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Kirilo D.

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Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine
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  • 3D modeling


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3D modeling 2

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Design & art

Audio & video


  • 25 USD

    Soap dispenser

    3D modeling
    Full cycle development dosing, from design to render.
  • 74 USD

    Boiler Room

    3D modeling
    Visualization of the Boiler Room in the Floor Room
  • 74 USD

    Mockup Banks with Capsules for Advertising Poster

    3D modeling
    A calming patch. It can be used for advertising your product.
  • 74 USD

    Sweatshirt for Advertising Poster

    3D modeling
    Development, realization of ideas, compositions, labels for the advertising poster of the junk.
  • 62 USD

    The Mirror.

    3D modeling
    Visualization of product in the interior.
  • 50 USD

    The VaporWave

    3D modeling
    Modeling and rendering of a small room in the style of VaporWave, all the work is done in Blender. There was also an animation of the water flow.

    #VaporWave #blender3D #3dmodels
  • 17 USD

    The Medieval Sword

    3D modeling
    Modeling one of the samples of cold medieval weapons by reference.
    All models, work with light, camera, texture and rendering are made independently.
  • 25 USD

    The Excalibur Sword

    3D modeling
    All models, work with light, camera, texture and rendering are made independently.
  • 10 USD

    Sofa in Loft style

    3D modeling
    Modeling the sofa in the style of the loft by reference.
    All models, work with light, camera, installation and design of textures, render are made independently.
    #Mobile #3D Design #Design

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Очень хорошо подходит к делу, ищет подходящие варианты и условия, ссылки и советы дельные.


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99 USD
Visualization of bathroom 5 sq/m
60 USD
Render light fixtures
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Design of a 5-acre backyard
124 USD
3D Model + Animation
74 USD
3D modeling of photos
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3D model of aluminum tape
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