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Icons and pixel graphics


The art of the project. Creation of Attributes-Tates NFT

920 USD

We are looking for an artist to introduce the project. We need: Creating NFT attributes for generating full nft( prototypes are already available ) ( 8 bit version ) Creating beautiful and excellent art, creating a hat banner and future promo images. I wish a person who has…

Icons and pixel graphicsIllustrations and drawings ∙ 21 proposals

Painting / picking icons by analogue

13 USD

Hello to HTTPS://prnt.sc/v7pQ7d9j4quk - there is a card where you need to pick the icons, you may negate the same, but what would differ Example where they will be located - attached to the project Please enter your prices and deadlines.

Vector graphicsIcons and pixel graphics ∙ 27 proposals

Animated Stickers for Twitch

79 USD

You need to make a set of animated stickers that can be used during broadcasts. For example this

Icons and pixel graphicsIllustrations and drawings

Develop a brand "hero" (multipe) and create a stickerpack with it


We want to develop our hero, as well as the surrounding stickerpac (as the idea is the Maltese balloon + possible Medina theme), which we will be able to use in our social networks, also in our corporate social networks. Also in the plans is possible to use the designed…

Icons and pixel graphicsIllustrations and drawings ∙ 42 proposals

Icon to draw.


Good day . You need to draw the icons for the pieces of the knife store. subdivisions Nuts: https://osakahamono.com.ua/nozhi/ – 21 st by: https://osakahamono.com.ua/zatochka/ - 10 pieces Kitchen: https://osakahamono.com.ua/kukhnia/ - 4 pieces Examples in the Appendix. I…

Icons and pixel graphics ∙ 23 proposals

Proposal of certificates


A graphic designer is needed to process the official certificates of the organization. There is an old form that needs to be updated and converted to a new format. The main task is to develop a new certificate with water signs. Whoever is interested and ready to work, write.…

Icons and pixel graphicsBusiness card design ∙ 33 proposals

Find a mobile application/photo template

13 USD

You need to find a mobile app that contains exactly such fonts and lists (photo 3th). Tell me how to apply or download. SapCut, Vn, etc... The text must be placed on the video \photo. Photo adding

Icons and pixel graphicsSocial media page design ∙ 6 proposals

Creating banners, logotype, billboard for the eBay store

13 USD

You need to create a 1280*290 12 MB store billboard, 300 x 300 category photos and 300 x 300 logo. and also for Etsy you will just need to match the size of the finished files for eBay The style of the store Write and offer options. We can cooperate long-term.

Icons and pixel graphicsBanners ∙ 40 proposals

Improve the performance of the logo and other graphic work for the application/page

25 USD

I am looking for a talented, professional graphic designer or creative agency who will create the logo/logo of my new online/mobile application.I will provide examples and details of my expectations regarding the appearance, and I will share a website on which the logo will be…

Vector graphicsIcons and pixel graphics ∙ 19 proposals