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Presentation development

Create a product presentation new

You need to create a product presentation. The text of the presentation and the note that should be on the slide to these words will be provided. Sliders will be 11-15 pieces (slides with illustrations) For example: Slide 1: It is necessary to pack the goods, stick the labels…

Presentation development ∙ 11 proposals
Create a presentation in Apple style new

I will only review candidates who will apply DIRECT links to their very beautiful and stylish PROJECTS (not a portfolio in general) who could compete with this https://www.apple.com/watch/ Also, I don’t consider candidates who work on ready templates – type Canvai t/p. I am…

Print designPresentation development ∙ 10 proposals
Presentation of the company in Polish. new
2000 UAH

Create a presentation of the company www.technointer.com.ua for the Polish market. Presentation in Polish, as well as a video presentation of the company for the Polish market. A presentation for the Polish audience is needed: - the final consumer of a private investor,…

Video advertisingPresentation development ∙ 15 proposals
Translate the presentation into Georgian (by the topic of ITI) new

Good day ! We are looking for a person who can quickly translate to a skilled Georgian technical language presentation Translation is important - not literal (Google translate) - please take the project of people who understand in the field of iti at least not a lot Presentation…

Text translationPresentation development ∙ 8 proposals
Development of Business Presentation new

Welcome to! We are the leading company of Rost Group. Our asset has experience, competence and more than 20 years of reputation as a HR provider. Rost Group has a very wide range of services, including: outsourcing; recruitment; outplaysment; mass selection; outstaphing staff…

Presentation development ∙ 21 proposals