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Email marketing


Set up sending mailings via chatbots and e-mail in Sendpulse

15 USD

We need a person who will be constantly setting up mailings in chatbots and emails in the Sent-Pulse system. Mailing texts are provided in a table. You can start today. We are looking for long-term cooperation.

Email marketing ∙ 5 proposals

Partner manager for a crypto project

380 USD

Vacancy: Partner Manager for the BITHAB project I am looking for an initiative and goal-oriented partner manager for our dynamic project. The main responsibilities include: - Searching for and attracting new partners. - Concluding partnership agreements. - Approving…

Email marketingProject management ∙ 1 proposal

I need lead generation on Upwork

127 USD

Hello everyone, I need a bidder who will apply for job posts on Upwork. I will provide my own account for bidding. I am considering various lead generation options, and it is also possible to involve a sales manager. Only write with experience. We can discuss the price.

Email marketingLead generation and sales ∙ 1 proposal

Automatic email distribution based on a ready-made database

51 USD

An email newsletter needs to be created. Only in automatic mode. Do NOT offer manual mode! We provide the email template and mailing list. The service provider is not important. Approximate number of emails 50-250,000 pieces. Specialist's task: setup and monitoring…

Email marketing ∙ 5 proposals


We are looking for Email Marketing specialists to collaborate with! If you have experience in managing mailings and analyzing results, we would like to hear from you! Write to find out the details.

Email marketing ∙ 7 proposals

Make turnkey mailings

What needs to be done: 1. I provide 3 emails on 3 domains. 2. Set up a service for mailings. 3. Configure SPF DKIM/DMARC to the maximum. 4. Choose a service for warming up new emails and warm up all emails - we will constantly increase the volumes of emails, domains, and…

Email marketing ∙ 3 proposals

Development and implementation of an email strategy for promoting goods

Analysis of the target audience: Segmentation of the target audience into groups: Companies involved in the construction and repair of motorhomes, campers, residential trailers. Companies working with specialized transport (emergency services, mobile laboratories, service…

Email marketing ∙ 4 proposals

Make design and set up emails on MailChimp

Design and set up a template in MailChimp. Looking for a professional who can quickly set up the template according to the created design and add necessary variables to the email.

Email marketingInterface design ∙ 7 proposals

Work with the eSputnik service

Congratulations. We have recently moved to eSputnik and have only managed to verify the subdomain (the domain did not work). What is needed now: 1) Fully transfer the database (currently 40+% returns an error) 2) Check the current verification and, if possible, verify the…

Email marketing ∙ 4 proposals

Create and shape a community or channel for the brand of the tool

Good day, we have a brand of power tools, and we want to gather many participants on Viber who would be interested in this. We have no experience in Viber, so we cannot determine what is best for these purposes, a community or a channel, or a business profile. We will be posting…

Email marketingSocial media page design ∙ 3 proposals

We are looking for a marketing specialist for a project job

- Looking for a marketer for project work who can develop a marketing strategy for our project - Project work

Email marketingLead generation and sales ∙ 15 proposals

LinkedIn mailing

You need to distribute information among a specific target group on LinkedIn. Or publish it on their pages.

Email marketingSearch engine reputation management ∙ 3 proposals

We are looking for a specialist in email ESPUTNIK

178 USD

Hello. Our field is cosmetics, female audience. We want to send newsletters about our projects. Germany - 2 units Poland - 5 units England - 2 units How do we work? We make a plan for the month and execute it. The essence is that they should be creative, the design can be…

Email marketingSocial media advertising ∙ 5 proposals

Email newsletter through SendPulse

Hello everyone! We are looking for an E-mail marketer who will launch an offer email campaign in the field of Web development based on the service sendpulse.com We provide the text and email template + database. Everything needs to be connected, segmented, configured, and…

Email marketingLead generation and sales ∙ 10 proposals

Set up an effective Email campaign through Sendpulse

There is a database of potential clients - 25K addresses It is necessary to set up email chains so that subscribers start ordering our services. Do not offer SPAM! It is necessary to properly set up several chains for pre-warming up the client before making a commercial offer…

Email marketingLead generation and sales ∙ 6 proposals