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Hybrid mobile apps

Mobile application, collaboration new
150 USD

You need a developer on Flutter, with 2 years of experience to make a cross-platform mobile application (ios and android) Fixed payment +-$150 before the publication, further improvement and long-term cooperation. The past developer on communication, will help insight, but can’t…

Hybrid mobile apps ∙ 1 proposal
The Bubble App new
20 000 UAH

Our team is looking for a Bubble developer with OpenAI API integration experience to work on the new app.

Hybrid mobile apps ∙ 2 proposals
FlutterFlow Developer with Flutter Knowledge for Casting Solutions new
11 111 UAH

FlutterFlow Developer with Flutter Knowledge for Casting Solutions Let’s make an add-on on FlutterFlow. In addition to the designer, you should also be able to integrate cast APIs and components. For example, annetization through Firebase. The project is scheduled for 3…

Hybrid mobile appsApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 4 proposals
Bridging Objective-C and React Native. new
10 000 UAH

I'm React Native developer, and I need assistance with bridging Objective-C and React Native. I have launched the next library, and I want to add a background image and photo zooming, it requires bridging. https://github.com/hrupesh/RNPencilKit Only with relevant experience,…

Hybrid mobile appsApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 2 proposals
Create applications on Android, Kotlin new
68 800 UAH

Create under Android analogue https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=vpn.video.downloader There is detailed TZ, design and guitar. You need a feedback with an answer to the question - can you take the project and make it a full time to publish?

Hybrid mobile appsApps for Android ∙ 6 proposals
Project Manager for Mobile Application new

Task of Project Manager: Communication with Customers Answers to Questions on the Project Filtering technical issues for the team Communication with the team Monitoring the deadlines for the implementation of projects - Before testing and testing the implementation result…

Hybrid mobile appsProject management ∙ 8 proposals
Application new
360 USD

I want someone to design a business website for me. I want this task to be completed in less than 5 days. At any cost l want a professional designer

Hybrid mobile apps ∙ 1 proposal
Create online games! new
999 UAH

You need to create a fairly uncomplicated but with good graphics online 3d game (the game has already been invented) with the store and the ability to extract money through the crypto. Payment link via PayPal/Apple/Google Pay and possible withdrawal via a binary or other…

Hybrid mobile apps ∙ 3 proposals
ReactNative Development of frontend app parts new

We are considering the attraction of the react native developer for the application - the young social network. Making in Figma. It is only necessary to front-end the logic of the first stage of the application, working with locked data. Important is accurate, quality, easy to…

JavaScriptHybrid mobile apps ∙ 13 proposals
Developing new application for React Native new
100 EUR

There is a ready assembly with the source code, with the design and all the necessary windows. You need to connect to our server. The API for registration is ready and the receipt of languages from the database is also ready.

Hybrid mobile apps ∙ 9 proposals
Create programs similar to OLH new

You need to develop a supplement similar to OLH.The main requirement is that it specializes only in the narrow profile.It was available to all desirable.

Hybrid mobile apps ∙ 7 proposals
Flutter to make an app for iOS new
1111 UAH

There's Flutter app now only on Android needs to be white for iOS and if you need it to optimize to the latest Apple SDKs You have to put on our TestFlight we’re testing and after that soon will still be the gods that need to fix.. After fixing we still need one update already…

Hybrid mobile apps ∙ 6 proposals
Developer for Application Modification (GPT Messenger) new

Hello to you! We are looking for a qualified development specialist for modifying ChatGPT-based messenger, working on Dart and Flutter, using Get, Firebase and REST API. The candidate is expected to understand the app deployment mechanisms on iOS and Android platforms,…

Hybrid mobile apps ∙ 2 proposals
Create a mobile add-on new
200 EUR

Additional to Dating. Cross Platform - React \ Flatter Functional 1 . Registration and User Profile The 2nd Geolocation 3 . Potential Dating Cards and 4. mutual interest and 5. Private Messages 6 . Searching 7 . System of Confessions 8th Safety and Moderation The 9. Payment…

Hybrid mobile apps ∙ 9 proposals
Mobile app support for React Native new

There is a mobile application for retirement programs. It is necessary to update the functionality, which is what design, and in general support and update on the App Store and Google Play. The list of works will be given for assessment. It can be both in volume and in an hour.…

Hybrid mobile appsApps for Android ∙ 11 proposals