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Exhibition booth design

Improve the map of the city new

There is a map of the city, in the app below (you can take your own). It needs to be in 1 to increase and improve its quality. You can use it for example. As a result, this card will be printed on a 90 x 70 cm poster and you need it to be with such an increase in good quality…

Exhibition booth designIllustrations and drawings ∙ 8 proposals
Interior design of the service center and repair new

Good day colleagues. It requires a simple design for a coal room in which there will be a service center for the repair of the phones. Repair (color of the plate, wall doors, lighting) has already been determined. It is necessary to dissolve furniture, the master's workplaces,…

Exhibition booth designInterior design ∙ 20 proposals
Branding of the Zoo Store new
2000 UAH

It requires the branding of the prey, the glass wall of the zoo. The wall consists of 5 sections of glass structure, the size of each section is 1.5m per 3m. If possible, add the logo and the name of the "Zoomshop"

Exhibition booth designOutdoor advertising ∙ 17 proposals
Create an external advertising design new
600 UAH

You need to create a design of external advertising on windows and doors. I add the picture below. Design is needed in minimalism.

BannersExhibition booth design ∙ 47 proposals
Pictures in Multi Style new

Everyone is greeted. People who are interested in making pictures quickly and quality in a multi-style style. Examples in attached. The price for one or more pictures. Of course, the deadlines

Exhibition booth designPrint design ∙ 6 proposals