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API for autodesk inventor + autodesk vault + ERP

252 USD

To write a connector that manages the materials setup BOM. Integration of CAD/PDM/ERP applications.

C and C++Microsoft .NET

USB HID Windows demo software

26 USD

The device is based on STM32. which shells data via USB HID. It requires a comp demonstration program under Windows 10, which will display the data that comes through the USB HID from the device and send to the device. Experience in writing such a program is mandatory.

C and C++Embedded systems and microcontrollers

Playing the Galaxy Game

52 USD

Write a simplified version of the arcade game Galaxy by using cocos2d-x-4.0 (C++) Functional can be discussed.

C and C++Gaming applications ∙ 3 proposals

Installing the server from GitHub

89 USD

Janus is the ready software that we want to use for streaming video. You need to install according to the instructions on our server. Here are examples of https://janus.conf.meetecho.com/demos/ There are also instructions for installation on this site. If you’re learning about…

C and C++System programming ∙ 5 proposals

Cheat ( driver ) counter strike 1.6

105 USD

Welcome, you can take a small project. Write a chip on x 1.6 to work as a driver and was not connected to the game? Functional( psilent aimbot) with FOV 0.6-1.0 To be the process of all server antiquities and demo scanner from the game, and the process of a light scanner that…

C and C++Gaming applications ∙ 2 proposals

Middle +/Senior C and Python Developer


Middle +/Senior C and Python Developer Understanding of fundamental cryptographic algorithms and the underlying mathematics

C and C++Python ∙ 4 proposals

Code for Arduino.

13 USD

It is necessary to collect a sketch for arduino (pay arduino due), which would combine several devices that work dependent on each other, while fulfilling the exposed conditions. Timer to mills, without delay, where it interferes with the smooth work of the code. Control of the…

C and C++ ∙ 4 proposals

Create a website written to WordPress

393 USD

Hi, interesting freelancers with great experience for constant cooperation! The site is written on WordPress, made not beautiful, you need to re-work it. You don’t need to offer a single-stop site, not interesting. Write in direct download the current website and what I want…

1CC and C++ ∙ 13 proposals

Consulting for Understanding of Backland and Autocompilation

108 USD

Our project requires consultation to understand how to carry changes to the site's backend controller and further compilation or auto compilation. Please note that we cannot provide direct access to project files under the terms of customer cooperation and data protection. If…

C and C++Windows ∙ 2 proposals

Reverse engineering programmetatrader4/5

26 USD

First, you need to count the API that the program uses when working with a broker. (authentification of the customer, carrying out transactions, receiving quotes). The final goal of the current TZ is to raise your server to which you can connect and receive EUR/USD quotes. Offer…

C and C++System programming

Create a bot - an analogue to the already existing bot for sports betting


To add to the casino providers bot is not necessarily, the most important feature of the bot should be sports betting. It is mandatory to add your own sports events, as well as a full-fledged personal user cabin with the possibility of filling in the cryptocurrency USDT/TON. The…

C and C++Bot development ∙ 5 proposals

by Agar.io

1570 USD

The project is the crypto-version agar.io, where players manage cells, absorbing smaller, integrated cryptocurrency mechanics for rewards and transactions.

C and C++JavaScript ∙ 4 proposals