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Amazon Recognition Handwriting API new

Requirements: Experience with Amazon Rekognition or other AWS services. Experience in integrating third-party APIs into applications. Experience with AWS and AWS SDK settings. Knowledge of the security principles when working with user data.

GoDatabases ∙ 1 proposal
Customer call manager. new
14 USD

You need a person who can call off-line offices and offer a GURT system. The whole text is provided, the base and all the last as well. You just need to have outsourcing, time and literary communication.

DatabasesSocial media marketing ∙ 2 proposals
A PHP programming skilled man gets into a stranger code new

I'm looking for an experienced PHP programmer who is able to break up in a stranger code, who knows mysql and a clean PHP without attachment to a particular phrase. Interested in long-term cooperation on a permanent basis.Payment for the work for the time spent or from the…

PHPDatabases ∙ 15 proposals
Specialist in Darkroom new

Installing the Darkroom program. It is the setting of the storage of photos on a separate storage and the setting of dynamic QR codes for the upload of photos. Request to contact anyone who has already done this and is an experience. The date of execution is approximately.

DatabasesWeb programming
Macro in Excel 2019 new
14 USD

The MS Excel 2019 book contains a calculator. The calculator is built on interdependent tables and falling lists. It is necessary to implement a macro to automatically update data in the cells where the drop-down lists are placed, when the data is changed in the drop-down list…

Databases ∙ 5 proposals
Implement the Wordpress filter in the form of a dependency table new

There is a wordpress website. You need to realize/create a filter in the form of a table similar to https://eu.mouser.com/c/semiconductors/integrated-circuits-ics/embedded-processors-controllers/ The main task - depending on what you have chosen, the subject will be displayed in…

DatabasesWeb programming ∙ 2 proposals
Create a ML model for approximation of function new
100 USD

Hello, you need to create a model capable of scaling to approximate the function. Here is a set of data from 3 columns, the third can be removed. You need to look for the dependency between these two columns. Predict the first column on the basis of the second. Data in decimal…

DatabasesMachine learning ∙ 1 proposal
Php sql js - OpenCart 3.x store processing new

Good day . For a store on the basis of OpenCart 3 (and more accurately - ocStore 3.x) you need to make certain results. Since TZ has written everything as much as possible (the main part of it is screenshots or a detailed description of new SQL tables) - then I teach it in a PDF…

PHPDatabases ∙ 4 proposals
Course with BD with C# adding new

You need to develop a project on the basis of C# with adding MySQL and a note to it. I will show you more in detail.

C#Databases ∙ 11 proposals
Convert the xlsx tables from the promo for Facebook feed new
55 USD

Finding a table so that you can download it to the facbook commerce manager gives an error 5000 positions of goods The file is attached

DatabasesData parsing ∙ 7 proposals
Synchronization of the online store on Shopify with 1C and with QuickBooks new

The source data: Online shop operating on Shopify A large number of products (more than 100,000 options) Products and Inventory are exported and imported through the standard products, inventory files (in Shopify format) Accounting is carried out in QuickBooks Online,…

1CDatabases ∙ 8 proposals
Fastspring integration of payment system new

I am looking for an experienced programmer capable of integrating fastspring.com payment system. You need a good knowledge of PHP and Mysql that is also available in a foreign code.

PHPDatabases ∙ 12 proposals
Exchange of Allegro (Poland) with BAS (1C) new
14 USD

Our version of the bas: Business Automation Software for Small Business. The Prof This is an intranet store. The website of Cskart. We are working on the bas. The task is to make the exchange of order, quantity, status, goods between BAS and Allegro. We have our own cabin.…

1CDatabases ∙ 1 proposal
Specialist in the collection of mobile phones and emails new
14 USD

We are looking for a good specialist who knows how to quickly collect mobile and e-mail bases and not for all the money in the world:) You can quickly and efficiently collect mobile and e-mail bases - write!

Databases ∙ 9 proposals