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Web programming

Landing Page for Gifts new
150 USD

I am looking for a specialist who will make a landing page on WordPress. The main functionality that is needed: Mobile and computer version Add to the basket. Increase the photo. - Order of Order Currently there is a site " www.beautyfactory.md ", but not yet working. We want…

Web programmingWeb design
To-Do list (To-Do list) new

I need a T-Bot. TZ here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17f0h-KpIRsT7h7cJTD-SROEJjt8KIpKZ/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=106664237969984624398&rtpof=true&sd=true This is essentially a to-do letter, with the addition of geolocation for meetings with one-thinkers Not necessarily,…

Web programmingBot development ∙ 5 proposals
Download the photo from the photo store new

You need to download the photo from the photo store https://pixabay.com/ru You need to download the photo from the photo store https://pixabay.com/ru

Web programming ∙ 2 proposals
You need a master with PHP Codeigniter 2.5 new

To re-design the main page of the site, you need a webmaster with knowledge of PHP Codeigniter 2.5 Details in l/s, possible further cooperation in the direction of re-design of the entire site

Web programmingWeb design ∙ 2 proposals
Multimodality for LinkedIn on WordPress new
41 USD

Hello to you! To render on WordPress you need: Configurate multi-language using the Polylang plugin or similar to three languages Configurate the chip to display the rendering in different languages, by type /en, /es Multi-language Contact Form7 or similar plugin (field and…

Web programming ∙ 15 proposals
We are looking for a Shopify developer to create websites on a permanent basis. new

Shortly about the projects: 1 . Design hopes in Figma, the line should be Pixel Perfect, or approaching The 2nd The Dawn Theme Payment of work projectly or with a fixed rate per month

Web programming ∙ 2 proposals
Make a service for online viewing 3D models in your garden new

This service will already be loaded 3D models from suppliers. And people will only be left to remove the video/photo of their terrace/sade. The example of this is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.creaunit.fourso&pli=1 But this is in the form of an app and…

Web programmingHybrid mobile apps ∙ 5 proposals
Create a website for the site new

We are a network of facilities in Lviv we have great experience in the introduction of business and we need a creative person for a mini creative project Who are we looking for? Responsible person, who has experience in creating websites of who can, according to TZ, help realize…

Web programming ∙ 25 proposals
Web site on Joomla new

Co-working the site on Joomla, and the work with modules, materials and principles with Joomla. In the project I accept STRONG only those who work with Joomla and did not a single project on this CMS!

HTML and CSSWeb programming ∙ 2 proposals
Junior WordPress Developer for Continuous Work new
192 USD

Hello, I'm looking for a Junior WordPress Developer for Continuous Work. Please send your resume and wishes, month) Thank you

Web programming ∙ 15 proposals
Installing a premium template on WordPress for the site opti-print.ua new

Good day ! There is a site with a cast template: opti-print.ua You need to replace the template with a premium template, upgrade CSS for the calculator (the new template also has a calculator). The work must be done in a separate domain (it is in the field), and then move to the…

PHPWeb programming ∙ 9 proposals
Correction of errors in API connection new

You need to fix the work of the API on the site. When the data is changed and added, they are not drawn to the site. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Y7PCMvCulauN8EYXdckMJabvozEmhClpTQlEc8c8ZdU/edit?usp=sharing

DatabasesWeb programming ∙ 4 proposals
Fast adding new products to OpenCart 3 new
137 USD

Hello to you, I am ready to consider any options for rapidly adding goods. Since the summer man tried through synchronization with Google tables but never realized. What are the options?

Web programmingApplication programming ∙ 11 proposals