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Customer support


Sell car parts

25 USD

Hello, you need to sell car parts emblem In the amount of 20 pieces Your income from sales Immediately after I send the goods and the buyer receives them Write in PM if you have any questions Thank you

Lead generation and salesCustomer support

Paid consultation on choosing CRM

Good day! There is a need to implement CRM in the company (services) that best fits our request, with a transparent logic of operation and the possibility of individual adjustments if necessary. As a first step, we would like to receive expert consultation on possible CRM…

Customer supportClient management and CRM ∙ 9 proposals

Call 50 Polish companies

Greetings! We need a person with good knowledge of spoken Polish. Legal task (call 50 companies with specific questions and record the answers in a table). We provide the database. 1-day job.

Data processingCustomer support ∙ 1 proposal


54 USD

Creating a Telegram channel, filling it with content, setting up buttons, filling it with bots for autoposting, and channel maintenance. Also setting up a calendar for consultation appointments. Setting up payments in Telegram and all related settings + analytics in Telemeter…

Customer supportBot development ∙ 2 proposals

Updating the client database and organizing meetings

We are looking for a responsible manager to work with our client database. Your task will be to call 100 potential clients, update information about them in our CRM system, and arrange meetings. We provide: - Telephony - CRM system - Call script Candidate requirements: -…

Lead generation and salesCustomer support ∙ 1 proposal

Viber mailing

Good day! There is a client database, approximately 7000. Not all of them are on Viber, but the likelihood is very high, the numbers are active. It is necessary to send an invitation to the group with a short text and a link to the website. Thank you to everyone who responds

Customer support ∙ 4 proposals

Call several orders from the website

12 USD

Call approximately 15 orders from the online store, confirm the purchase and customer data, provide information on delivery. Also try to upsell Each call up to 2 minutes. Looking for a person with experience and a good voice, also on a permanent basis

Lead generation and salesCustomer support ∙ 11 proposals

Sales manager

In the sales department, we are looking for sales managers (telephone, remote) for the project (infocourse) Responsibilities: Working with webinar participants through phone calls/messengers Knowledge of sales theory Result-oriented Organized Talent to listen to the client and…

Customer support ∙ 1 proposal

Tutor of school subjects

247 USD

Good day. Looking for a tutor to help with school subjects. Need to catch up over the summer: Mathematics Ukrainian language Physics Chemistry English language History What is your rate and which subject can you help with?

TuitionCustomer support ∙ 7 proposals

Restoring Viber group

99 USD

Accidentally deleted content of the photo and description of the Viber group needs to be restored for a reward of 4000 UAH help!!! Urgently

Online stores and e-commerceCustomer support ∙ 4 proposals

I am looking for a lawyer to create a cooperation agreement between companies

20 USD

It is necessary to create a basic service agreement between one company and another, referring to American jurisdiction.

Customer supportLegal services ∙ 7 proposals

Managing social media accounts - communication with clients, processing orders

370 USD

We are looking for an assistant for daily correspondence with customers, processing orders, selecting and assisting in choosing the right size of clothing in the online store for women. In Romanian language. Remote work. Experience in this field is desirable.

Lead generation and salesCustomer support ∙ 8 proposals

Process incoming leads for coffee machine rentals

There are several new equipment rental requests that need to be processed, (currently around 20 requests) and in the future, all newly created requests need to be processed on weekdays (an average of 5-7 requests per day). It will take 1-2 hours maximum, or even less. It is…

Online stores and e-commerceCustomer support ∙ 7 proposals

Manager for telephone sales (food salt) B2B

247 USD

Company "Expeditor Plus, PP" is a supplier of raw materials to enterprises in Ukraine in need of project execution (daily-monthly) for the sale of food salt, etc. Responsibilities: "Cold calls" Working with own client database Active search for new clients and partners…

Data processingCustomer support

I need a videographer for a product review video. Video is 5 minutes long.

12 USD

Need performers, Possibly a videographer or photographer. possibly a couple of people - Shooting Video Reviews of various products. I will provide the text that you can rephrase or add something from yourself. Need a person who will either do it themselves or find people who can…

Customer supportPhotography ∙ 5 proposals