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Denys Haiduk

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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
3 months 1 day ago
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5 months 30 days ago
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registered for 5 years
  • postgresql
  • framework django
  • c# .net developer
  • Python/Django


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Українська Українська: fluent
Русский Русский: fluent
English English: intermediate



  • Instagram page

    Web design
    Instagram page design for real estate agency
  • The Track Cover

    The Track Cover
  • The Track Cover

    Logo design
    The Track Cover
  • The Track Cover

    Logo design
    The Track Cover
  • Visitors

    Business card design
    Visitors for the handheld
  • Business card

    Business card design
    Business card for a real estate agency
  • The Track Cover

    Logo design
    Cover for a track in the style of a stalker
  • The Track Cover

    Logo design
    The Track Cover
  • The Track Cover

    Logo design
    Cover for a track in the style of the planet and greenery
  • Photo of retouching

    Interface design
    Retouching photos, changing facial features, removing defects
  • by Rosy Arboreal Veil

    Logo design
    The face is masterfully painted in such a way that the wool is completely folded with the wool background, creating an injury, as if the wool appeared between the trees. The games of colors and shapes give pictures of mysterious and mysterious depth, and also emphasize the combination of nature and man in one composition.
  • SEO article about gambling (games)

    Portfolio: SEO article about gambling (games)

    With this SEO article about gambling, I turned to those online casinos "Boo Casino".My idea was the creation of attractive and comfortable material, which will draw the attention of the audience of gamblers and reveal the main advantages and possibilities of this casino.In the article I talked about a wide range of games from leading developers, including slot machines, table games and live games.Also marking the unique design and friendly atmosphere of Boo Casino, which is created with the help of a special look-resident.Special attention was paid to the security and protection of personal data grabbers, emphasizing the availability of the license of the Maltese Grail Association and the application of SSL encryption.To stimulate the interest of new gamblers, describing the vibrant bonus program Boo Casino, including a welcome bonus for the first three deposits and a weekly bonus for big bets.The article also revealed information about the availability of languages and currencies, emphasizing the international availability of casinos for gamblers from different countries.To promote the optimization of the publication, use the keywords and phrases that help provide the improvement of the ranking of articles in search engines.Overall, my SEO article about Boo Casino was created with the aim of presenting to readers interesting, informative and convincing material about online casinos, turning their attention to the attractiveness of the possibilities and advantages of this gambling site.
  • Mosaic app on C#

    Application made on C# Windows Forms

    On the form, the picture is generated from predefined colors when you click on the button.
    On the right is the palette from which you move the square to the appropriate location.
    Accordingly, if you pass the wrong color to the form, a warning will be issued.

    Used Technologies:
    1 . The Drag & Drop
  • The Telegram Bot

    Telegram bot was written for a real estate agency

    Technologies used:
    1. aiogram(https://pypi.org/project/aiogram/)

    The integrations used:
    Google Spreadsheets Integration
    Added the ability to change three languages(ua,ru,en)
    Implemented admin panel for employees
  • Website for a real estate agency

    The site was implemented for a real estate agency

    The site was written in languages:
    1 . by JavaScript
    2nd php

    Also used:
    1 . Html
    2nd SCSS/CSS

    Sending applications to the CRM system was implemented in PHP
    Also on the site there is a mini-game where a little griffin jumps over obstacles.

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19 January 48 USD
Parking data from fb


It’s all super quality and fast! I strongly recommend)


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