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Architectural design

The roof project new

You need to make a plan of the step-by-step system, visualization of the wooden roof structures, for the A frame of the house. As shown in photo 1, only for a different plan of the house as shown in photo 2. The finished house will look like on photo 3 (specularly returned)

Architectural designDesigning ∙ 6 proposals
Developing formulas for the construction calculator new

Good day colleagues! You need a specialist who knows how to calculate the amounts and familiar with the formulas. Based on their input parameters by home, you need to extract the formulas for drawing a fee. I attach a photo of the examples of the amount that must be formed…

Architectural designDrawings and diagrams ∙ 2 proposals
The 3x model is built in the house by cutting. new

There are ready architectural drawings of the house, you need to develop a 3D model. The model should include a garage and terrace. Allow visualization of the exterior and interior of the house (willed with some furniture). The level of detail and the price are agreed.

Architectural design3D modeling ∙ 36 proposals
Design of a townhouse area of 100 m2. new

It is necessary to develop a project-design of a townhouse area of 100 square meters. 1st floor: corridor, kitchen-host, office, sanvuzol, 2nd floor: 2 children's bedrooms, 1 master bedroom + closet, 1 sanvuzol. The main crossing Cutting of the walls: additional cutting of the…

Architectural designDesigning ∙ 22 proposals
Scale project of reconstruction of the house new
14 USD

Hello to everyone!My name is Vera, I am a manager and partner at SV architects.You need help with the project of the reconstruction of the house, the shelter and the planning of the site.Concept and TZ with me, with you - drawings.All the communication on the project will go…

Architectural designDrawings and diagrams ∙ 14 proposals
Plan at home new

You have to make a simple plan for home. The best way to place rooms, kitchen, sauna rooms in the area. 3D does not need to be done. Now you just need to see how the best room will be placed so that it is comfortable. You need at least a few options. Approximately 5 cent…

Architectural designDesigning ∙ 30 proposals
Working Project new

Architectural and constructive divisions for the house 171 m2. A mansard floor plus a garage. Part with a gap of more than one meter, with a high level of soil water.

Architectural designDesigning ∙ 18 proposals
Projects of Commercial Room 2 new
1094 USD

Working project composition (divisions of GP, AR and KR): 1 .The Weekend Data The 2ndExplanatory Notes 3 .Section of the general plan: General plan of the area with the placement of the projected objects Plan of organization of relief, vertical planning of territory External…

Architectural designDrawings and diagrams ∙ 2 proposals
Design of a complex of glass houses new

Develop a house project; Calculate the possible number of houses on the site; Determine the necessary amount of water for all houses and buildings; Determine the necessary power of electricity; Predicate the building with room for the restaurant, reception, washroom, warehouse,…

Architectural designLandscape design ∙ 12 proposals
Design of Apartments new

Design of a two-room apartment, a plan of lighting and lighting. Setting the furniture. Design of the bathroom and kitchen.

Architectural design3D modeling and visualization ∙ 44 proposals
Mini repository new

It is necessary to develop an architectural project and visualization of the minibase of leisure for 3 houses per 12 m2. in the territory of 800. The case number of the site:1822080600:02:001:0426

Architectural designLandscape design ∙ 22 proposals
Design of the house and village new
638 USD

It is necessary to complete the sketch project of the house and residential village on 30,000 m2, the house with a flat roof, 3 bedrooms, 2 sandwiches, a hotel with a kitchen, a terrace.

Architectural designDesigning ∙ 28 proposals