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Redesign the main page of the site new
3000 UAH

Dear freelancers! It is necessary to make a re-design of the online store (until only the main page) for the sale of the automotive sound and all that is related to it. It is necessary to make creative, not just rectangular screens and in them shapes, tires, bullits. It is…

Web designInfographics ∙ 60 proposals
Create Landing new

Good day ! We are looking for an executive to create a banding for a coaching project. Please evaluate the value of the added TZ. It does not contain any photo files to be added. Only text and screen structure.…

Web designInfographics ∙ 73 proposals
3D Animation new
500 UAH

Good morning, you need to develop a 3D animation, standing a box next to it turns a few coins (shakkels) when. a person chooses a coin, he can drop it into a box, when the coin falls into a box, he needs a look from the middle. What in the box already lies coins, and his coins…

AnimationInfographics ∙ 11 proposals
2D animation new

Good day , There is a set of animators and illustrators owning the Toon Boom Harmony program, to create a 2D animation roll with a duration of 60 minutes. Please ask candidates to send their portfolio in personal messages. Thank you in advance

Illustrations and drawingsInfographics ∙ 2 proposals
Create a presentation in PDF format new

You need a good report (presentation) Number of pages: 98-100 Category: Landscape Style: Neumorphism & Glass The Figma. example of style, forms attach + test task, which will be part of the report Additional information in the attached file

Vector graphicsInfographics ∙ 9 proposals
Mouse Design new

Hello to everyone! I'm looking for a moush designer to create a cool stake for the YouTube channel. It will need to realisticly animate the car in motion, the person changing background behind (the time of the year or the site) and the name of the channel. I will describe the…

AnimationInfographics ∙ 12 proposals
Photo for Instagram new

Good day ! It is necessary to prepare photos for Instagram. The theme of children’s toys. The photo will be provided by the customer. For each toy 3-4 photos and infographics.

Infographics ∙ 4 proposals