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Icons and pixel graphics

Stickers for messengers new

You need to make a collection of stickers with different emotions and images. to be placed in the telegram. About 20 pictures. For each, there will be design options with different backgrounds and elements. It can be one character in different positions and emotions or a set…

Icons and pixel graphicsIllustrations and drawings ∙ 41 proposals
You need to create icons on the website. new
800 UAH

There is a medical website - https://www.assuta-clinic.org On the diseases pages there are icons in the diagnostic section, for example - https://www.assuta-clinic.org/nevrologiya-v-izraile/lechenie-epilepsii-v-izraile/ HTTP://joxi.ru/Dr8bY05cKwNW42 I need to create icons in…

Icons and pixel graphics ∙ 13 proposals
Drawing the logo and icon for the site new

You need to draw a logo for the site and also an icon. The website is The logo on the left in the site hat should contain the name of the site ThoughtS on Cloud

Icons and pixel graphicsLogo design ∙ 43 proposals
Painting SVG icons for delivery methods new

Painting SVG icons for Ukr Post and New Post and Self-Export delivery methods 1 . Self Export 2nd New Post Office Three New mail courier delivery 4 . The new mailing machine and 5. Ukr Post Office 6 . Ukr mail courier delivery 7 . Courier delivery from the store For example:…

Icons and pixel graphicsIllustrations and drawings ∙ 28 proposals
Make 10 Simple Favicon for 10 Different Sites new

There are 10 blogs, you need to make 10 simple fav icons. Nothing special, just take a place of something relevant design of the site. I will send the blog address to L.S.

Web designIcons and pixel graphics ∙ 32 proposals
Icons for Mobile Games new

You need to draw 1-2 icons for the mobile game. First of all, I am looking for designers with experience in mobile games. There is also a task to make screenshots. In the bets please indicate the amount for 1 icon.

Mobile apps designIcons and pixel graphics ∙ 9 proposals
Pixel Art new
1200 UAH

Hello, you need to make 120 pixel characters in a particular style (example I attach to the message) All characters must be different and in different clothes, they can be similar to each other. The main idea is that one half is in an angel shape and the other in the devil, 80%…

Icons and pixel graphicsIllustrations and drawings ∙ 17 proposals
Banner and logo for the YouTube channel new

The new YouTube channel needs to draw the profile hat and the logo. The theme of the channel is relaxing music. I will be happy with your summary.

Icons and pixel graphicsLogo design ∙ 27 proposals