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Web design

Evion Role Play - game project is looking for designer ui/ux new

Evion Role Play is looking for a Ui/ux designer Needed to: - Trusted possession of graphic editors by Adobe Photoshop/Figma/Adobe XD - experience in digital art, the availability of a profile portfolio with examples of interfaces or websites (obligatory) A rich…

Interface designWeb design ∙ 11 proposals
Interface Animation in the Principle new

Good day ! I'm telling you what to do here: https://www.loom.com/share/2c1405129221408a9e4fcfafce629896 I will briefly describe: develop an interface animation (2 blocks, 2 different animations) through the Principle program Please indicate the examples of time and price in the…

AnimationWeb design ∙ 3 proposals
Processing of the site new

The site is there, it works, it’s okay. I need to download a new line of clothing (12-14 models), customize all the features of this line (colour, size, etc.) Take this line to the main line with a mini presentation on the slide. Then update one information page: add colors.…

Web designWebsite maintenance ∙ 3 proposals
The logo. and brandbuck. Website design, Instagram, fb. new

The graphic design. The logo. and brandbuck. Social networking of the project. Design of the project website. The project is. The theme of the project is Craft Coffee and Coffee.

Web designLogo design ∙ 40 proposals
Creation of site new

You need to make a site - landing on the wordpress for water filtration systems 4 to 5 screens on one of the screens a table with different options of choice, when pressing on which the product card will open It should be very conveniently organized. 10-12 items will also…

Web design ∙ 24 proposals
Website Developer Lending new
3000 UAH

I am looking for a website developer and a system administrator in one person. It is necessary to create simple landings and prends to launch traffic. Maintenance of website workability Administration of Hosting and Domain Fast response Connecting 24/7

Web design ∙ 9 proposals
Website design of security services new

It is necessary to develop an adaptive website design in Figma 7th page The website of the company that provides cybersecurity services for customers companies. Oriented Block Design in Presentation

Web design ∙ 58 proposals
The unilateral website new

You need a one-sided site from 1000-1500 (by lines 1-3 days) a sample that can be drawn a little by changing)

Web design ∙ 73 proposals
Add a new type of activity to the existing site new
600 UAH

Add information to the existing site. Info is right to do in the topic of the site. Implementation as quickly as possible.

HTML and CSSWeb design ∙ 15 proposals
Website for the shop new
1200 UAH

You need a site, no extra, the main thing if there were sections/categories (the zoo shop), preferably not expensive more detail I will tell you.

Web design ∙ 67 proposals
Advertisements on OSCLASS new
1500 UAH

All good days. There is a site on the OSCLASS engine, you need to fix a little of the appearance, constructively nothing changes you just need to fix some elements regarding the appearance of the site. I will drop the full list into the face. Link to the website…

PHPWeb design ∙ 9 proposals
Create a website on WordPress new
20 000 UAH

Create a website on WordPress Create a website for a meat processing company on wordpress Content is provided

Web design ∙ 29 proposals
Landing design + webflow collection new

Hello to you. We are the Omnic company, we are engaged in the production of postmates (as with New Post) and the creation of software so that the postmates work. Now we are looking for a contractor who will make a lending for us. First you need to make the main page, and…

Web design ∙ 22 proposals