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Lead generation and sales

Google AdWords and Merchant Center/Marketing Specialist new

Google AdWords and Merchant Center/Marketing Specialist We are looking for an experienced Google AdWords and Merchant Center manager with a strong background in digital marketing to join our team.The ideal candidate should have proven experience in analytics and optimization of…

Lead generation and salesSocial media advertising ∙ 5 proposals
Partner launch on info-product new
546 USD

The launch of online advertisements to promote online learning in the field of earnings in the tectus on terms of payment for Lida For one ice - $40

Lead generation and salesSocial media advertising ∙ 7 proposals
Promotion of the company’s legal services on Facebook new

We are looking for a target to promote the company’s services on Facebook. Experience and results of promotion in similar subjects (legal services, consulting) are desirable. Nisha: Legal assistance in the case of accident, assistance in receiving insurance payments in the…

Lead generation and salesSocial media marketing ∙ 21 proposals
Hotline Specialist, Advertising Settings Specialist new
14 USD

Purpose, conduct and setup of advertising on the website https://santehsklad.com.ua Send a message with your portfolio of works, in particular, by setting an advertisement on the hotline website. Results of your work. Please answer 2 questions in the message: 1 . Looking for…

Content managementLead generation and sales ∙ 1 proposal
Creative plus attractive product offer new
50 USD

I am looking for a professional in marketing to create the right advertising. Creative plus attractive offer for a product on Facebook.

Lead generation and salesSocial media marketing ∙ 14 proposals
Processing of entering leads new
218 USD

You need to treat the entering leads. Let’s ask a few questions about the script. If there is no answer, call. We get the answer and record it in CRM. You need a good oral and written speech. Experience in CRM. Work without attachment to the place. The computer is not…

Lead generation and sales ∙ 3 proposals
Cold call manager with experience. Manager of Sales. new

We are a network of SUPERBIS shopping and service centers with the repair and sale of computer and mobile equipment. We are constantly growing and expanding. At the moment, we serve both individuals and enterprises. At the meeting of our company was decided to expand the…

Lead generation and salesCustomer support ∙ 1 proposal
Methodology for completing the course new
273 USD

We open a new brand with courses. Creating content and ordering all the topics by course. We need a specialist who has been involved in such projects.

Lead generation and sales ∙ 3 proposals
Attracting target leaders after new

The main task: attracting the site of the leaders who will leave applications (this is about business customers) interested in the loan under the machine deposit. Orienters: construction business, commodity business, car sales business, beauty salons, sports schools (e.g. are…

Lead generation and sales ∙ 7 proposals
The Google Ads new
27 USD

You need a specialist who will be able to help correct errors and Consult. 1 . and remarketing. 2nd the auditories. Three GA4 and GTM. Other errors in the account.

Contextual advertisingLead generation and sales ∙ 7 proposals
Collect the largest Telegram and Viber communities/groups by cities in Ukraine new
27 USD

Gather the largest Telegram and Viber open communities/groups, by 25 cities of Ukraine. Where you can enter and write a advertising message. Please write: Can you do this exactly, do you have experience? What is the cost? What terms, and in what format will the result be…

Information gatheringLead generation and sales ∙ 3 proposals
Audit and RC (ppc) niche setting - Dentistry new
55 USD

greetings It is necessary to do an audit of existing rk (Ukr and English in languages) Expanded QV Check the Minus Word Improve the conversion by existing rk and to create rk on clusters, which are not enough in the edwards office

Contextual advertisingLead generation and sales ∙ 21 proposals
Ladies new
1773 USD

We are looking for specialists who will be able to sell applications and legal services to individuals. I am interested in the quantity of the purchase of this material.

Lead generation and salesSocial media advertising ∙ 5 proposals
Google Maps by Experts new
14 USD

Good day . You need to leave (create) ~50 reviews from experts of the institution (service) in Google Maps.

Lead generation and salesCustomer support ∙ 3 proposals