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Linux and Unix

Installation and configuration of Asterisk new

Good day ! A server on Linux. you need to install and set up Asterisk to perform and receive calls It needs to be done quickly. The price? thank you

IP-telephony and VoIPLinux and Unix ∙ 3 proposals
Support with SSL settings and Docker self-hosted services new

Payment is timely (because I understand that the scope is very widespread).Request to indicate your desired flight.On this platform I haven’t worked yet, ready to form everything as it will be convenient for the execution.On the home server from Linux installed a pack of…

Linux and UnixSystem administration ∙ 4 proposals
Configuration of Secure Email Gateway new
27 USD

You need to set and set the Secure Email Gateway for several domains only for entering email. Proxmox Mail Gateway, RSpamd, Hermes or something else. After scanning the mail should be redirected to AWS Workmail - as here…

Linux and UnixSystem administration ∙ 1 proposal
Python Crypto which can be added and launched on Debian 11/12 new

You need a Python script that can be added and launched on Debian 11/12 as a service/service systemd. The task of the script is to run on the VLC player to play our radio channel so to check if there are no updates for the plugins.

Linux and UnixPython ∙ 5 proposals
Setup of the SMTP server on the basis of FreeBSD new

We have a corporate SMTP server that has not been installed since approximately 2013. All the years it worked normally but the last year started problems with receiving and sending letters. You need to re-configure the server for the correct work of the corporate mail.

Linux and Unix ∙ 3 proposals
Add email filtration to Amazon WorkMail new
137 USD

5 user emails are configured in two domains on Amazon Workmail. DMARC, SPF, DKIM are adjusted and work properly. Every spam comes. You need help to set up an additional spam filter for Amazon Workmail. Find out what options are to solve this problem.

Linux and UnixSystem administration