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Data processing

Correction of delivery regions, localization on the site of opencart new

Hello to you! The following problem: When entering the site settings, a dialog window comes out: As far as I understand correctly, it is due to problems with geographical zones, regions, etc. (A little earlier, before installing the New Mail module, the administrator removed…

Web programmingData processing ∙ 7 proposals
Copy text from "pigma" to an Excel table new

We have screens in Pigma software - screens of application design. Each screen is numbered. You must copy all the text from the screens to an Excel table, in the following way: Column 1 - screen number. Column 2 - the text of the title. Attached is a video that shows the…

Data processingInformation gathering ∙ 11 proposals
Gather all sports clubs/studies in Tbilisi in Google tables new

You need to find all the sports clubs/studies in Tbilisi and enter them in a document with the following indications: Direction Studio Name Conditions of Visit Cost Address Area The result is included in this table.

Data processing ∙ 6 proposals
Help in search of apartment (rental) in Sweden new

I need a person who can find an apartment to rent in Sweden (Stockholm) Whoever knows a person or is doing it, write. This is as urgent as possible!

Data processingInformation gathering ∙ 1 proposal
Contact the international car transport company new
3000 UAH

Tz 1 text is needed for the executive: it is necessary to call the transport companies to ask the manager to work with us to identify the messenger to communicate to create a group and fill out the provided table with routes. Free communication in English is required for…

Marketing researchData processing ∙ 1 proposal
Calculate the token new

Good day . It is necessary to calculate the tokenology for the crypto project. We have approximate calculations, but we need reasoning. Task: calculation of token emission, token distribution, token location, deflation process and writing whitepaper All information in personal…

Marketing researchData processing ∙ 1 proposal
Creating reports in Google Data Studio new

You need an hourly employee (Please indicate the price per hour!) The task: Get data from the application (Google Firestore) and display them, and their derivatives, in the form of graphics and in other formats in Google Data Studio.

Data processing
Create a Financial Table in Google Sheets new
3500 UAH

You need to make a chart with the following data on it:- FRS rate https://www.macrotrends.net/2015/fed-funds-rate-historical-chart- S&P https://www.macrotrends.net/2324/sp-500-historical-chart-data- 1 year TB (rate rate) https://www.multpl.com/1-year-treasury-rate- 3 year TB…

Data processingInformation gathering ∙ 2 proposals
Help with Excel new

There are two lists of these wallets: Br1TUz7sDgs9XzQwnfhv9vuBuGzNua58DUQDn397GJdR Fvfq9WQ1EGg28KjxLZ68WN4oFbidZFGkc555UmVUV6LN HT8qNnScujFWZqLy1HjZtsrbNbGx7AkHatGs1Xy8ojaM 6H38JmxsyDmuZsF9N36H9srT2SUhsoGA3cH7wc9LVUBE 93kGnerVWYSgT64hmnFMAnhrxLYqKaZBUkQTqPVs6mwu…

Data processingInformation gathering ∙ 28 proposals
Parking new
2000 UAH

You need to create a program to parsing data on the internet from websites and social networks. I will also be grateful for any help in this direction.

Data processingInformation gathering ∙ 7 proposals
Data from the forum (e-mail) new
21 000 UAH

Needed from the forum. which we will provide. Copy all email addresses. The task is that in order for each user on the forum to open, copy his email and save in word, such there thousands, you need to collect 2,000 email addresses for the future mail from our side. For this…

Data processing ∙ 17 proposals
Microcat Ford EPC export to database new

Export Microcat FORD EPC to database Requirements as followed: EPC Data region: US / APAC / Europe Data Version: 03/2022 Also need to provide a website for local deploy, all epc data should export to a datebase file (MySQl or SQL Server), including pictures

Data processingDatabases ∙ 1 proposal
Searching users on Instagram according to the criteria on the list new
100 000 UAH

You need to search for Instagram accounts according to the pre-set criteria from the list of accounts I have prepared (this will usually be subscribers of some Instagram accounts). Among the criteria, for example, the city, gender, age. You will need to check each profile…

Data processingInformation gathering ∙ 4 proposals