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Embedded systems and microcontrollers

Creating channels and groups in Telegram new
200 UAH

Good day , The goal is to create groups in the telegram that will be linked to each other, will be autoposting, groups must be linked to each other. As far as I understand, they can be linked through the main channel. Connect the bot that will send info, bath and more. If there…

Embedded systems and microcontrollersBot development ∙ 3 proposals
Write the source on STM8 (the test device is already available) new
2000 UAH

There is a device on STM8 with minimal functionality, the source is lost. You have to write the code on. Desirable knowledge of CCNET, MDB, Puls protocols (all protocols are open access, or I will provide)

C and C++Embedded systems and microcontrollers ∙ 1 proposal
Twilight development new

The task is to create a script (which will be posted on the site) that will receive data through a web hack and on the basis of these data will perform 2 outgoing calls and combine them with each other in a conference.Twilio is used to make calls (text messages for audio…

Embedded systems and microcontrollersSystem programming ∙ 1 proposal
ESP32 can protocol new
17 500 UAH

It requires the implementation of two CAN protocols for the ESP32.The aim is to make an adapter to charge the battery from a station that works on another protocol.It is necessary to realize interaction with the battery by protocol CAN.It is necessary to realize the interaction…

C and C++Embedded systems and microcontrollers ∙ 3 proposals
LED smart lamps new
3000 UAH

A developer is needed to support and develop new features for Arduino-based smart LED lamps. The project is already launched and has a small user base. It is desirable to have experience working with ESP32 and the address LED tape.

C and C++Embedded systems and microcontrollers ∙ 4 proposals
Development of the FPGA project new

I order the development of the project on the FGPA brand Xilinx.Requirements to the executor: * Experience in developing projects on the FPGA.The ability to work with Xilinx SDK and SDAccel.Working with cryptocurrency hash functions will be a good bonus.The task: 1 .In…

Microsoft .NETEmbedded systems and microcontrollers ∙ 1 proposal