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Taisiia Perska

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Social media marketing
Social media page design



  • Fashioncare.ch - Target Fb and Inst, Switzerland

    Social media marketing
    Period: October 2020 - June 2021

    Languages: English, German, French, Italian

    Swiss online platform of certified environmental brands of clothing and household textiles.

    On the site you can purchase goods by the group and weeds,
    A sustainable manufacturers have the ability to join the platform.

    The tasks:
    Searching for business partners via email and LinkedIn
    - Attract traffic to the site using the target in Inst i Fb

    The result:
    - 2 contracts with business partners (sustainable manufacturers from Italy and Turkey)
    More than 3,000 pages on the website
    More than 200 ice.
    Advertising budget of €1200

    #SMM #SMM-Manager #SMM-forming #SMM-promoting #promoting #smm-specialist #smm-strategy #instagram #instagram #targeting #targeting #targeted #forming #advertising #FacebookAds
  • GOBO - Target Inst, Kazakhstan

    Social media marketing
    Period: August - December 2022

    Language: Russian

    400+ LEDs for B2B

    Direction: Manufacturing
    Theme: Projectors for external advertising
    Category: Small Business

    Link to the website and social media. The customer network

    GOBO projectors are professional lighting devices designed for external advertising and the interior of the room.
    Objective: Attracting customers to buy projector

    See the works:
    - Formation
    Targeted advertising on Instagram. Managing traffic to the site, collecting ice in the ice form and posting in direct.

    The outcome data (was): The page was created from zero.

    The result (the result ) :
    In 4 months (9.08 - 18.12)

    1 900+ visits to the site
    450+ subscribers on the account
    400+ ice in ice form (1,6$ per ice)
    100+ Started Listings
    Budget: $1320

    #SMM #SMM-Manager #SMM-forming #SMM-promoting #promoting #smm-specialist #smm-strategy #instagram #instagram #targeting #targeting #targeted #forming #advertising #FacebookAds
  • Roomy - layout, conduct, targeted advertising Fb and Inst, USA

    Social media marketing
    Period: July-September 2021

    Language: English

    The tasks:
    1 . Explore the market
    The 2nd Connecting the subscribers
    3 . Increase brand awareness

    Our actions: creating, drawing, keeping pages in fb and instagram. Targeted advertising

    The Results:
    +162 subscribers on fb
    10,000 users covered
    It is also a clearly defined audience that will be interesting for this service when it is launched.

    #SMM #SMM-Manager #SMM-forming #SMM-promoting #promoting #smm-specialist #smm-strategy #instagram #instagram #targeting #targeting #targeted #forming #advertising #FacebookAds
  • NomNomShop - Inst and FB, Kazakhstan

    Social media marketing
    Period: July 2017 – July 2018

    Language: Russian

    Website: http://nomnomshop.kz/

    NomNomShop is an online store of Korean cosmetics in Almaty.For the customer, we have developed a rubricator, content plan and visual mailing rules with templates and logos for better visual perception (especially on Instagram).The form of behavior is easy, friendly, ironic, on “you”.We also launched targeted advertising with promoting posts in both networks and generating clicks on the site - the advertisements were set to girls from Almaty and other cities of Kazakhstan with thematic interests.For the additional breakthrough, we conducted every month games, in which participants immediately appeared, and the advertising increased their number once.Summary of 12 months of work - bright accounts in corporate colors with active subscribers.We also conducted a targeted advertising campaign and received about 1,300 clicks on the site for $80.More than 400 people participated in the contest in both networks.#SMM #SMM-Manager #SMM-forming #SMM-promoting #promoting #smm-specialist #smm-strategy #instagram #instagram #targeting #targeting #targeted #forming #advertising #FacebookAds
  • Coffee - conducting and promoting the VK group

    Social media marketing
    Period: February 2013 – February 2022

    Language: Russian

    Leadership and promotion of the VKontakte group for the online store "Kotofay", a well-known manufacturer of children's shoes.

    In the group vk.com/kotofey.shop created trust relationships with users, they actively ask questions about size, quality of shoes, ask advice about the selection of the desired pair, are interested in the online store range, leave reviews about purchases.

    Participants of the group were attracted through a number of creative advertising sites in large thematic public pages. In addition, the group is observing a natural growth of users.

    #SMM #SMM-Manager #SMM-forming #SMM-promoting #promoting #smm-specialist #smm-strategy #instagram #instagram #targeting #targeting #targeted #forming #advertising #FacebookAds
  • My Little Rembandt: Facebook and Instagram targeted advertising

    Social media marketing
    Period: May 2016 - August 2017

    Language: Russian

    My little Rembrandt is a workshop where unique gifts are made: paper coatings, processing panels, thermocusters, columns and bracelets, flashes and many more.where with 100% accuracy the paintings of the children of the orders or the reflections of their hands/down are transferred.Each gift is made individually.The client came to us with the already existing and working Facebook and Instagram sites.
    We have continued their development.Over the year we covered more than a million targeted users, significantly increased engagement on the Facebook page and Instagram account, gathered a retargeting base and great work on it and on the look-a-like audience, sales increased, the customer is pleased, and we continue to work.During the work, we have tested a lot of different formats and always connect new formats of advertising that is launched by Facebook (carusell, video, desktop, etc.)and Instagram (for example, advertising in Instagram Stories).The number of subscribers on the Facebook page increased from 1700 to 4,000.

    #SMM #SMM manager #SMM-formulation #SMM-promoting #promoting #smm-specialist #smm-strategy #instagram #targeting #targeted #targeted #formulation #reklam #facebook
  • Styllight - targeted advertising

    Social media marketing
    Styllight - targeted advertising — example of a freelancer's portfolio in the category Social media marketing
    Period: December 2017 – January 2018

    Language: Russian

    Styllight is a company that produces different types of lights in the modern Western European style. To promote it, we have chosen short ads with a description of the main advantages and links to the range.

    As part of a targeted advertising campaign, we worked with a audience of designers who would be interested in collaboration, as well as with a audience interested in repairs and located near the showroom.

    The result: they received the first likes on the empty page and more than 700 passes to the site.
  • Santechmaster - managing and promoting a page on Instagram

    Social media marketing
    Period: September 2019 - December 2020

    Language: Russian

    Santechmaster Group is a manufacturer of santechnical compressing materials: nitches, anaerobic hermetics, etc. Materials are intended for use by professionals and domestic masters.

    We have developed a strategy and content plan that includes entertainment, information, exciting and advertising posts. Every month, we are playing a set of shrimpers.

    We also linked targeted advertising, which gave good growth to subscribers.
    Targeted advertising, gameplay, successful choice of topics and regularity of posting, timely moderation and interaction with the audience - a set of actions that increase the number of subscribers and increase the activity in the profile.

    During the working period, the number of subscribers increased from 1168 to 2941. The group has a high percentage of loyal users, they actively comment on posts, put likes, participate in surveys and ask their questions.
  • OLVI Kitchen - Managing and Promote Instagram Page

    Social media marketing
    Period: February 2020 - September 2020, February 2021 - July 2021

    Language: Russian

    Kitchen OLVI is a company for the manufacture of kitchen and body furniture in Moscow.

    The work with the accounting record was carried out in the following directions:
    - visual filling (highlights and Stories templates, as well as profile hat filling);
    - content management of the page (complete thematic and advertising posts, communication with subscribers, daily moderation and tracking analytics);
    Promote separate posts through advertised advertising.

    Result: Nearly from zero they developed an account, received target subscribers, recognition and customers.
  • Technostil - strategy and further promotion tg, fb, inst

    Social media marketing
    Period: July - November 2020

    Language: Russian

    Task: Form the image of a reliable long-term partner in social networks, trust the broad audience and increase the number of loyal customers.Growth of reputation.Increasing the number of visitors to the site.The telegram channel.They developed for the customer a promotion strategy in social networks, determined the positioning of the company, the appearance, the views of content.Updated the appearance of the Instagram pages, developed the icons for the current tracks.On a regular basis, content is prepared and agreed for FB, Instagram and Telegram.From July to November, the number of subscribers of the FBI from 212 increased to 591, the number of subscribers of Instagram from 4544 increased to 4912.From August to September with the aim of popularizing the company and attracting traffic to the telegram channel, Instagram set targeted advertising.In order to promote the telegrams of the channel, in addition to targeted advertising, regularly is the sending of invitations to sign up to the telegrams channel, as well as the placement of information about the channel in the telegrams exchanges.As a result, from July to November, the number of subscribers from 3 persons reached 1954 persons.
  • Auto-Family: conducting and promoting inst + wk

    Social media marketing
    Auto-Family: conducting and promoting inst + wk — example of a freelancer's portfolio in the category Social media marketing
    Working period: March - May 2017

    Language: Russian

    Promotion of the autosalone in social networks in Instagram and in Contact
    Customer website: http://topscar.ru
    HTTPS://vk.com/club115685152.For the Auto Show in Moscow, we created a strategy for managing and promoting a page on Instagram, and a content plan was also made.For photo content used both photographs of cars with a unique design and video from the car.The promotion of the account was carried out with the help of masfolowing and maslayking of the target audience.During the working period, more than 300 new target subscribers have been attracted.By the end of the working period, an increase in activity is observed - the subscribers ask questions, put leaves to the posts.Since April 2017, we have switched conduct and routing with invitations to the social network VKontakte.During the working period we managed to attract more than 300 potential customers.#SMM #SMM manager #SMM-formulation #SMM-promoting #promoting #smm-specialist #smm-strategy #instagram #targeting #targeted #targeted #formulation #advertising #FacebookAds
  • Formation, conducting and targeting Instagram Lashery School

    Social media page design
    Working period: October 2020 - June 2021

    Language: Russian

    We developed the master’s work profile in the growth of wars.

    The main goal is to promote training courses and increase the number of subscribers.

    To arrange the photo in the account, as well as to provide it with visual integrity, we have developed a few patterns in a purple color range.
    In order to attract new customers to the courses, we conducted two targeted advertising campaigns - one in Stories, the other - with advertisements in user streams.

    Despite the fact that the audience of the big cities, linked to the sphere of the bite, is most often quite "cold", the advertising brought the account of 170 new live subscribers and numerous requests for direct learning.

    #Instagram #formation #writing #target #education #writing #writing
  • Pinterest Dare to Dream

    Social media marketing
    Working period: November 2019 - March 2020

    Language: English

    DareToDream - specialists in organizing, filming wedding, as well as hand and heart offers in New York

    The tasks:
    - to attract additional traffic to the site to promote the site in search engines (seo)
    - Attract subscribers - future potential customers
    Increase the awareness of the agency.

    Our actions:

    Thro the working period (November 2019 - March 2020) promoted the Pinterest account, adding pins from the photo Dare to Dream (2 board), as well as thematic photos to inspire and attract subscribers (12 board) - just over 10 thousand pins and reps.

    In addition, they launched targeted campaigns to attract the attention of users.

    The Results:
    $0.12 for one visit to the site
    9,000 new subscribers
    12,000 interactions per month.

    #Target #Pinterest #USA #USA
  • @Dr.grinfelde1 - profiling on Instagram

    Social media marketing
    @Dr.grinfelde1 - holding an Instagram profile for a doctor specializing in injection cosmetology. We regularly filled the profile with useful posts, sharing with subscribers new jobs and skin care recommendations.
    Working period: July - August 2020
    For a more profitable presentation and distribution on the background of the competitors on Instagram, we developed a template and adhered to such a posting structure, so that publications formed a visually unified table.
    During the work on the project we managed:
    - fill out profiles with zero quality publications,
    Preparing an account for advertising promotion.
    Attract new customers through targeted advertising.
  • Chik - Salon Promotion, Target

    Social media marketing
    Chik - Salon Promotion, Target — example of a freelancer's portfolio in the category Social media marketing
    Working period: May 2020 - October 2020
    Website: www.chik.studio
    Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/chik_st/
    Advertisements were launched in order to attract customers to the page and to the site, to increase the number of records. As this is not a network, but one salon in the city we were strongly limited to the audience by geolocation. But during the work time we managed to reduce the cost of the click from 60 rubles. up to 10 rubles.

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