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Presentation development

Create a presentation new

Good day ! You need to create a presentation. No complex design solutions. All information is available, you just need to place it. Payment through the wallet.

Presentation development ∙ 25 proposals
Make a Presentation new
300 UAH

I need to make a presentation. 1 . Examples of design. The 2nd You need to place information, there will also be graphs. 3 . The presentation must be easy, stylish.

Presentation development ∙ 14 proposals
Presentation of the company in Polish. new
2000 UAH

Create a presentation of the company www.technointer.com.ua for the Polish market. Presentation in Polish, as well as a video presentation of the company for the Polish market. A presentation for the Polish audience is needed: - the final consumer of a private investor,…

Video advertisingPresentation development ∙ 14 proposals
Designers of Stylish Presentations new
3500 UAH

Hello, the charity foundation is looking for a talented presentation designer with a great taste and understanding of visual trends.Please respond only with the portfolio of presentations (!)CA presentation is an English-speaking business audience.Forms of presentation: 1…

Presentation developmentCorporate style ∙ 17 proposals
Translate the presentation into Georgian (by the topic of ITI) new

Good day ! We are looking for a person who can quickly translate to a skilled Georgian technical language presentation Translation is important - not literal (Google translate) - please take the project of people who understand in the field of iti at least not a lot Presentation…

Text translationPresentation development ∙ 7 proposals
Presentation new

We need to create a presentation design. Three slides. From tomorrow to Thursday we have to do. Example of meaning load in the file in attached. Show the price per slide, consider what you indicate above all the price does not lead to our cooperation.

Business card designPresentation development ∙ 33 proposals
Development of Business Presentation new

Welcome to! We are the leading company of Rost Group. Our asset has experience, competence and more than 20 years of reputation as a HR provider. Rost Group has a very wide range of services, including: outsourcing; recruitment; outplaysment; mass selection; outstaphing staff…

Presentation development ∙ 21 proposals