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Marketing research

Find the direct supplier of the importer of bicycles brand Mars new

It is necessary to find the direct supplier of the Ukrainian importer of children’s bicycles of the brand Mars. I look forward to your proposals!

Marketing researchInformation gathering ∙ 2 proposals
JAISOCX.COM business plan new
12 000 UAH

Good day request a business plan with marketing research on software "web server RNR" key questions how many subscribers you can have with which subscriptions (3-20 dollars/month) over a year two three having the implementation of the NTR/3 protocol I have now info that 2…

Marketing research
Delivery of Messages (Rossielka) new
60 000 UAH

There are specialists who are engaged in marketing and need to attract more customers In this case, it all happens through a breakthrough. Experience in this rubber for more than a year in the presence is the case. Customers are engaged in this way. Payment of 600 UAH for…

Marketing researchCustomer support
The Viber Community new
5000 UAH

Add to the group on the road car from all the righteous people. The price will be agreed personally, in our group in Wiber 93,000 subscribers, it is necessary to add both bots and real

Marketing researchData parsing ∙ 2 proposals
Take a cache new

The task: To explore users of services that provide cryptocurrency withdrawal to the VISA/MC card. Examples of services: HTTPS://trastra.com/ HTTPS://crypto.com/cards HTTPS://crypterium.com/ The Byans Exchange also provides the possibility of issuing its own card and…

Marketing research
Search - SMS service with UI interface new

We are looking for a service for SMS messages Ukraine / Russia / Azerbaijan. Direction - gambling, with the UI interface and API.

Email marketingMarketing research ∙ 1 proposal
Business Plan + Covarking Presentation new
1500 UAH

Congratulations to everyone. You need to make a coworking business plan. With pleasure after the work is ready to continue the communication for further consultations.

Accounting servicesMarketing research ∙ 7 proposals
Profiles on social networks Instagram and Facebook for a legal company new

We, a legal company, are looking for experienced professionals who will be able to create quality profiles for us on social networks Instagram and Facebook.We understand that social media is an important tool for promoting our company and attracting customers.We would like the…

Marketing researchSocial media marketing ∙ 17 proposals
I am looking for a talented specialist in improving conversion with experience in the United States new

I am looking for a talented conversion improvement specialist with US experience and a good understanding of US user behavior. Our company is a provider of high quality photo and video services for wedding events. We are looking for a specialist who can help us understand why…

Marketing research ∙ 2 proposals
Branding and Corporate Style new

We need to develop branding and corporate style. The objectives: 1 .Create a positive image of the company’s services 2ndReporting the high value of our services Establish communication relations between the company and its customers Identify a set of positioning measures:…

Marketing researchCorporate style ∙ 11 proposals
Online sports clothing shop MBS new

My name is Oleksii. I’ve been working on the design of a male sports clothing online store on Shopify for some time. I am looking for a D.S. specialist. The e-marketing. The person who has experience knows how the advertising campaigns work. She could evaluate prices, given…

Marketing researchOnline stores and e-commerce ∙ 2 proposals
Download 10 reports from a paid account similarweb new

We are looking for someone who has access to a paid account similarweb We have 10 competitors, and we need to make a full download of a PDF video with similarweb on it to find out their traffic channels and what digital-tools players on the market use to promote: The main…

Website SEO auditMarketing research ∙ 1 proposal
Marketer for children's clothes for baptism new
4000 UAH

Hello to you! We need a marketer who would be able to systematize our work on the presentation of the brand – social networks, advertising campaigns, various modules and offers on the site, working with customers, etc. by kryzhma.com.ua

Marketing researchOutdoor advertising ∙ 2 proposals
Help with the survey on the English language website new
500 UAH

Good day . I represent a group of researchers from the University of Berne of Applied Sciences, we are exploring new modern digital forms of work, and exactly how freelancers do search and perform orders through platforms. The project “Gig work Ukraine”. The phenomenon of…

Marketing research ∙ 38 proposals
SEO Specialist new

In Rocketech, for over 7 years, we are helping companies to build and improve their products Usually, we are reached by ambitious teams from the US and Europe, that want to implement their idea in code, create a site or an application. Moreover, we gladly advise and help them…

Website SEO auditMarketing research ∙ 5 proposals