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Volodimir Oliinyk

Offer Volodimir to work on your next project.

Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
9 hours 45 minutes ago
Available for hire available for hire
age 27 years
registered for 7 years


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Apps for Android



  • Road Signs

    Apps for Android
    A convenient way in a few days to explore all the signs of road traffic of Ukraine 2017/2018 year. The attachment contains 400 authors' questions, broken up for 20 tickets.

    Examation regime
    Test for the chosen ticket.
    Statistics of passed tickets
    Search and search for road signs
    Working on mistakes
    A pleasant and accessible interface
    400 Questions
    20 tickets

    Check the road traffic signs in the metro or tracks. Happiness on the road
  • Credit Calculator

    Apps for Android
    The "Light" credit calculator with which you calculate the loan, build a schedule.


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