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Drawings and diagrams

Plan of electricity (roots, lighting and lighting) new

Necessary cutting electricity (roots, lighting and lighting). Office 35m2, is a hand-to-hand drawing (size and location), it is necessary to form a PDF file.

Drawings and diagrams ∙ 5 proposals
Create an architectural project for a frame house on the basis of the existing new
275 USD

It is necessary to create an architectural project for a frame house on the basis of an old project.It is also necessary to calculate the amount of materials for the construction.The Materials: The foundation of the house is carcass - planken facade (for example, as here -…

Architectural designDrawings and diagrams ∙ 3 proposals
Create a restaurant process scheme new
16 USD

Organization of the process in the process. Calculation of the number of workers. Calculation of the area. The scheme of the course. For the schemes of apparatus and technology to draw the schemes of the organization of workplaces. For two groups of meals, except for beverages…

Drawings and diagramsDesigning
Crossing a Puzzle Box new

Welcome to! It is necessary to draw a puzzle box to transport equipment as on a photo. The box will be composed as a puzzle from parts of the lamp, cut will be on the freezer edge. I'm waiting for proposals on the budget, Dedline is desirable to this weekend, that is, 2 days.…

Drawings and diagrams ∙ 13 proposals
Design of furniture for the restaurant new

It is necessary to create a drawing on the attached below list of furniture. Examples of the package of cracks on 1 cracks attached. Deadline: 07/12

Drawings and diagramsDesigning ∙ 4 proposals
Solidwork new

Drawing the lare from the profiles and faners (that is on the visualization in the right top corner). Collective drawing. Determination and DHF of all flat. To this end, we will be able to find out what is going on in the future.

Drawings and diagrams ∙ 1 proposal
Processing of KMD new

According to the assigned task (CM crossing) - to develop work crossing of the CMD stage, for OP1-OP10 brands

EngineeringDrawings and diagrams ∙ 7 proposals
Electromagnetic control valve fuel consumption new

Electromagnetic control valve fuel consumption http://www.aodaz.com.ua/ua/design/specification.php

Drawings and diagramsDesigning ∙ 1 proposal
Design of the mechanical element new
63 USD

Good day, I am looking for people to collaborate in the design of machine parts and leaf elements. I would like to have a permanent cooperation. I need a short-term electric carrier. Please also specify what would be the cost of the model of the sheet and review box + drawing…

EngineeringDrawings and diagrams ∙ 2 proposals
Documentation on the body furniture in the "Basis-Furniture" new
100 USD

Services are required for the development of the design documentation on the body furniture.in the program "Basis-Furniture". You need:- accurate model in the "Basic Furniture" program- general look in 3D- collection drawings- complete detail- maps opened in Basic Furniture-…

DesigningDrawings and diagrams ∙ 2 proposals
The Kitchen new

You need a design of the kitchen with detail, with the creation of the opening, with all the places of the cracks, holes under the fixation, etc. For further order at Viara. The size of the kitchen is shown on the photo. Now there is an example vision with pictures. What about…

Drawings and diagramsDesigning ∙ 3 proposals
Change the model and drawing. new
69 USD

You need to make the following changes: 1 . Replace the bottom direction on the 50x30 tube. The 2nd Increase the distance between the directors (low directors to locate as low as possible) 3 . Change the cover of the corpus on the whole flexible leaves (there are sketches) and…

EngineeringDrawings and diagrams ∙ 9 proposals
Drawing the castle new

Hello to you. We need a man to develop a drawing of the grid. The drawing requires ordinary, simple, not 3D visualization. This is a set grid, it will be made of aluminium. We add an example. You need a person who has experience in drawing such a plan of roofs. We’re going to…

Drawings and diagramsEngineering ∙ 10 proposals
Make a rubber on a metal structure (cover). new

Make a basket on the metal structure (cover) input data - the amount of metal, the amount of welding shots and the photo of the finished structure will be provided.

DesigningDrawings and diagrams ∙ 5 proposals
Planning for the construction of the garage 500 UAH new
14 USD

It is necessary to complete the scheme of plans to build a garage with a view hole to obtain a building passport.

Drawings and diagramsDesigning ∙ 13 proposals