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Web design

Landing page for the sale of electronic cigarettes new
14 USD

Required landing page to promote e-cigarettes POCO BL 10000 How the idea is: https://freelancehunt.com/out?url=https%3A%2F%2Fmir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.net%2Fproject_modules%2Fmax_1200%2F67128945900949.584090f1821db.jpg

Web design ∙ 33 proposals
Website with a similar design new
53 USD

Develop a website that has a similar design with the given example. Develop a logo, similar images and content that corresponds to the theme of the site. Replace the text on the "More information" button on "Buy". Place the price to the right of the content presented by large…

Web design ∙ 9 proposals
Website development on page/weblium/tilda new
274 USD

There are a few projects you need to support on the basis of the onpage and on tilda (from growth we don’t work). Write your basic prices + portfolio if there is. You need to be able to make a layer, and even better if you are well in design and you can also collect a site from…

Web designWebsite maintenance ∙ 11 proposals
Design of Emily new

Required design for e-mail sending on the company base TZ : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1T_oeMfAZaUvzv3W9MYLaKIRAUz8afaQuNqW14VzfDWY/edit I will also send the video.

BannersWeb design ∙ 30 proposals
Design of the site new

Good day ! It is necessary to make a prototype of the website for the IT company. Three directions to distinguish. There are 4-8 pages. The beginning is 1–3. Experience in this portfolio is required. Thank you !

Web design ∙ 44 proposals
Design of landing page according to the model new

There is the site everest-vikna.com.ua The design of the landing page "window" is required according to this design: HTTPS://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1aJjCINkrcVaSJWfVsnM3jegJlwDIHhjnNgM4rccqUk/edit In the future, other pages of the site are planned to be processed, so if…

Web design ∙ 65 proposals
Design of the company’s website new

Hello to you! It is necessary to neglect the interactive, most modern and fresh design of the company’s ITI website in the field of AI. You will also need the company’s logo. The site is multi-page, it will be presented in several directions (in the beginning one or two, we will…

Web designLogo design ∙ 53 proposals
Website design and applications new

You need a designer working in Figma, you need to update the already existing design. Correction of errors and completion of missing pages.

Mobile apps designWeb design ∙ 69 proposals
Open the main page for the online store new

The site is aimed at wholesale sales from the manufacturer I send the link to the site There is also a landing, with it you can copy data, tp td I will send him to LS. I would like to give the main (footer, header obviously will have to leave) but here is a banner,…

Web design ∙ 25 proposals
Design of icons, main banner, and images - for the site new

A good day is to be created. Basic banner for the site, a few small clear banners (for mob. and the desktop version), and the icons for my site (the site is still in the development stage). Here is the TZ with a detailed and narrow description, while evaluating the "Basic…

Interface designWeb design ∙ 10 proposals
Required a Senior Designer for a Fintech Platform Project new
821 USD

Hello to all, I'm looking for a senior designer for a project on the Fintech platform. A fairly simple, about 5-7 main pages such as dashboard, transactions, and so on. To help you I offer an assistant, a mouse designer, a 2D and 3D designer for graphics. The approximate…

Interface designWeb design ∙ 20 proposals
Created by WIX new

Make an online shop on WIX The Structure: The main page Catalog page (with filters of product categories - 2-3 filters maximum) Product page (photo/description will be provided) Page About Us ( Basic Text Information + Contact Form) Additionally : The Instagram Feed -…

Web programmingWeb design ∙ 16 proposals
Develop a visual (theme) for WordPress based on an example new

HTTPS://themes.shopify.com/themes/showcase/styles/native/preview It is necessary to create for wo a topic similar to what is linked above with small repairs and simplifications. The theme should support both the PC version and the mobile. Pages that you need to create 1 The…

HTML and CSSWeb design ∙ 11 proposals
Design template of product card for the store on the Prom.ua platform new

It is necessary to make the design, make the structure of the template of the product card on Prom.ua. The online store is selling shoes and clothes. If there are great experiences and examples, I would like to consider it.

Web designCorporate style ∙ 17 proposals