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Mihaylo P.

React Native and React: fast, easy, and efficient
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Ukraine Lvov, Ukraine
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11 months 10 days ago
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  • React
  • Mobile application
  • react.js
  • Firebase
  • React Native
  • web applications
  • expo
  • React Native Android IOS


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Hybrid mobile apps
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Українська Українська: fluent
English English: intermediate
Polski Polski: intermediate


Welcome to my profile!

I am an experienced React Native and React developer with over 7 years of experience in the IT industry. I have successfully completed more than 50 projects during my career.

My skill set includes:

  • ✅ Javascript, Typescript
  • ✅ HTML5, CSS3
  • ✅ React Native, React
  • ✅ JQuery 
  • ✅ MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • ✅ Redux
  • ✅ Next
  • ✅ Firebase
  • ✅ Expo 

APIs that I have experience with:

  • ✅ Google Maps API,
  • ✅ Stripe API
  • ✅ PayPal API
  • ✅ Sendgrid API
  • ✅ Google Ads API
  • ✅ Facebook Ads API 
  • ✅ Twitter API 
  • ✅ Google Analytics API

If you are looking for a developer with a strong track record of delivering high-quality work, excellent communication skills, and the ability to handle simple and complex projects, please do not hesitate to contact me.

#react_native #react #javascript #typescript #android #ios



Mobile development


  • 1500 USD

    Zano Wallet

    Hybrid mobile apps
    Zano is the development of a scalable and secure coin, designed for use in e-commerce. The technology behind our blockchain provides reliability, security, and flexibility—a perfect option for P2P transactions.

    Zano Wallet
    Android: https://cutt.ly/I4m1Ait
    iOS: https://cutt.ly/A4m1XCA

    #ReactNative #Android #iOS #mobileapp #application #redux #expo #Firebase #Javascript #blockchain #cryptocurrency
  • 2500 USD

    Five Leagues

    Hybrid mobile apps
    With the Five Leagues app, you always have your online league system for functional fitness sports in your pocket.

    Do you love functional fitness and are you looking for an additional challenge alongside your normal training? As a member of FiVe Leagues, you have the opportunity to regularly compare yourself to other athletes at your fitness level. Set new goals, increase your motivation, and work on your weaknesses to achieve the best placement in your league!

    Five Leagues - an online league system for functional fitness
    Android: https://cutt.ly/a4RyBLW
    iOS: https://cutt.ly/74RyJY2

    #ReactNative #Android #iOS #mobileapp #application #redux #expo #Firebase #Javascript
  • 2500 USD

    Dr. Schrammek

    Hybrid mobile apps
    With the Dr. Schrammek app, you can conveniently buy your favorite products on the go. You'll find modern and easy operation, exclusive promotions, and all the latest news. Learn all about skincare from our digital live streams and discover the world of beauty.

    Dr. Schrammek - an online marketplace
    Android: https://cutt.ly/s4m4YVw
    iOS: https://cutt.ly/t4m4FXq

    #ReactNative #Android #iOS #mobileapp #application #redux #expo #Firebase #Javascript
  • 4000 USD


    Web programming
    Azbit is a new-generation exchange offering the most in-demand services on the market. Spot exchange, margin trading, crypto-backed loans. 24/7 support. We work best to be the first.

    #react.js #Javascript #css #html #redux #cryptocurrency
  • 1500 USD

    Meditation Steps

    Hybrid mobile apps
    The application will help you learn a simple meditation technique, develop regularity in yoga practices, as well as explore other useful habits for a harmonious and happy life. Here you will find everything you need: meditation for beginners, marathons of good habits, practices for awareness and self-development, free courses in philosophy, and yoga practices.

    Meditation Steps - online yoga and meditation course
    Android: https://cutt.ly/D4m8bM2
    iOS: https://cutt.ly/i4m8OCb

    #ReactNative #Android #iOS #mobileapp #application #redux #expo #Firebase #Javascript
  • 2000 USD


    Hybrid mobile apps
    The application allows you to accumulate "cups of coffee" or other drinks in partner institutions and get every N-th cup for free!

    10Cups - every 10th cup is free
    Android: https://cutt.ly/J4m3A7G
    iOS: https://cutt.ly/P4m3Bs9

    #ReactNative #Android #iOS #mobileapp #application #redux #expo #Firebase #Javascript
  • 1000 USD


    Apps for Android
    SmartBooking Hotel PMS and Channel Manager System are feature-rich and flexible hotel software that simplifies hotel management.

    The hotel management system works with the hotel channel manager to increase your revenue by automating your day-to-day operations so you can focus on the guest experience.

    Smart Hotel PMS software and channel manager are ideal for small and medium hotels, motels, boarding houses, resorts, hotel

    SmartBooking - hotel management system
    Android: https://cutt.ly/N4m2Qt3
    iOS: https://cutt.ly/f4m2zwB

    #ReactNative #Android #iOS #mobileapp #application #redux #expo #Firebase #Javascript
  • 3000 USD

    Cento SmartSafe Mobile

    Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)
    Cento SmartSafe is a unique application that will allow each user to easily and securely manage their Cento digital assets, including the precious metal wallets in which the application allows them to do so. Assets are securely stored in an encrypted wallet or "safe" that can be used offline but are also connected to the blockchain to verify any transactions that may occur. Cento Mobile SmatSafe's ease of use allows users to instantly transfer funds from user to user and can process up to 120,000+ transactions per second, making it one of the fastest and most competitive transactional apps in the world.

    #ReactNative #Android #iOS #mobileapp #application #redux #expo #Javascript #blockchain #cryptocurrency
  • 5000 USD


    Hybrid mobile apps
    Find out all the prices for different aggregators and taxi rates, order the cheapest, and save on the time of searching for a car is now very easy! Compare prices and go!

    AltoCar - a taxi for you
    Android: https://cutt.ly/W4m77hw
    iOS: https://cutt.ly/X4m5e7w

    #ReactNative #Android #iOS #mobileapp #application #redux #expo #Firebase #Javascript
  • 2000 USD

    METRO Партнер

    Web programming

Reviews and compliments on completed projects 1

9 May 2023 253 USD
Fix React Native App


Mikhail perfectly dealt with the task, all the required was done after 2 days, so did not require the whole time spent on work, and the work was done earlier than the deadline, thank you, we will contact more!


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