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Content management


Creation of modern and selling cards of goods Opencart, Rosetta, Prom


All the greetings. You need to make very classical, UNICEF, modern, with photoshop processing good cards first on the OpenCart website and then already under promotions. According to all the rules, shells of sale, a good description, title, characteristics, photo for example if…

Content managementCopywriting

Contain Content + Advertising


You need a person to conduct social media and marketing plays (content/communication with customers) to find advertising.

Online stores and e-commerceContent management ∙ 3 proposals

I am looking for the author for the TV channel.

78 USD

I am looking for a person with experience in creating and managing the TG channel Important: It is the management and administration. Not advertising and disclosure (this is what we take on ourselves) Language of channel - Ukrainian Topics - Bee Products, sale through the NP…

Content managementSocial media advertising ∙ 4 proposals

Content Manager


Everyone is greeted! You need a content manager, a long-term comprehensive project. Requirements and required experience: - copywriting (ChatGPT, Ukrainian, Russian, English) - Design (banner, canva, photoshop) - Structure of pages (Elementor, Stripo) Please indicate in…

Content management ∙ 6 proposals

Collect articles about the organization from different sites and place it


Collected articles, about 10 pieces of photos about "Help Ukraine Today" from news sites, Facebook, Instagram and add to the site of the site of the site of the site of the site of the site of the site of the site of the site of the site of the site of the site of the site of…

Content managementAdvertising ∙ 8 proposals

Generate 50 Articles with ChatGPT

26 USD

You need to scan 50 articles using ChatGPT according to the clear instructions and publish them on https://sibirskoezdorovie.com.ua/ The Instruction: HTTPS://docs.google.com/document/d/1t8ysPCS2A_r5VqExbBXV5vAHVmw7Rs6M4apZnCI2Qzk/edit Generation of articles without pictures…

Content management ∙ 7 proposals

Professional Completion of Products Card on Prom

26 USD

I'm looking for a professional on the designated product card on Prom What to do!❓The name that sells.A unique description of each position.Create active buttons.Relevant search keys.Translation in 2 languages.All the necessary settings for the new store.We are looking for a…

Content managementAdvertising ∙ 5 proposals

Manager for Channel


There is a telegram channel, there is an idea and a direction of development, it is necessary to process the details of the project - the definition of the style of content, the more detailed definition of CA, the definition of the style of publications in the channel for CA,…

Content management ∙ 4 proposals

Adding goods to the site through OpenCart


Adding products to the site through CMS OpenCart in 2 languages. Name, Photo (1-5st, each photo not more than 70 KB jpeg) depending on the product, Characteristics, Price, URL, etc. The first task is 50 items. It will be more.

Content managementWebsite maintenance ∙ 23 proposals

Content Manager in Goodwill


tasks on the project: - to analyze the existing online store, to detect all the defects and errors in the loaded goods. The method of correcting with the lowest blood - agree with a parsing specialist in what form you need to prepare the fails to download to the site - to…

Content management ∙ 3 proposals

Settings of the company on Google Maps

26 USD

You need to set two companies on the map. The points are confirmed and confirmed. Complete the full description, etc. Also filled with goods, services, possibly feedback

Content managementSearch engine optimization ∙ 7 proposals

Optimization of the website


Welcome to. It is necessary to improve and unify the texts on the pages so that there is no duplicate content on the site. in Ukrainian and Russian languages. Remove everything from the adminke and add a link. The Autoscience. The wordpress.

Content managementCopywriting ∙ 11 proposals

Complete the site. The price is agreed.

26 USD

Congratulations to friends. Help fill the site with images, some background can be changed, etc. The text has already been written by the copywriter, you need to fill it with images, etc. Maybe you’ll tell me how to do better. Images must be in WebP format. You can download it…

Web designContent management ∙ 35 proposals

Search requests for the online store at Prom.ua


It is necessary to write quality search requests for the online store on Prom.ua with a large number of goods (more than 20 thousand goods)

Content managementData processing ∙ 12 proposals

Download the video from the platform and download it to my YouTube


Good day, you need to download the video from the learning platform where I go through the course. About 60 videos. Then these videos need to be uploaded to my YouTube channel by maps. The results will be assessed by the speed of work, the quality of the video should be…

Content managementData processing ∙ 19 proposals