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Hybrid mobile apps


React Native + Android, Java help needed with Calls on Android.

302 USD

Task Description: Developing video calls based on React Native, using React Native Callkeep with self-managed: true. Encountered an issue with call handling when the application is closed on android, need to implement functionality that will respond to data-notification from…

Hybrid mobile appsApps for Android

Develop a website and/or MiniApp for Telegram

Good day, it is necessary to develop a website and/or MiniApp for Telegram, with the functionality of opening cases. This should be a website or program in Telegram, similar to Hamster Combat, TapSwap, Bloom. Integration with Telegram and cryptocurrency is required. We are…

Web programmingHybrid mobile apps ∙ 13 proposals

Plugin for a web application for linking coordinates in the background

73 USD

General InformationProject: Web application (monolith) on Vue.js 2 with subsequent build through Capacitor on iOS and Android.Purpose: Add functionality to send coordinates when the application is running but minimized or the screen is locked.Functional Requirements 1. Plugin…

JavaScriptHybrid mobile apps ∙ 3 proposals

Neural network specialists

We are looking for specialists in neural networks (video only) for project work on creating neural networks for conducting online lessons experience with neural networks is mandatory

Hybrid mobile appsMachine learning ∙ 3 proposals

Mobile movie catalog application

Good evening! We have an API with movies by categories and information about them The design task is to implement the application needed for many regions the application consists of: login / registration movie catalog with filters movie search "likes" catalog let's discuss!

Hybrid mobile apps ∙ 17 proposals

Developer with experience in React + React Native and working with WebSocket is needed

500 USD

We are looking for a developer or a young team with knowledge of WebSocket to develop the interactive part of the application in React and React Native (TypeScript). Only frontend markup is needed with connection to an existing backend. - API on Swagger. - Backend on Laravel. -…

Web programmingHybrid mobile apps ∙ 20 proposals

Restore application functionality in test mode

73 USD

Worked with the application through app distribution & firebase. The application is developed based on Flutter and launched through developer mode. It needs to be restored.

Hybrid mobile appsApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 2 proposals

Development of an application for Telegram.

367 USD

Congratulations. It is necessary to develop an application for Telegram... Like the current popular ones (Tapswap/ Memefi). Design, functionality are needed. Also support after development. Interested in the approximate project price! Important: the price is indicated for…

Hybrid mobile appsGaming applications ∙ 14 proposals

Refine React Native project + backend

3000 USD

We are looking for a performer or team to develop a large car sharing application project. Tasks are as follows: 1. There is a partially ready project in React Native, it is necessary to estimate the time and budget to bring it to readiness. 2. Develop the technical…

Hybrid mobile appsApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 16 proposals

Pictures are not displayed for groups in the Messenger React Native application

Good day. There is an Android messenger application. Some groups do not show images for us. Need to figure out why. The application is written in React Native.

Hybrid mobile appsApps for Android ∙ 2 proposals

Refinement of the mobile application Taxi

98 USD

Greetings esteemed freelancers. There is an application that was developed 2 years ago, we recently returned to it and made all necessary updates to packages, Flutter, and Dart. We deployed a server and created a new database on https://www.digitalocean.com/ (fields, application…

Hybrid mobile apps ∙ 3 proposals

Psychological app with a paid subscription

Create (develop) a psychological application anywhere. In general, it should work as follows: The user has a question, in the application he sees various courses, answers, subcategories, etc. If the answer to his question he can subscribe to a paid subscription to get a…

Hybrid mobile apps ∙ 12 proposals

Implement Firebase

Implement Firebase according to these instructions: To track events in the Onecar app, you need to install the free Firebase service from Google, which will be responsible for capturing events and sending them to Google Ads. Instructions for adding for IOS - here Instructions…

Hybrid mobile apps ∙ 2 proposals

Make an application in Flutter ...

This application will periodically send GPS coordinates. The main thing is that the application automatically reopens in case the operating system unloads it from memory. It should also send data on its own after the user restarts the phone.

Hybrid mobile apps ∙ 7 proposals

Mobile App Development (Android/IOS)

Dear Freelancers, We are seeking an experienced mobile developer proficient in cross-platform applications for Android/iOS, with expertise in custom backend development. Please find attached the documentation detailing the scope of features we require. We aim to…

Web programmingHybrid mobile apps ∙ 17 proposals