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Apps for Android

Integration of affiliate programs into the callback url new

You need to integrate the partner programs AyeStrudio, Pollfish, AdGem, into the Android application. I provide accounts. Here is a link to the application (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=msg.app.rabbitskinskh) Examples of what you need screen 1.2 Currently, only…

JavaApps for Android ∙ 4 proposals
Create the Quiz app on Unity new

You need to create a Quiz to Unity from zero. It includes: Create a game mechanism with the addition of questions (divided into groups) - Multiculture Adding the store Adding Events - inform the user that it's time to play Everything is given with full sources, everything…

Gaming applicationsApps for Android ∙ 5 proposals
Programming is the interaction of a computer with an Android mobile. new

Establishment of task.Now it works like that.1 .The administrator in his office enters a certain website on the internet.A nick and a password.The nick and password are almost permanent and need to be changed rarely.by enther.2ndThis site sends an administrator to its Samsung…

Web programmingApps for Android ∙ 3 proposals
Development of application for bank loan proposals new

We are looking for an experienced mobile application developer to create an application that will work on Android and iOS.The main task of the application is to simplify the process of coordinating credit offers between sellers and banks.Basic requirements for application: 1…

Apps for AndroidApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 10 proposals
Required to develop an application (player) for the Tizen platform new

It is necessary to develop an application (player) for the Tizen platform. We are interested in your experience in developing applications for Tizen and please provide examples of your previous work related to this direction.

Hybrid mobile appsApps for Android ∙ 2 proposals
Development of mobile game in Cordova/Flutter/Android Studio/Unity new

Hello everyone, you need to write a simple game on Android studio. You can use the convenient tools for you Cordova/Flutter/Android Studio/Unity, but the first two are in priority. Kotlin/Java languages for your choice. The level of purity of the code does not matter. The…

Gaming applicationsApps for Android ∙ 3 proposals
Create an Android app under affiliate in Adult Games new
330 USD

We are looking for freelancers or teams that develop mobile programs for traffic arbitration on Android. Request to make suggestions and bets only to those who already have successful experience in developing applications for traffic arbitration (especially - knowing what the…

Apps for Android ∙ 4 proposals
Appendix for the Czech Republic new
109 USD

Good day .I write immediately - offer the cost of the development of the application and if it will be pleasant, then we will discuss.Do not pay attention to the grammar. You need a person who will create an app and that will set up so that everything works online.It will…

Apps for AndroidApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 9 proposals
Create authorization in the existing app new
110 USD

You need to add authentication functions to the Android TV app. The project app on Kotlin, the API and the design of new screens are.

Apps for Android ∙ 8 proposals
Add to the Mobile Weather Appendix new

Add a reflection to the mobile Weather app, programming language - Java. Add a page with a selection of shots in the app itself, to select - 3 shots, different sizes. It must be installed on the smartphone’s main screen.

Apps for Android ∙ 5 proposals
Create a signature in the mobile app new

Create a subscription (weekly, monthly and annual) in the mobile app, programming language is Java. You need to create a subscription page in the app and pull the subscription to the developer console.

Apps for Android ∙ 4 proposals
An application building on angular - ionic new
300 USD

We are a Israeli company. 2 years ago developed a client Mobile application for ionic & angular & firebase Backlink is only a firebase. Google Play removed the app because it’s old, I’m using a screenshot their letters. In the Apple Store, the link to the app is here:…

Hybrid mobile appsApps for Android ∙ 6 proposals
Courts of Sports Competitions new
1100 USD

You need to develop a program that will solve the following tasks. 1 . The main device to which the Wi-Fi network must be connected by other devices (the number will be discussed); The 2nd The main device must download information from the table according to certain criteria. 3…

Computer networkingApps for Android ∙ 12 proposals
Developing an app for the Kur’an company new

We are looking for a programmer who will help develop a system and app for a curier company. It is necessary to realize the layout, tracking and payment of assets; functional for customers and employees (curyers, managers). 1 . Delivery for Customers The 2nd Storage of…

Application programmingApps for Android ∙ 24 proposals
Mobile app for private school new
100 USD

You need to encrypt the entire private school into the mobile app. All business processes must be incorporated into the application. The other issues will be discussed in the chat.

Hybrid mobile appsApps for Android ∙ 25 proposals