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Email marketing

Posts in Weber and Telegram new
4000 UAH

There is a large base of numbers that you need to make a discharge. Weiberi and Telegram. The base consists of 20+ thousand contacts. If you have discount accounts or you can purchase them and make discount yourself, click on the project. This is a breakthrough on our base…

Email marketingData parsing ∙ 2 proposals
Create a message by telegram/wiber numbers new
3000 UAH

Make a mail on the Telegram/Wiber numbers (based on 25 thousand contacts) There are 25,000 contacts (approximately). The numbers. It is necessary to make a dispatch on all the numbers separately in Telegram and separately in Wiber. Write the cost of such work separately on TG…

Email marketing ∙ 2 proposals
Promotion of Application new
200 UAH

We need to promote the game to a broad and targeted audience. Interested in the methods of promotion on social networks and advertising in applications. Details will be discussed in tg nk.naumov

Email marketingSocial media advertising ∙ 4 proposals
Settings of the mail mail service new
4000 UAH

There is a customer base (added manually to the site’s admin as a “Users” type). We can’t stop blocking the mail. They used resources such as: SendPulse, MailChimp. You need help with setting the email address (cover a resource that will help to overcome the blockage, set the…

Email marketing ∙ 5 proposals
Configuration of user action integration on a site through Mailchimp new
1500 UAH

We are the Academy of Practical Knowledge - Kolos IT Academy, and we are looking for a specialist who will help set up the integration site (https://www.kolos-academy.com/) - mailchimp (https://mailchimp.com/). What you need:- building the logic of user action: application for…

Email marketingInformation gathering ∙ 1 proposal
Strategy for the restoration of destroyed buildings new

For the restructuring fund of Ukraine, a strategy of exit to foreign countries is needed. This is very narrow, you need to go out of narrow channels. We are looking for a specialist marketer who has experience promoting sponsorship funds, or clearly knows how to do this. The…

Email marketingSearch engine reputation management ∙ 1 proposal
Specialist in e-mail violations new

You need a specialist who will find out in the emails. Description of the problem: Systemic messages that are sent to gmail will fall into spam. They checked the mail: ukr.net, yahoo.com, outlook.com, mail.com - the letters fall into the "input". There is a problem with Gmail…

Email marketing ∙ 3 proposals
Set and launch an email new

You need to set up and launch an email address using a cheap and reliable service (Service at your discretion) The current base of 100,000 addresses. It is not necessary to send 100k messages at a time, the mail can be extended for weeks. The primary task is to make a single…

Email marketingWebsite SEO audit ∙ 7 proposals
Press Release by Media new
400 UAH

Hello to you. You need to make a press release on your base of Ukrainian media. Press release on the subject of free English lessons https://md-eksperiment.org/category/anglijskij-ekspres-onlajn It is very important, only Ukraine. How many addresses are in your base? deadlines…

Email marketing ∙ 2 proposals
Gather a letter and make a mail to Mailchimp on the basis new

You need to collect a letter on a ready-made design and make a mail to Mailchimp based on Shopify. All access will be provided.

Email marketing ∙ 4 proposals
Email Marketing new

You need help in email marketing. It is HTTPS www.dnb.com Services that have access to contacts and help to send on the basis of https://www.dnb.com/ What is like this base?

Email marketingSocial media marketing ∙ 2 proposals
You need an email expert for the site. new

• • • • • • • • • • You need an email expert and automatic had mailing. Details in LS. • • • • • • • • • •

Email marketing ∙ 4 proposals
Manager for Messaging new
1000 UAH

The detail is completely distant!You agree with us if: You are a girl aged 18 to 30 years old. You have a passport. You are a citizen of Ukraine.We are engaged in sending messages to LinkedIn, which helps our customers to find their potential customers.Your responsibilities…

Email marketingContextual advertising