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Opening of Excel (xlsm) file

17 USD

You need to select a password to the Excel file. The password was changed and forgotten more than a year ago. The password has numbers and Latin letters. If there is no such option, then you need to pull out the tables with the preservation of macros.

C#Software protection and security ∙ 12 proposals

Replace the AdMob Advertising Network with IronSource


Replace the AdMob ad network with IronSource in the mobile cross-platform project Unity. Simple mobile video game with 3 advertising blocks. The work will be done through AnyDesk under recording.

C#Gaming applications ∙ 1 proposal

Heat and support of the bots on c#


Welcome to! I am looking for a person who will deploy a bot on our server and will be able to fix the bugs in case they occur in the process of use. The code is well written, documented. The stake: [ ] C# 11 and .NET 7 The Rest Api The MVC, DI [ ] ORM (linq2db ) [ ]…

C#Bot development ∙ 3 proposals

Developing games on the unit for Android


I'm looking for an executive to create simple games on Unity android from $30. Ready to consider any proposals. Thank you !

C#Gaming applications ∙ 8 proposals

Our website is not open to users of Safari.

263 USD

We have a trademark registration service and there was a problem - our site does not open in Safari users on Apple devices, as we explained this due to the “Private Node” function in iCloud. It says that the connection is not protected. In other browsers it opens normally. Link…

C#Databases ∙ 2 proposals

Developer C# and React

263 USD

Good day !I am looking for a full stack developer.Adding functions to the existing system.One of the new fitch for the example in the description below: Each employee has a Start button that he presses at the beginning of the day.The head of the department can see who in how…

C#Web programming ∙ 5 proposals

Unity Animator Parallel State Machine

26 USD

There is a task to make the game but it has a lot of logic of the game: Go to point A. Playing an animation Put the camera in a position. Calling for Dialogue and so on. A lot of different To make an action scenario convenient, I would like to use the UI to create connections…

C# ∙ 1 proposal

Create a single data storage for reports, a single entry point


Requirements for the programming: 1 .The programming language is C#, .NET.2ndDesktop application on the WPF framework: Omron PLC survey, data storage in SQLite BD, sending through HTTP to the server, generating Excel reports, sending by smtp, sending notifications in…

C#Microsoft .NET ∙ 3 proposals

In WinForm on C# (.NET 8.0) make a break less than 1 ms per cycle


I cut you out the project outlets, this project runs 5000 Threads, and in the cycle while (true) goes through all threads, endless, I have to make a break between the cycle iterations in 440 MICROSeconds (not milliseconds) and so that it should always be stable, the deviation…

C#Application programming ∙ 2 proposals

Student Data Management Site (.NET + Angular)

263 USD

This software is a system of data management of students who have graduated from the university (technical specialty). The role of the student in this system is to receive an email from the message that it is added to the system (manual or through data import). In this message…

C#Web programming ∙ 8 proposals

Plugin for Autocad


It is necessary to develop a plugin for the AutoCAD program that will help optimize the material calculation solutions on a flat cover: 1) the determination of wind zones taking into account wind load in accordance with the regulatory basis. 2) graphic layout of the material…

C#Microsoft .NET