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Mastering of a ready-made track generated with the help of AI

Improve the quality of the generated track. Remove artifacts, noise, and distortions from the track. Add volume and richness to the track. Not sure if this is possible, but aim to bring the quality closer to commercial standards. Clean and voluminous sound of the track. If you…

MusicAudio processing ∙ 11 proposals

Creating an instrumental

12 USD

I have a song created in a program with automatic vocals. Your task is to create the same instrumental but without vocals. You don't need to come up with anything, just create exactly according to the sample without the vocal part. If you are interested, please indicate with a…

Music ∙ 10 proposals

Creation of vocals and connection with existing disco-polo backing track

74 USD

I wrote a song. It is a remake of a famous hit - Ruda dances like crazy. I need someone to create vocals for these words with the voice of the original vocalist (referring to Czadoman - this effect can be achieved using AI tools). The created vocals need to be mixed/mastered…

MusicAudio processing ∙ 3 proposals