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System administration

Срочно ищем DevOps new
4000 UAH

Всем привет, нужен DEVOPS на проект (Igaming) Знание: - Configuration NGINX, Apache2 - Configuration Mysql, Postgresql, MongoDB - Configuration Github Actions and knowledge CI/CD - Support Cpanel, ISP Manager - Git - Setting backup - Knowledge Linux - Knowledge how build…

DevOpsSystem administration ∙ 3 proposals
Integration of cloudtalk and kommo(amo) crm new

It is necessary to make an interaction between cloudtalk and kommo(amo) crm. in commoamo there is the option to click the button and the call will go through the installed application. must be to 1. the card of the leader and the contact company displayed the fact of the call…

IP-telephony and VoIPSystem administration ∙ 1 proposal
Download the website to hostpoint.ch new

You need to connect the site to the database on hostpoint.ch(WP) Why when entering the personal WordPress office - makes a mistake

DevOpsSystem administration ∙ 12 proposals
The Intune new

Need help in setting Intune (connecting devices to Android, iOS, Windows), design of applications

System administration
Installation of CloudFlare new

For the Internet store, you need to set the right protection in CloudFlare: - block automatically if with IP too many requests ( How many Apache and/or NGINX requests should be obtained in [Select time interval] so that it could be considered a potential attack and…

System administrationSoftware protection and security ∙ 3 proposals
Resolve the problem with malicious code on the server new
1000 UAH

Good day . Today on hosting from UKRAINE at 1 hour was infected all the sites that are placed on this server. All WP sites have replaced the index.php file and added a malicious code. In the logs of access, it is not very clear what happened. 1 . You need to find out where…

System administrationSoftware protection and security ∙ 8 proposals
[LP] Set the JIRA project new
1500 UAH

Good morning, I have to set JIRA project on TZ, an example of 5 hours of work TZ in the application When applying please indicate the LP in the message body so that I know you read all carefully

System administrationConsulting
Integration of messengers (Viber and Telegram) into the CRM system new

Task: Configuring the integration of messengers (Viber and Telegram) to the CRM Pipedrive The Target: 1 . Opportunity to post using Viber and Telegram directly from the Agreement card in CRM. The 2nd Configuring and preserving the history of chatting in CRM. 3 .…

System administrationClient management and CRM ∙ 1 proposal
Integration ZKTeco and Bitrix24 new
100 USD

You need to integrate the ZKTeco F22 terminal into the CRM Bitrix24. When marked in the terminal, the working day in the bitrix must be opened and closed.

System administrationDatabases
Internet shop in Polish new

The range is sold on the marketplace allegro. It has good customer reviews. you need to launch a third-party online store with the same range of http://wisent.store/ What to do: Correction of errors in the store. Replacement of English texts Add Privacy Policy, RODO, GDPR…

System administrationCopywriting ∙ 3 proposals
Transfer of Domains to Amazon Web Services new
1000 UAH

I need help with domain transfer to AWS, mail settings in AWS, and a set of questions with cloud IT infrastructure administration and support. Domains are on another register.

System administrationComputer networking ∙ 1 proposal
Transfer Elasticsearch from the elastic.co server to your own VPS new

WEB WEB WEB WEB WEB WEB WEB WEB WEB WEB WEB WEB WEB WEB WEB WEB WEB WEB WEB The search index is set on the elastic.co server. Our website is on VPS, works on CentOS 7 The task lies in the following: - deploy Elastic on our server and transfer the available indexation…

System administrationWeb programming ∙ 3 proposals
You need to set the connection to the server from the computer on Windows 10 new

Hello to everyone I have always used mac and remote desktop to connect to the server. Unfortunately, for windows this program doesn’t work. Please help me with setting the server for windows for payment. What exactly I need to find a easy way to connect to the server Do all the…

System administrationSoftware and server configuration ∙ 9 proposals
Transfer of sites to a dedicated server new

Hello to you.We have two websites.Hosting on European VPSs.We want to transfer them to a dedicated server in the United States.It is necessary to analyze the offers that are on the U.S. market, under our requirements, to set everything on a specified server, carefully transfer…

Linux and UnixSystem administration ∙ 3 proposals
Debian 10 - setting, installing WireGuard new
1200 UAH

Good day In Debian 10, you need to install: PHP 7.2 or higher by nginx by SSL by mysql php standard addons by apcache Double authorization of phpmyadmin - nginx/mysql/sysctl tuning by sqlite - wireguard (install the server and generate 2 client…

Linux and UnixSystem administration ∙ 7 proposals