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Data processing

Data collection from the manufacturer’s website new
27 USD

Needed to: 1.search the product on the internet by name (all 70 products), enter the product card on the brand website The 2nd Copy information from the site and add to the Excel table 3 . Analyze copied information and identify keywords Knowledge of English is required at…

Data processing ∙ 15 proposals
Creation of a customer base new
53 USD

I need to create a client base in the Excel table. The table should have 4 columns: 1 . Name of the company 2nd Site Three Category of Business 4 . Email or link to the contact form and 5. emails

Data processingInformation gathering ∙ 6 proposals
Work on the site new
27 USD

Simple work with the site. You have an hour of time. Details in ls. I will send you instructions with all the help.

Data processingCustomer support ∙ 23 proposals
Create a Knowledge Base in Notion new

Essence of the task: You need to create a knowledge-good-action base for employees on the Notion service, so that a person, having familiarized with the text, watching the images, video could perform one or another task.There is a sphere of knowledge training on which it is…

Data processingTuition ∙ 2 proposals
Writing 1 formula for Google tables new

You need to write a formula that can enter the site and outline whether there is that word or not - You need to determine whether there is that word on this page rather than another. Details in ls

Data processingInformation gathering ∙ 10 proposals
Notion Design new
109 USD

Order and structure information in Notion. Make a nice and comfortable UI/UX. You can use ready templates or downsides by reference.

Interface designData processing ∙ 6 proposals
Combination of cells into one cell in Excel new

Combination of cells with characteristics into one cell in Excel for each item HTTPS://prnt.sc/QBgzoSA8USU9

Data processing ∙ 28 proposals
You need to make a word. new

There is a file in PDF. There is a text and a table. 1 page . You need to make a preparation in word. file in pdf

Data processingText editing and proofreading ∙ 42 proposals
WhatsApp and Telegram new

You need to send a message via WhatsApp and Telegram. Advertising text is there, you need to properly plan the mail.

Information gatheringData processing ∙ 3 proposals
Development of software for automation of the purchasing process of goods new
274 USD

Develop software to predict in real-time the number of goods that are subject to purchases on:central storage on each department on each type of spare parts. The system must perform the following functions:Data collection from RemOnline, QUINCEFIN and Google Table.Data analysis…

Information gatheringData processing ∙ 2 proposals
Find up-to-date videos on the English-language YouTube on the topic new
14 USD

I have a particular topic (CapCut program) on which I need to do a study on the English-language YouTube and find a video that collects views. You need to use VidIQ and search on YouTube. I need a list of 50 requests that are relevant and under which you can make a video.…

CopywritingData processing ∙ 6 proposals
You need an expert in Google Tables, Excel new
27 USD

**Technical task for technical support and Google Tables accompaniment** 1 .The accompanying object*: Google Tables containing formulas, script (Google Apps Script) and other functional elements.2ndThe main accompanying tasks are: Analyze the current state of the table…

Data processing ∙ 9 proposals
Confusion of Facebook new
55 USD

I need to break up the acouts on Facebook. For unknown reasons, I was blocked. My Acaut Sergey Trophimluck

Data processing ∙ 2 proposals
Man to fill out data, search for information, help in business new

I am looking for a person with knowledge of English, and desirable, marketing/sm. For a variety of help in finding/collecting information, filling in data/tables, performing complicated functions. Work not full-time, but as challenges appear, but with the prospect of growth.

Marketing researchData processing ∙ 5 proposals