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Presentation development

Create a presentation by finished text. new

Good day ! There is a document that you need to create a presentation. The program is on your discretion, but after completing the work, I will need files that can be corrected. The number of slides for your reason, but the text must be readable and well structured. The…

Presentation development ∙ 30 proposals
Presentation of Application new

Task for the freelancer: Creating an application presentation Purpose: Create an informative and attractive presentation for our mobile app that will help us demonstrate its functionality and benefits to potential users and investors.Requirements: Research and understanding of…

Presentation development ∙ 12 proposals
Make a presentation in the Points new

Hello to you! We need to make a presentation for example. Copy the text from there, simply insert other images, another link and make it in another color combination. 15 pages . Please indicate the price for your work. Good day ! )

Presentation development ∙ 39 proposals
The line of the booklet (heads, infobies) new
14 USD

Hello to you! There is a task on the line of 3x bullets (heads) example in the insert and approximate concept as well. Photographs with the help of midjorn - text formatting (setting the main, somewhere to add, somewhere to add, somewhere to add, somewhere to add, somewhere to…

Print designPresentation development ∙ 22 proposals
Specialists are required to create presentations in canva new

A specialist is required to create presentations in canva. There is already a presentation. With which we only need to take the content and design to be converted to a different style. Presentation of 29-30 slides in canva. Write the price immediately.

Web programmingPresentation development ∙ 23 proposals
You need to create a presentation. new

We are looking for a person who is engaged in a professional presentation creation. We liked the presentation https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/15rUYz1Ny7v30piL9UuSeyksrIhRJ3KsWZu44Mvc1ctw/edit?usp=sharing and we want to create something like this for our company. Please…

Presentation development ∙ 29 proposals
Books on Amazon new
82 USD

Good day . You need to help me to place my book (not paper, in email format) on the Amazon: together pass the registration, I pay for the book immediately. I want to take in partners for 4 months (I will pay you 50%) of the one who will help me set up stable sales. Theme: What a…

Customer supportPresentation development ∙ 1 proposal
You need to create a HTML letter. new
14 USD

You need to create a simple html letter + write a simple creative 3 blocks , welcome , our services , contacts in simple styles, without difficulty.

Email marketingPresentation development ∙ 9 proposals
Presentation for the brand of cosmetics new

Good day A presentation for the brand of cosmetics There is a Hyde Line. 30 pages of presentation The text and photo are already placed in the lake need, it is necessary to bring the order in accordance with the firm style

Presentation development ∙ 41 proposals
Correction of the TEST Presentation for the Pitch Dec, up to 13\09 new

1 .The purpose of the project: Improve the existing presentation for the TEST PITCH-DEC and perform a comparative analysis of competitors to present the service in the most attractive and convincing way for potential investors or partners.2ndThe tasks: Correction of the…

Presentation development ∙ 4 proposals