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Script for a music school concert new
500 UAH

I am looking for a person who will write an interesting script for a music school concert! The concert will be attended by children who will play various musical instruments. The theme of the concert is "color strings of inspiration" The presenters will also be children…

MusicScript writing ∙ 9 proposals
Sound Design / Sound Design. Give sounds and music to the game. new

You need an experienced person who will be able to create sounds for a big card game. Skills are required: Creating sounds for mobile games Creation of background music

MusicAudio processing ∙ 5 proposals
You need to stop the program! new
2000 UAH

Good day ! I'm looking for a sound director or a design designer for a project job that knows how to make the program good. It is necessary to build a real-world project for the youth. There are no complicated tasks - you just need to properly force the scenes to feel the mood…

MusicAudio processing ∙ 12 proposals
The hip hop rap new
10 000 UAH

Write a rap, go to the sound recording, record under the chosen bit, put on all places, and get a gradual income. It will be minimal but how you will be performing the rap and what will be beat. This will be the result and the cash income will grow.

MusicAudio processing
Setting musical tracks new

My friend is recording the covers of songs. You need a person who will reduce his records twice a week. Work regularly and long.

MusicAudio processing ∙ 17 proposals