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Apps for Android

Development of Android app with map catalog for Minecraft PE new

You need to develop an Android application with a map catalog for the Minecraft PE game. The application will have a basic functionality: - catalogue of maps with statistics of downloads, likes, views; - the basket for the purchase of the internal product; - the possibility of…

JavaApps for Android ∙ 9 proposals
You need a person with experience in traffic arbitration. new
10 000 UAH

Hello everyone, you need a person who has already developed a plot under the gembling with smoke and similar fistles with only experience. Send your portfolio. Anti-spam_ 43943

Hybrid mobile appsApps for Android ∙ 2 proposals
Create an iOS/android account new
1000 UAH

You need to create an iOS/android account. You also need a person who can change / make directions in the ionic application. Step-by-step tasks on slides Thank you for waiting for candidates

Apps for AndroidApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 2 proposals
Create a 3D avatar using a user camera. and AR. new

The task is to gather a solution that will allow from the camera of the phone/web to read the 3D model of the face of a person, creating its 3D avatar, bust and the 3D model of the face. They will be used for video calls (the task of then reading a person's face image from the…

Apps for AndroidApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)
Select Android device to run an app in kiosk mode. new
7400 UAH

Help us choose a ready Android device that is suitable for work in an imersive mode like a kiosk.That is, when the device is launched, it opens one application.Thus, users can use this application and turn off the device, but they cannot install or open other applications.The…

Apps for Android ∙ 1 proposal
Development of mobile applications. Android and iOS. new

Good day . It is necessary to make (may be based on the templates available on the internet) the simplest fitness application. It is preferable for Fluter or any other cross platform, although we will consider and individual options under iOS and Android. Appendix for 8 pages.…

Hybrid mobile appsApps for Android ∙ 11 proposals
Development (development) of mobile applications new

For the example: There is a mobile application Alarm button HD (anxiety button), simple and understandable. But there is no possibility to launch and activate the application on a locked phone by physically pressing / pressing the noise buttons or in / out. There is a need to…

Apps for AndroidApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 3 proposals
Implementation of push notifications. PHP Laravel new
1000 UAH

The application for ordering a courier, it has two types of users - the customer and the courier. Currently there is the function of sending push notifications to the courier about the new order - it works, push notifications come. You need to do so that push notifications from…

Apps for Android ∙ 2 proposals
Boot sending messages through API new
10 000 UAH

Required a messaging bot via the API (application from a well-known site) The bot must: Authenticated Read the recipients from the .csv file (including ID, user ID and additional information) To the list of recipients send me the message every 40-60 seconds. Send messages…

JavaApps for Android ∙ 3 proposals
Google Play Dev new

I’m looking for Google Play Dev to help you interact with Google Play (play console). The task of this type: the add-on ceases to appear on the resource asks for a static login and password but when I provide it in the description and throw it on the check, the collection is…

System administrationApps for Android ∙ 2 proposals
The Internet Magas new

Create or buy a service created by a site for a single product so that the platform is the intermediary between Ali Express and the U.S. with a payment system.

Web programmingApps for Android ∙ 9 proposals
Fashion Application for Minecraft new
9000 UAH

Writing a pure code Integration of SDK Settings of advertising Working with the server Experience in commercial development Download to the interested

Apps for Android ∙ 5 proposals
Integration of Turbosms with the taxi platform. new

You need to integrate https://turbosms.ua with our taxi platform https://onde.app All APIs are provided. The option is currently active but with an international gateway. The reason: The excess cost of the international SMS gateway and the transition to the local service.

Hybrid mobile appsApps for Android ∙ 7 proposals
Development of apps for delivery on Android, iOS new
300 000 UAH

Good day ! We are looking for specialists or a team to develop the sushi delivery app, pizza with experience of similar Android, ios projects. Developing the application under key. For detailed information, write to LS.

Apps for AndroidApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 25 proposals
Create an app to the phone. new

Everyone greeting,you need to create an app to the phone,the budget is small so you need to write a full pack not,you need to use some billboard,or something of this kind,if you have something to offer we wait

Apps for AndroidApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 7 proposals