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Anastasiia S.

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  • Illustrations for the design of the clock

    Illustrations and drawings
    Illustrations for Clocks - Cryptocurrency Theme for Corporate Gifts
    #Illustrations #Cryptocurrencies
  • Illustration

    Illustrations and drawings
    Illustration painted in the vector #vector_illustration #illustration #illustrator
  • Visitors

    Business card design
    Visit card for the company #designvisit #visit card #design-make #designpolygraphy
  • Linear Illustration and Logo

    Illustrations and drawings
    Linear Illustration #Vector_Illustration #Illustration #Logotypes
  • Certificate

    Print design
    Certificate of Course #Certificate #Vectornyilustration #Design-Maket #DesignPolyGraphy
  • Open/close table with work schedule.

    Print design
    There was a request from the veterinary pharmacy point for the development of the exhibition and preparation for the print, and the additional table opened / closed
    The file was made in a few hours and transmitted to the customer in pdf format for printing.
  • Design labels on cosmetics

    Package design
    Design labels on hair care tools
    #designs #designs #designs
  • Design of Label

    Print design
    Design labels on hair care tools
    #designs #designs #designs
  • The log in the vector 1:1

    Logo design
    It was necessary to repaint the logo into a vector for further use for the customer’s business.
  • Presentation / Hyde

    Presentation development
    Presentation made in an illustrator.
  • Visitors

    Business card design
    The shop of silver decorations
  • Visitors

    Business card design
    Visit card for the master of shugaring
  • The logo

    Logo design
    Logo for Instagram Handmade Carpet Shop
    #logotype #logo #instagram #logotype #logotype
  • Illustration

    Illustrations and drawings
    You can order an illustration. It’s individual and painted exactly on your TZ in a short term.
  • Certificate and Printing

    Print design
    I was asked to develop a certificate and a print with illustrations.
    Illustrated by Himself
    #certificate #illustration #print #graphic design #beaty_design #Illustration


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Need to make a layout of the label with Experience!
20 USD
One line art drawing from photos
20 USD
Book layout
26 USD
Two sticker images need to be created from the example in the photo.
20 USD
Translate the document (invoice) with a list of spare parts from Russian to Ukrainian.
Business card design
13 USD
Drawing 2 banners
15 USD
Layout of the brochure
64 USD
Design of labels for sausage products is needed
51 USD
Beginner construction company
150 USD