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Unity Project Testing new

It is necessary to conduct the structural testing of the basic mechanics of the supplement. HTTPS://fex.net/ru/s/loy1pbt Mechanics of Levels Mechanics of Movement Mechanics of Sound Mechanics of money Mechanics of glasses Mechanics of Bots Mechanics of Machine Improvement…

UML Diagram (Unity Project) new

It is necessary to make diagrams of the activities of the individual mechanics of the project. which we will decide in personal messages.

C# ∙ 1 proposal
Diploma of C# new
1500 UAH

You should make a program for the following topic: "Software development to support the laboratory practice of the discipline "Software engineering empirical methods" in the language of C#" It is necessary to calculate the cluster and correlation analysis, namely the rank and…

C#Microsoft .NET ∙ 1 proposal
You need to write two separate works. new
1000 UAH

Calculation and graphic task “C-2” “Computing the reactions of solid body resistance”. I want to address you with a request to order the solution of these two tasks. File Option 5.6 - the same self-work. PDF file is an example of performance. Code do not necessarily, if you can…

C#Abstracts, diploma papers, course papers
Додаток інформаційна система "бібліотека" new

зробити завдання з навчальної практики та звіт до неї, як написано в файлах, на C#. Все інше в особистих повідомленнях

C#Databases ∙ 1 proposal
Radio geolocation in search. with # new

In searching for a site to make a radius geolocation, such as on the homegate.ch site For example, a person writes a city, or an index or several cities. It stands near +1 or +5 or +10 km, etc. in the opening hole, and the search is searching for users within the specified…

C#Web programming ∙ 3 proposals
Create a web platform (Crypto Bot) in the language C# new

You need to create a Platform (CryptoBot) Web can be on the AWS service, written in C# .Create a BOT function (Enter Point, Take Profit, Stop Loss) for Bitget cryptocurrency through the API. The logic of functionality will be discussed at the call. through the API you need to…

C#Web programming ∙ 4 proposals
Playing the game at the union. new

and greetings. There is a game on the United, purchased on the codecanyon. Link to the game - https://codecanyon.net/item/fly-painter-3dunity-gameadmobandroidios/27099342 However, during the launch it makes a lot of errors https://ibb.co/bRSvXHh (screenshot) I’m looking for…

C#Gaming applications ∙ 3 proposals
Repair the course work. new
200 USD

Parallel Computing Technology c# mpi, the multiplication algorithm of matrix (Fox) There is a coursework and you need to put the directions to it - the directions - A violation of academic charity has been found. The realization does not correspond to the task of the PZ:…

C# ∙ 1 proposal
Create two applications new

Server on sockets listening to the assigned TCP port. By the fact of the entering connection to launch the second application, delight it socket and continue to listen to the port 2nd It works in two streams. The Stream A: Understand client_hello in tls finds the domain name…

C and C++C# ∙ 4 proposals
Writing applications to communicate with ChatGPT API new

You need an oracle program that works through ChatGPT API in ssharp or Python with open source. The program must make API requests, receive information, and then transmit ChatGPT through API. Examples of question: How much will oil cost tomorrow? The program is a chat window…

C#Python ∙ 13 proposals
Search for one-thinkers for the implementation of the mobile game new

I'm looking for a team of one-thinkers, IT specialists to get to the order of the game project (I'm not a specialist). A lot has been done, including codes. Description of the game in the file. There is a prospect for further development of the project in case of successful…

C#Gaming applications ∙ 3 proposals
Repeat the project to C# new
8000 UAH

There is a script that generates wallets from a phrase monitor and then checks them through the apps of some services. It is necessary to divide the generation and verification into two different scripts. The knowledge of Python is important, as some modules are written on it.

C#Python ∙ 5 proposals
The Graph new
1500 UAH

The project. The adjustment will contain a 3d graph (parabolic) and a number of links that set the formula parameters. The graph is 3D, rendered in the Render text, and edited in the interface. When the user slopes on the image the graphic turns. Add a few more complicated…

C#Apps for Android
Disrupting a drop new
1500 UAH

Good day you need to write the code on C# to get a drop. You can use any service to identify. You can find the drop on the website https://www.leroymerlin.ua/

C#Microsoft .NET ∙ 2 proposals