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Marketing research

Parking Telegram Chats new

Parsing Telegram participants chat relevant groups on the topic: blockchain, DeFi, DEX, medtech, cryptoinvestment, etc. At least 50 groups.

BlockchainMarketing research ∙ 3 proposals
Establishment of the company’s communication strategy new

Good day ! We are engaged in the manufacture of children's furniture and toys. Needed to: Writing a company communication strategy Identifying the target audience

Marketing research ∙ 4 proposals
Personal brand development, sales of training new

1 .Point A account analysis: a presentation with a page view in the current form, a strategy for its further promotion for the nearest time with the involvement of free methods.The 2ndAnalysis of competitors: searching for related and similar experts, reviewing their positive…

Marketing research
Analysis of the development prospects of the project for the study of foreign languages new

There is a project idea you need to analyze: The size of the potential audience; What steps you need to take in the process of implementing the project, to<unk> the maximum effect; Options of monetization; The concept of the project "Slover - Working paper in grammar and…

Marketing research ∙ 1 proposal
Manager of Sales new
20 000 UAH

I am looking for a man who will be a sales manager. Experience of 1 year is desirable, but if there is no, then ready to train + paid stage 2 weeks. Write in the telegram savelii_smm who is interested

Content managementMarketing research ∙ 2 proposals
Contact the international car transport company new
3000 UAH

Tz 1 text is needed for the executive: it is necessary to call the transport companies to ask the manager to work with us to identify the messenger to communicate to create a group and fill out the provided table with routes. Free communication in English is required for…

Marketing researchData processing ∙ 1 proposal
Calculate the token new

Good day . It is necessary to calculate the tokenology for the crypto project. We have approximate calculations, but we need reasoning. Task: calculation of token emission, token distribution, token location, deflation process and writing whitepaper All information in personal…

Marketing researchData processing ∙ 1 proposal
The marketing research. The depth. Craft Coffee and Coffee Markets new
5000 UAH

Qualitative marketing research. A brutal interview. The collection of insights. B2C Coffee and Coffee Markets

Marketing research ∙ 4 proposals
Market research in Europe new

The employment company for people abroad plans to expand and expand on the European market We need to do a market analysis: - Search and analysis of competitors (outstaphing companies/agents) in each country, according to the TSI Analysis of the trends of the employment market…

Information gatheringMarketing research ∙ 5 proposals
Market Analysis of Europe new

The company B2S market plans to come out to the European market (5 countries). We need to do a market analysis. Analysis of competitors in each country The specialties of the country. Market Trends (in the difference of each country) - Analysis of distribution channels (in each…

Marketing research ∙ 6 proposals
Commercial Proposal for Roosevelt new
500 UAH

You need to develop a commercial offer for the rocket.The product is a belt for the Apple Watch.points to describe.No information except the purchase price, the expected sales and my possibilities of delivering for them I do not have.For the beginning of cooperation it is…

Marketing researchInformation gathering
Analysis and Pixel for WordPress new

Good day On the site you need to connect the pixel and set it right. In the advertising office, you need to set the conversions. Connect Google Analytics so that it also shows the correct data. The main purpose is to ensure that we can track the data from the site in a quality…

Marketing researchWebsite maintenance ∙ 4 proposals
Develop and introduce the Spin sales technique new
10 000 UAH

We are manufacturers of facade materials, clinker thermopaneoy TM Royal facade. We manufacture the product exclusively individually. Details on the website and social networks. HTTPS://termopaneli.com HTTPS://youtube.com/channel/UCcrVum6JCWkgggFnek2IcZw…

Marketing researchTuition ∙ 1 proposal
To conduct research on niche and marketing strategies of competitors new
10 000 UAH

Everyone is greeted.The project is only for experienced marketers with analytical thinking who have experience working with different marketing channels.There is a task of conducting research on the market of payment tools with a focus on business solutions.This is an example:…

Marketing researchInformation gathering ∙ 5 proposals
Marketing research, collection of information new
4000 UAH

Interested in marketing research (an analysis of competitors, CA, queries, lead generation) and information collection for subsequent setting of content advertising, as well as promotion in social networks. Industry is a work visa to Canada for Ukrainians with a subsequent…

Marketing researchInformation gathering ∙ 4 proposals