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Linux and Unix

Support for Ubuntu Server Optimization new
1000 UAH

To tell you what's wrong and help normally set up the Ubuntu 20.04 server. We have a server. Redis server that stores a lot of temporary variables for the work of the telegram bots MySQL server to which a lot of requests goes - 4 telegrams of bots and services to them There…

DevOpsLinux and Unix ∙ 6 proposals
Install Ubuntu server on hetzner new

You have to set up Ubuntu from zero. and on her Filed under xfsnginx php-fpm Memcache by mysql by Fail2ban by qbittorent-nox by Python3 WordPress, to move one site to it. How much will it cost?

Linux and Unix ∙ 11 proposals
Rise of the Web Server new

On the office machine to raise a standard web server for hosting sites. Access to the Internet via the router. It is very desirable to pack the interface for the administration of the sites. 8 gigs of operation, 4 nuclei

Linux and UnixComputer networking ∙ 9 proposals
You need an admin server to solve unregular tasks. new

You need a server administrator to solve unregular tasks. Transfer the site, set the server, install add-ons, etc. Write your reit.

DevOpsLinux and Unix ∙ 13 proposals
CloudFlare certificate for subdomains on VPS with HESTIA CP new

You need to explain how to set up or give instructions (consult so that you can do it yourself). There is VPS with site and mail Used HESTIA CP Domain connected to CloudFlare Site is placed on domain.com, SSL is required on the site itself, as well as on the list Access to…

Linux and UnixSoftware and server configuration ∙ 8 proposals