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Farm bot for the game new

You need a bot for the farm that will be able to set a goal on the screen, target the goal, and go back to the battle.

C and C++Gaming applications
ESP32 will write a driver for Ethernet devices new
19 500 UAH

Good day, you need to write an adapter (driver) for the new modem that by SPI receives tcp/ip packages and sends further to the network.You need to write on esp-idf 4.4.2. This version of the SDK has interfaces and APIs to add their own Etherent devices that work on SPI.SDK…

C and C++Embedded systems and microcontrollers ∙ 2 proposals
The Complicated Parser, Bott new

by functional 1) The software must parse from our site orders on requests (access will be given after the selection of the proger), parsing partial information on external sites( 7 sites at the moment) and collect at the end in one result and issue a response to our site for…

C and C++C# ∙ 4 proposals
Make a ready program, parsing. new
30 000 UAH

Good Morning Developers.I’m not going to write the task for a long time, as it’s not real to describe it completely.I’ve prepared a video that you’ll be able to see if you’re taking the job or not.The video can be viewed here…

C and C++Data parsing ∙ 7 proposals
Making a lab on the basis of engineering calculations new
300 UAH

There is a lab and an example of its solution, you need to solve the option and form a file, that’s all you need, you can simply form the task itself.

C and C++ ∙ 5 proposals
The Viber Cash new

Hello the people! There is a request for receipt of messages from the "Communities" Viber, for today only the "Group" is automatically cacheed, and you need to receive messages from the "Communities" as well. The number is increasing significantly! Cash must be obtained in the…

C and C++Python ∙ 3 proposals
It is necessary to adjust the transmission of the butterfly to the redirect of the site. new
500 UAH

In the essence, a person enters a site with a label, after he leaves the application, he is re-addressed further. It is important that the label from which he entered the site was transmitted to the site where the re-address goes. You have to do this on the wordpress.

C and C++
ESP32 can protocol new
17 500 UAH

It requires the implementation of two CAN protocols for the ESP32.The aim is to make an adapter to charge the battery from a station that works on another protocol.It is necessary to realize interaction with the battery by protocol CAN.It is necessary to realize the interaction…

C and C++Embedded systems and microcontrollers ∙ 3 proposals
I'm looking for a PAWN for SAMP MOBILE new
5000 UAH

All greetings I am looking for the Ukrainian game project of the developer PAWN, to create the server part of the game in the GTA SAMP multiplayer for MOBILE

C and C++Gaming applications ∙ 1 proposal
Network Advisor mt4 mql4 new

You need to write a consultant - a netbook with martingale for mt4 The input parameters depend on the selected tf. Additional parameters: Coefficient of increase Minimum step price Maximum number of lots

C and C++Application programming ∙ 1 proposal
Creation of a gaming lounge (C# / C++) new

The most important task is to make upgrades quickly. T K . For what reason, in our previous Louncher the speed was straight very slow when downloading the update by players. The only requirements to the developer is the experience in writing such programs and understanding how…

C and C++C# ∙ 3 proposals
File decompilation created in MinGW new
1000 UAH

I download the file, you need to dispack it, change it a bit and pack it back. If the file is dispacked via Unzip, the .phb files are created. I tried different decompilators - didn't help, I just needed in MinGW. If the price does not rise, offer options.

C and C++Software protection and security ∙ 2 proposals
LED smart lamps new
3000 UAH

A developer is needed to support and develop new features for Arduino-based smart LED lamps. The project is already launched and has a small user base. It is desirable to have experience working with ESP32 and the address LED tape.

C and C++Embedded systems and microcontrollers ∙ 4 proposals
Boots for BitSkins new
3700 UAH

I welcome. It is necessary to automatize the process of purchasing items by parameters. Working with data. Notifications in the telegram. All the nuances in the letters. Working exclusively through the site.

C and C++Python ∙ 7 proposals
Mobile Proxy new

The software will be on the window. 1) The port control panel will include the "automatic detection" of the interfaces.2) The port management shall include: 2.1 The ability to enable and unlock the dongle using the app 2.2 The ability to enable and unlock the dongle using the…

C and C++Python ∙ 3 proposals