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Payment systems integration

Wordpress and Shopify new

There is a company’s website made on WordPress + Elementor, about 10 products. You should make possible payment of the goods through Shopify, make a basket, the buyer's office. Shopify itself is not yet, it needs to be done, set up. Show how it works, how to add more goods…

Payment systems integrationOnline stores and e-commerce ∙ 2 proposals
Connect the Internet Store to Payment new
1100 USD

Good morning, colleagues, need help in searching and connecting the payment system to receive payments from foreign customers in currency. The scope of social network activity, the sale of virtual loans services for use on the site. Customers from the United States, Europe,…

Payment systems integration ∙ 2 proposals
Connecting the payment system. new

This is an info-base. You need help with the settlement of the payment system from a weifope or a mono. The purpose is to accept the payment for the info product. You may need to make a short one-page site, or submit all the info in the payment window.

Payment systems integrationConsulting ∙ 7 proposals
Site integration through the API (Shina) iPay new

For the site averspay.com you need to set up integration through the API (shina) iPay. This site is created on WordPress. (Backend to PHP) The edition is ready. All models are in Figma. What integration needs to be set up: Complete Mobile Payment of Communal Services…

Payment systems integrationOnline stores and e-commerce ∙ 4 proposals
Development of the site new

Welcome to! We are a marketing agency engaged exclusively in advertising in Google Ads. And our customers are regularly asking for: - the development of sites (WordPress, self-writing, open card, shopping, etc.); integration of payment systems; The following web pages; We are…

Payment systems integrationOnline stores and e-commerce ∙ 34 proposals
Transfer the site from Tildy to another designer new

It is necessary to transfer the banding from the Tild to another designer with the maximum preservation of appearance and functionality. The main requirement to the designer is that there is the possibility of installing a PayPal plugin with two buttons - Paypal payment and…

Payment systems integrationWebsite development ∙ 21 proposals
Writing integration by API, you need to connect Alegro with KEY CRM new

It is necessary to write an integration by app, Alegro with the KEY CRM, that the coming orders on Allegro would be displayed in the SRM, what they ordered, the number, number, etc. Also, if you started chat with the seller on Allegro, it was displayed in the SRM

Payment systems integrationData processing ∙ 2 proposals
Settings of the shopping system on the website with WooComerce new

There is a website: https://betmann.pro/-events/ WooComerce has already been installed, and the payment system through Cryptocloud. To do, the user has the opportunity to fill out his balance in the profile, and from this balance to make purchases from the page above. Also one…

Web programmingPayment systems integration ∙ 3 proposals
Create a referral program for paying remuneration according to recommendations new

Welcome to! I am looking for someone who can make a referral program to pay rewards to those who recommended our product. I want to give people the opportunity to post a link on their social networks and for this to receive payments from purchases according to their…

Payment systems integrationOnline stores and e-commerce ∙ 2 proposals