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Payment systems integration

Installation of payment systems (donations) new

Basic: setting the collection of donations on the simplest for the user platform (without extra and numerous steps) And so you need a consultation on the Patrion( the registration has passed, but you can't make a payment)

Payment systems integration ∙ 1 proposal
Payment system that accepts payments from any card in the world new
1000 UAH

Need for consultation Who knows the payment system, which allows you to accept payments absolutely from any card in the world to a cryptocurrency, and then through the exchange you get out where it is convenient.

Payment systems integration ∙ 2 proposals
Consultation on Payment Systems new

Interested one/two payment systems, for integration (through API) to our site, for auto-payment/buy digital goods. By type such as: by Skrill by Stripe by PayOp The important must be: receiving payments from all over the world. Mostly it is; Europe, the United States, Turkey…

Payment systems integrationOnline stores and e-commerce ∙ 1 proposal
WayForPay Pay Plugin for WordPress Template new
500 UAH

Hello to you! You need to make (subscribe) a plugin to pay through WayForPay to the WPJobster template on WordPress. Plugin preparation is already available, you just need to link the WayForPay service there. There is also a documentation on the plugin and payment. Plugin…

Web programmingPayment systems integration ∙ 5 proposals
Search for payment systems new
1000 UAH

We need to collect a list of payment systems that are available for registration to Ukrainians, the payment system will be used to make Europeans and Ukrainians pay for purchases on my landing, we have the app technology at very low prices. (variants that are technically…

Payment systems integrationOnline stores and e-commerce ∙ 2 proposals