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Marketing research


Market analysis of cities in Canada

600 USD

Congratulations! Interested in analyzing the markets of Canadian cities in the following areas: window cleaning, deep furniture cleaning, mattresses, and cars. Need information regarding market size (clients in this sector), competitors, methods of attracting clients. Cities…

Marketing researchInformation gathering ∙ 9 proposals

Marketing research of the market

Looking for a highly qualified marketing specialist. Need to conduct market research and prepare material for presentation to potential investors. Our project: an integrated monitoring system in the sports field, I will provide more detailed information in a personal…

Marketing research ∙ 3 proposals

Gathering and analyzing data on leafy greens

685 USD

Task: Collecting data on the production, consumption, and trade of leaf lettuce in 14 countries. Analysis and systematization of the obtained information. Filling in a table with data, including the main indicators of the leaf lettuce market. Identification of key trends and…

Marketing researchInformation gathering ∙ 2 proposals

Add a business on Google Maps

Hello everyone, it is necessary to correctly add a local business to Google Maps. A specialist with experience working in the USA/Canada is required, please attach a portfolio/confirmation.

Marketing researchSearch engine optimization ∙ 4 proposals

Ideas for content / internet provider page

We are an internet provider in Vinnytsia looking for a creative solution for the company's social media. Task: write 5 main content categories that differ from existing ones and differ from competitors' categories. For each category, add a minimum of 5 ideas with a reference…

Content managementMarketing research ∙ 9 proposals

Need help registering on all Chinese marketplaces

25 USD

Need to register correctly without blocking on Chinese marketplaces like: Alibaba, AliExpress, 1688, Taobao, Alipay and on other wholesale marketplaces and add my address to each of them PS contact those who know how to register on them!

Online stores and e-commerceMarketing research ∙ 1 proposal

Services of a marketer for LLC

Good day! I must say there was no marketer, no plans, no strategies were formed. A marketer is needed who can analyze the situation, form a plan and strategy, its implementation, through which methods everything will be done, forecasting the result, indicators. Our company is…

Information gatheringMarketing research ∙ 8 proposals

Content plan

website activity: manufacturing wooden boxes from valuable wood species laser engraving on wood printing on wood handmade sweets production laser engraving and cutting of precious metals market geography: usa production facilities: western ukraine do you understand how it…

Content managementMarketing research ∙ 8 proposals

Scraping emails, Email marketing, Outreach

76 USD

Good day. Need an outreach specialist. Task: Scraping suitable agency websites based on criteria Sending personalized offers based on our proposal Getting interested contacts to reach out to us Our goal is to sell a premium domain to one of the large web studios in…

Marketing research ∙ 1 proposal

Advertisement on Instagram/Facebook

25 USD

Set up targeted advertising on the website for selling gypsum tiles. It is desirable that you already have experience in setting up advertising for construction stores or similar topics.

Marketing researchWebsite maintenance ∙ 8 proposals

Facebook Marketer

1847 USD

HonestBrandReviews.com - is a Canadian company that helps consumers make the best purchasing decisions. With more brands available on the Internet today than ever before, we aim to be the destination consumers choose before making online purchases to get reviews and offers.…

Marketing researchSocial media marketing ∙ 22 proposals

Market research on real estate in UAE

101 USD

What is the size of this market opportunity in the UAE? a) Number of transactions b) Median price c) Breakdown by city/emirate d) Breakdown by property type (apartment, villa, other) e) Number of rental properties on the market Competitor/market participant analysis a)…

Marketing researchPresentation development ∙ 6 proposals

Assistant for PM in EdTech project AVS (with knowledge of Polish language)

Welcome! Do you want to be involved in the development of a new EdTech project in the Polish market and enhance your skills in marketing, management, and recruiting? Then keep reading. My name is Artem, I am a project manager responsible for the development of the Polish…

Marketing research ∙ 1 proposal

We are looking for a manager to work with bloggers

- Looking for bloggers to collaborate with - Writing and negotiating with bloggers - Preferably having case studies of collaboration with Ukrainian bloggers

Information gatheringMarketing research ∙ 5 proposals

We are looking for a marketer for project work (development of a marketing strategy)

- We are looking for a marketer for project work who can develop a marketing strategy for our project - Project work - Preferably already have cases that you can demonstrate

Online stores and e-commerceMarketing research ∙ 5 proposals