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Audio processing

You need notes for the chorus for the song When you go on the shore new

Good night ! I'm looking for the chorus in Poland notes for the song "When you go on the shore". A friend is very much asking for a chorus, but I can't find it on the internet. Maybe someone will help?

MusicAudio processing ∙ 2 proposals
Specialist on setting video on youtube ( increase the call to view) new
14 USD

You need a specialist on setting videos on youtube (to increase the call-in views) Knowledge of video promotion on YouTube. Successful experience of video promotion on YouTube Video on YouTube

Video advertisingAudio processing ∙ 1 proposal
Sound of video new

There are a few videos in which you need to sound a part through the neuron. For example, one video calls one name, and you need to replace it with a similar voice from the neuron. A lot of such tasks are small.

Audio and video editingAudio processing ∙ 6 proposals
The sound of the advertising role new

We are looking for a girl who can sound a video of the following content: "Statistics show that in recent years the number of children with disorder has reached 60% or more. The PuzzleHealth Health Center is a place where special attention is paid to the child’s health.…

Audio processingSpeaker/Voice services ∙ 20 proposals
Deep Fake Voice new
410 USD

You need to change the background on the video if possible clothes. Working with DIP FAKE LUBS The ability to put a text on the video so that your lips match it

Audio and video editingAudio processing ∙ 3 proposals
Record of the live tube new
14 USD

I'm looking for a pipe that has a mini studio to record the pipe. To be able to work online. I look at the wall of the songwriter, to record the parties in my songs

Audio and video editingAudio processing ∙ 3 proposals
I need the jungle. new

I need a jingle. I don’t know how long it is to do. I will be grateful if you show examples of such jungles where there are little words and music. I don’t know how to express my mind yet, if you ask questions, I’ll answer everything.

MusicAudio processing ∙ 10 proposals
Translation of the course of students video using AI new
27 USD

There is a video course in English, you need to translate the video course using AI Access to the course gives a link to the file exchanger I'm looking for someone who can do it for a reasonable price. The price in the ad random has nothing to do with reality. Please…

EnglishAudio processing ∙ 9 proposals