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Vladyslav Pavlenko

Offer Vladyslav to work on your next project.

Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine
2 days 20 hours ago
Available for hire available for hire
added 2 bids
age 30 years
registered for 8 years
  • Objective-C
  • UIKit
  • json
  • xCode
  • oop
  • Cocoapods
  • VK SDK iOS
  • Facebook SDK


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Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)
Mac OS and Objective-C
6 place of 21



Mobile development


  • 1400 USD

    Multillect translator

    Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)
    The Multillect Translator online translator will allow you to quickly and quality translate texts of various topics and complexities. The application features a wide range of opportunities that are useful in everyday life, for travel and for learning foreign languages.
  • 1500 USD

    League of Games

    Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)
    Mobile app for members of the LIGA GYM club.
  • 1150 USD

    Likes of affiche

    Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)
    LIKES is the first online daily on the entertainment and cultural life of your city, a multi-format about events, places and people.
    Current news of cinema, theatre, music, contemporary art, fashion and literature, events and main characters of the city, restaurant and club culture - daily on LIKES.ru

    Likes.ru for those looking for decent information and events in the life of their city.
  • 800 USD

    Television of Ufanet

    Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)
    TV.Ufanet is a free app for Ufanet subscribers. The app allows you to view your favorite TV channels using mobile devices. You can watch both the online broadcast of the television channel and the archive of the television broadcasts in the past few days. You can use the app and watch TV channels from mobile devices wherever you have access to the Internet.
    With TV.Ufanet you are available:- Most popular TV channels,- Program broadcasts (telegids) for the current week,- Archive TV broadcasts (up to 7 days),
    - setting reminders on the time of broadcasting,
    - Setting TV broadcasts by genre,
    - Search for TV broadcasters by name, Create your own list of interesting TV channels.
  • 500 USD


    Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)
    Brandmobil is a stylish and creative advertising concept on your car! Attract attention to yourself, support your favorite brand and make money!
    Wait for invitations to the advertising project, come to one of our installation points, we will help your car for free and stick a beautiful stick! The system of reporting the course of the project through our application will make your participation convenient and will allow you to get reward and pleasure guaranteed.


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20 USD
Create a mobile application
76 USD
On the screen, update personal data, 2 fields need to be blocked
40 USD
Mobile IOS application by finished design (make) in the image
253 USD
Development of iOS apps (willed by SwiftUI)
13 USD
Mobile app for iOS, relaxing music for sleep
303 USD
Создать мобильное приложение (Android и iOS) new
312 USD
Replacement of the iPhone camera Personal project
76 USD
Webview App for the Store on iOS
25 USD
Development of mobile applications
253 USD