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Support for Ubuntu Server Optimization new
1000 UAH

To tell you what's wrong and help normally set up the Ubuntu 20.04 server. We have a server. Redis server that stores a lot of temporary variables for the work of the telegram bots MySQL server to which a lot of requests goes - 4 telegrams of bots and services to them There…

DevOpsLinux and Unix ∙ 5 proposals
Web-automatization of processes on Python new
6000 UAH

The project’s task is to write web automation scripts to create the automation infrastructure in the existing AWS system. The main scales: * Developing and setting scripts for process automation for selected sites Implementation of instances EC2 * Daily reports (Git comet with a…

DevOpsPython ∙ 2 proposals
Devops is needed to set the automatic deployment from the bitbacket to the AWS server new

Good Morning, You need Devops to help set up the automatic deployment from the bitbacket to the AWS server, all details I hope

DevOps ∙ 2 proposals
Extend the SSL certificate and make it automatic new

You need to extend the SSL certificate let's encrypt and make it automatic overlapping 7 days before expiry.

DevOps ∙ 8 proposals
Setup of Cryptocurrencies new

1 . First, it is necessary to set the node of the radio. After transitioning the broadcast to POW, we need to reinstate the nod on our crypto exchange. 2nd There will always be problems on the nodes.

DevOpsSystem administration ∙ 3 proposals
You need an admin server to solve unregular tasks. new

You need a server administrator to solve unregular tasks. Transfer the site, set the server, install add-ons, etc. Write your reit.

DevOpsLinux and Unix ∙ 13 proposals
Set CI/CD GitHub for the project new

The project uses python, c, c++, react languages, as providers are used AWS, OVH, database - Postgres. There is a client part plus training/inference of neuronal networks. It is necessary to set CI/CD for the project. Please ask additional questions to clarify the details (you…

DevOpsSystem administration ∙ 2 proposals
Kubernetes and Helm new

There is an application published on the docker hub (I will send to the figure). There is endpoint/metrics for the medium. There is an endpoint/user, with the POST that forms a log and a sqlite file. Needed to: Write a helm chart for the application.1The chart must create a…

DevOps ∙ 1 proposal
by Devops new

It is necessary to set up for the news the option to choose the php version – more precisely, everything is installed but the version 7.2 doesn’t work – illuminates the error 500. The mistake needs to be corrected. The OC-Linux Debian 9.0

DevOpsSystem programming ∙ 6 proposals