, after which a layer was made on the Webflow designer. You can find a comment on this work by linking - https://freelancehunt.com/project/lending-dlya-salonu-krasi-na-webflow/1236120.html#bid-12535123

    #web design #webflow #figma/webflow #landings #landing #adaptability #web designer #web-sites #web designer #web development #web site #landing #landing #UX-designers #site landing
  • A key site on Squarespace for Yoga Studies

    Key-to-key site on Squarespace for the yoga studio with the record form
  • 128 USD

    landing page chat bots

    Web design
    The Roblex landing page project offers a high-quality and innovative web design that aims to attract customer attention and shows the company’s power in solving business tasks.My unique landing design uses modern web design trends and also includes animated effects to create an impressive visual impression.The use of animation helps to provide additional dynamics and attract the attention of visitors by showing the advantages and possibilities of chat bots in an exciting way.In addition, I have developed a UI kit and a prototype that allows me to transmit my ideas and concepts to developers.The UI kit includes stylish and modern components that can be used to further expand and develop the product.The prototype demonstrates the functionality and interaction of different elements on a page, which helps to understand how users will interact with the banding and receive the necessary information.The goal of this project is to convince visitors in the power and benefits of chat bots in solving their business needs.My design and prototype create an effective tool for attracting attention, increasing conversions and increasing interest in the service of the chat-boot development company.#landingpage #landing-page #design #web-design #designer #web-design #web-design #web-design #website #web-design #web-design #web-design #web-design #web-design #web-design #web-design
  • 300 USD

    Site under key to order sweets and cakes

    Web design
    I developed a design for the main page and the price, and the implementation was made on the Webflow designer.Before implementation, she conducted an analysis and wrote a text for the site to create a comfortable and attractive environment for ordering our flavours.The customer’s wishes and references.Larymyrcake is a wonderful place where you can enjoy the taste and quality of the products.Everything you need for the order is conveniently placed on the main page so that customers can easily make their order and learn about the offers.On the price page you will find a full list of sweets and cakes along with convenient prices.I carefully selected the text and description of each product so that you can make your choice knowing all the necessary information.The customer will not have to look for answers to the question, as I have already prepared everything necessary for comfort.My primary priority is to make the process of ordering sweets and cakes as simple and pleasant as possible.Thanks to the Webflow designer, I was able to realize a stylish design and ensure the quality and functionality of the site.#webflow #figma/webflow #figma #Landing #landingpage #landing-page #landingpagedesign #shop #internet store #online store #landing #landing #design #web-design #cover #copyright #web-design #designer #web-design #webdesign #webdesign #webdesign #webdesign #webdesign #webdesign #webdesign #webdesign
  • 92 USD

    Web Design for Wedding Dresses

    Web design
    Web design for wedding dresses offers a laconic and simple design with light animation that adds charm and elegance.

    To emphasize the excellence and beauty of wedding dresses, my design focuses on pure lines, simple shapes and minimalist elements. This creates an immeasurable ground that allows clothes to be the main star of the page.

    Easy animation is used to provide movement and vitality design. It may include smooth transitions between objects, small animated details or visitor effects that help attract attention and create a pleasant user experience.

    My goal is to create a web design that reflects the excellence and uniqueity of wedding dresses. The smoothness and simplicity of the design will help to emphasize the beauty of the dresses and attract the attention of potential customers, allowing them to enjoy the unprecedented experience of choosing their ideal wedding dress.
  • 92 USD

    Landing page Golf Club

    Web design
    My work on golf club design offers an exciting and elegant design that adds visual calm and attractiveness to the website With the use of animation, we provide an additional level of dynamics and vitality on the page, attracting the attention of visitors and showing the elegance and harmony of golf.It has developed a design that reflects the prestige and luxury of the club.We have taken into account important elements such as navigation simplicity, the clarity of the service information and the beautiful presentation of the photos and the club infrastructure.Animated effects add impressive transitions and improve the feeling of interaction with the website.The goal of the work is to provide web design with a high level of professionalism and attractiveness that encourages visitors to learn more about the club and its services.With our animated design, the club will be able to attract the attention of new members, increase the attraction of customers and create an unforgettable impression of its exclusiveness and luxury.#landingpage #landing-page #landingpagedesign #design #web-design #web design #landing #landing
  • 128 USD

    Landing+log for the mobile app development company APPcraft

    Web design
    Creating a unique #design at the customer's request in the style of stempank for #landing. The add-on was created animation and UI kit for developers. Colors, texts and images were provided by the buyer.
  • 200 USD

    Website Design for the Agency

    Web design
    The re-design of the site reflects a new appearance and style. The colour and brand of the company were used. Colour palette and general design match the modern trends and trends in design. Important blocks are preserved, but processed to better fit into the new style and attract more attention. The update includes a list of headlines to attract more user attention. Elements that are not valuable have been removed from the design to focus on the main and improve the user experience.

    #design #figma #redesign #web design #web sites #web design #web design
  • 4 USD

    Complete the profile

    Content management
    Creating single and creative publications for social networks. For the creation of 6 original publications - the cost of 150 UAH
    12 publications – 250 UAH
    24 publications - 470 UAH
  • Editing of photos

    Content management
    Change the colour of clothes
    Remove the tissue to look natural, but at the same time equal
    Correction of Color
  • Creating visual and filling a profile

    Content management
    Create a new Instagram page, replace the highlights.

Reviews and compliments on completed projects 3

12 March 204 USD
Creating a website on webflow


I haven’t seen such a good job for a long time. He was very well involved and engaged in the project. made a wave

20 January 161 USD
Creating a Lending page


I really liked working with the Government: easy to communicate, quick to introduce directions, initiative, professional.
I recommend it! 😉


Everything is done clearly, quickly and professionally. There were some delays on the deadlines, but it is essentially my fault as the customer.

In the design, I proposed and realized original solutions that I didn’t think about immediately. The price is also very adequate.

In particular, I will say that the Government is the only one of the 20 freelancers who made a small TZ (as I asked to do in the tender) and could perform all the necessary work I asked for.

I liked her TZ and I was happy to start the project and I was happy with the result 🙂 I recommend!

Contests won 1

13 February 204,24 USD
Дизайн landing page

Работа была сделана профессионально и быстро.
Спасибо исполнителю.

Vyacheslav Zheltuhin


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