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Denis Belokon

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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
3 months 24 days ago
A little busy a little busy
age 33 years
registered for 4 months 21 days


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Українська Українська: fluent
Русский Русский: fluent
English English: intermediate



  • 127 USD

    The Parse Quotes

    Interactive portal to the world of citations and authors

    Get into the world of exciting quotes and exciting authors with Quotes Green Juiced, a web app designed to enrich your understanding and fascination with literary pearls.The main possibilities:

    A large collection of quotes:
    Open for yourself the treasury of quotes of well-known authors carefully selected from the quotes.toscrape.com website, which guarantees hours of research and illumination.Biography of the authors:
    Go on a journey to discover the life and creativity of the authors who stand behind the quotes.Quotes Green Juiced provides exhaustive biographies of authors, allowing you to immers in their past and sources of inspiration.Top 10 tags for deep research:
    Check out a carefully selected list of the 10 most popular tags, each of which represents an outstanding topic or category in the quote collection.Open hidden links and explore quotes that match your interests.War Statistics in Real Time:
    Be aware of the current war in Ukraine using integrated real-time war statistics obtained from the reliable website minfin.com.ua.

    Interactive interaction with authors through OpenAI:
    Join exciting conversations with authors using OpenAI.Use the authors’ biographies to create suggestions and get penetrating answers, deepening your understanding of their views and works.Create your own profiles:
    Leave your trace in the literary world, creating your own authors’ profiles.Add your biographies, quotes and tags, share your unique voice and contribution to the world.Technology and Libraries:
    The Django Framework:
    The PostgreSQL:
    Regular Expressions (Regex)
    The OpenAI:

    Source of: fly.io
  • 305 USD


    Universal web add-on for managing contacts, notes, files and other data

    Xmara is a comprehensive web add-on designed to simplify and optimize your daily tasks, offering a centralized platform for managing contacts, notes, files and other data.With advanced technologies and innovative features, Xmara provides users with the opportunity to take control of their information and improve their productivity.The main functions:

    Protected and remote data management:
    Xmara provides a secure and remote storage for storing and managing your contacts, notes and files.Access to your data from any place and at any time with the guarantee that they are protected by security standards.Easy to manage contacts:
    Organize and maintain your list of contacts without any effort.Add, edit and delete contacts, including names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and date of birth.Find your contacts quickly and check out your future date of birth.Reduced recording of notes:
    Register and organize your thoughts, ideas, and lists of affairs using the intuitively comprehensible Xmara note recording feature.Create, edit and search notes by adding tags for their categorization and easy search.Improved file management:
    Save and manage your files in the cloud.Download, download and arrange your files by categories, making them easily accessible and searchable.Support based on artificial intelligence:
    Use the power of OpenAI to get personalized help and advice.The Xmara Artificial Intelligence Assistant can answer your questions, provide a summary of newspapers and create tips for further research.Daily news content:
    Be aware of the latest news, getting a tight daily content prepared by well-known sources.User statistics and administrator panel:
    Get an insight on user activity and manage the app effectively using a special administrator panel.Track user statistics, look at usage templates and make reasonable decisions to optimize the user experience.Technology and Libraries:
    by Python 3.10
    The Django
    HTML and CSS
    The Cloudinary
    by JavaScript

    Source of: fly.io

    Members of the team: 4

    Posts: Team Lead
  • 203 USD

    by doc_X_chat

    Innovative tool to analyze documents using artificial intelligence

    Description of the project:

    A web add-on that allows users to easily download any documents on their choice.The advanced AI algorithms of the application analyze the document, allowing users to ask questions about its content and get accurate, penetrating answers.To create this innovative platform we used the power of advanced libraries such as Langchain, OpenAI and Django, and others.The achievement:

    Management of Users:
    Creating and editing user profiles
    Storage of user data in a database

    Processing of PDF documents:
    It allows users to download several PDF documents.
    Process documents and keeps the text of each document in a vector database.
    - Enables users to interact with processed documents via chat for each document

    The Great Language Model (LLM):
    Keeping a history of LLM requests

    Configuration of the user profile:
    It allows users to edit their profiles.

    E-mail and Google account authentication:
    - Enables users to log in to the system by e-mail or Google account

    The signature:
    - Enables users to change the subscription plan into a web add-on

    Panel of Administrator:
    - Enables administrators to view user use statistics

    Technologies and libraries that are used:
    by Python 3.10
    by Django
    by PostgreSQL
    The HTML
    The Langchain
    The Cloudinary
    by DockerHub

    Published by: hub.docker.com

    Members of the team: 4

    Posts: Team Lead

    Why this project is special:

    This project goes beyond the usual document processing, offering users an interactive and intuitive interface to analyze and obtain information from their documents.Thanks to the use of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, the app can understand the natural language and respond to user questions in the context of the document.


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