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Android App for the Store


Current freelance projects in the category Apps for Android

Application for android

Need to create or redesign an application for android contacts-management. Following the example of Google contacts or contacts+, the main requirements are loading and storing up to 10 million contacts and synchronizing them with WhatsApp, Signal, Viber, Telegram, etc. Loading…

JavaApps for Android

Create a mobile application inside which there will be a standard browser

1. It is necessary to create a mobile application with the following functionality: - it should have a built-in standard browser (for example Google Chrome) - the application should be able to restrict or check URLs (i.e. check if the URL is included or not included in the…

Hybrid mobile appsApps for Android ∙ 6 proposals

Publication of a mobile application on the App Store and Google Play

Welcome! I am looking for an experienced freelancer to help with publishing my mobile application on the App Store and Google Play platforms. Tasks: 1. App verification: Ensure that the application meets all App Store and Google Play requirements (content, design, technical…

Apps for AndroidApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 4 proposals

Fix bug in Flutter application

Water delivery applications Goods must be ordered by 6 pm for the next day after 6 pm if you place an order for the day after tomorrow, this functionality stopped working on Android + also need to fix the error that came from Play Market (attached a screenshot)

Hybrid mobile appsApps for Android ∙ 4 proposals

Get the advertising link from Android

In the Android Studio emulator, in the Discovery program, you need to get a link to the advertisement (see attached). The link looks like this, where there is a unique identifier (see attached). The task result is to create instructions on how to get such links from any…

JavaApps for Android ∙ 4 proposals

Oleksandr P PASICA
Ukraine Kyiv  5  0
Project published
4 months 4 days ago