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Email marketing

Realize the e-mail disclosure on the basis. The Sendpulse new

We have a base of 30,000 emails. You need to make an email address. Create a chain of letters (3-5 pieces) Nisha: services for the agricultural sphere. I wish there was already experience in the implementation of the displays.

Email marketing ∙ 3 proposals
Man for emails new

Hello, you need to make a line of email and integrate it into the Hubspot. Please refuse only if you have worked with a line of emails in the past.

Email marketingHTML and CSS ∙ 8 proposals
Promotion for e-mail disclosure new
500 UAH

All information on A-4 Can be on the aircraft. Oriented text: Proposal for email disclosure. International Delivery of Vantages Customs and Broker Service For the summer season we have prepared for you the most affordable charges for shipping from China air. Fishing the most…

Email marketingAdvertising ∙ 1 proposal
Parking + Inst new
3000 UAH

It is necessary to create a base of accounts and make a mail. (Instagram) All detailed information in personal messages.

Email marketingSocial media marketing ∙ 4 proposals
E-mail address + formulation new

We are looking for a responsible and reliable person who is engaged in e-mails. You need to do about two dishes a day, the material to dishes is provided. Oriented 40 dishes per month + dishes design.

Email marketing ∙ 5 proposals
Email sending new
27 000 UAH

Welcome to! You need to make e-mail/whatsapp messages for the leaders. The task is creative, as the base is cold, and the theme of the sending is grey. I am always crying for quality work above expectations. Total amount for sending 750k lids. In the beginning, it is necessary…

Email marketing ∙ 3 proposals
Search - SMS service with UI interface new

We are looking for a service for SMS messages Ukraine / Russia / Azerbaijan. Direction - gambling, with the UI interface and API.

Email marketingMarketing research ∙ 1 proposal
Promotion of the ready NFT collection new

I am looking for a team in the NFT project to promote it. Needed: to disparish the project as much as possible, bring investors to the project page to Twitter, discounts. I’m also looking for people who know how to do cross collaboration, as well as collaboration in the Sabbath,…

Email marketingSocial media marketing ∙ 4 proposals
E-mail marketer // the problem of getting messages in spam new
800 UAH

You need a person who has good experience working with e-mail dispatches, knows all aspects of corporate (domain) mail, and will be able to consult us and find ways to solve the existing problems with mail. Problems: A significant decrease in the percentage of suspicions that…

Email marketing ∙ 4 proposals
Email Marketer (sputnik) new
10 000 UAH

Good morning, we are looking for a classical and creative Email marketer for remote work. - Project e-commerce (Internet store of technology and accessories Apple - Ukraine) - Ideally with experience in our topic, but not necessarily. - We work in Esputnik (created integration…

Email marketing ∙ 5 proposals
e-mail marketing new

The setting and starting stage of the project promotion through e-mail marketing. You need to set one of the resources of MailChimp, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign to promote. Templates of letters, setting tools. Organize several start messages (2000-5000 customers) and analytics…

Email marketing ∙ 2 proposals
We are looking for the current database of electronic addresses of the building companies new

We are looking for an up-to-date base of e-mail addresses of construction companies in Ukraine, or can anyone spars? Interested in a fresh base.

Email marketing ∙ 4 proposals
Required a marketer or lead generator for target audience new

Good day . We are a company that sells mobile proxy. Our main customers are affiliate agencies, data parsing companies, individual web masters and people who want to keep anonymity on the internet. There are a few tasks in the project, this 1) At the initial stage to study…

Email marketingLead generation and sales ∙ 3 proposals