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System administration


Setting up a proxy on Mikrotik router

25 USD

There is a Mikrotik router, you need to set up Wi-Fi access points on it, on which you need to install an HTTP (IPv4, mobile, residential) proxy. The proxies will be in the following format: ip:port:login:password, which will be purchased from various services. So each access…

Linux and UnixSystem administration ∙ 1 proposal

SSL for subdomain

Need help to understand why errors occur when creating an SSL certificate for a subdomain. It worked fine for the main domain.

System administration ∙ 5 proposals

Change the working schedule of the website to OpenCart.

OpenCart Version Unable to change the schedule through the admin panel. You need to change the work schedule information through hosting, where the site files are located. Important: you will need to connect via AnyDesk and perform the task on our PC.

System administration ∙ 13 proposals

Administration of the PostgreSQL database in the Fedora operating system

246 USD

We are looking for an experienced database administrator to work with PostgreSQL in the Fedora operating system environment. The tasks will include database administration, restoring databases from backups, and integration with an application that has a web…

System administration ∙ 1 proposal

Update software and eliminate vulnerabilities

A cybersecurity specialist is required to update and configure server software, eliminate vulnerabilities, and prepare the website for PCI scanning. Key tasks include updating FreeBSD, Apache, PHP, OpenSSH, BIND, OpenSSL, and Exim, configuring SSL/TLS, traffic filtering, and…

System administrationSoftware protection and security ∙ 1 proposal

I am looking for a professional system administrator

98 USD

Greetings to all. I am looking for a specialist, not an amateur in their field. Thorough server security setup and potential future support are needed. 1. Close all unwanted site directories but ensure Apache has access to them. 2. LUKS encryption setup. 3. Possibly encrypt…

System administrationSystem programming ∙ 1 proposal

Setting up Cloudflare for the website.

25 USD

Need to set up rules (Page Rules) for certain types of pages. The rules are located on the Cloudflare service. There are also existing rules, but for some reason they are not working. Need consultation, or set up rules from scratch.

System administrationSoftware protection and security ∙ 3 proposals

Restore BIND9 and connections on DEBIAN9

49 USD

Context: There is a server running Debian 9 (Stretch) that reached its end of life (EOL) in July 2022. During updates, some packages were removed, including bind9utils:amd64. Currently, this is affecting the system due to missing dependencies. Details: There is a backup of…

Linux and UnixSystem administration ∙ 3 proposals

Technical Support for Webinars

We are looking for someone with experience in technical webinar setup to help us organize a webinar. The preferred platform is Zoom, although we are open to other options. The work will take approximately 1-2 hours. Key responsibilities will include configuring webinar settings,…

System administrationSoftware and server configuration ∙ 2 proposals

HETZNER. VMWare last settings... Start server on VM+WS21019

50 USD

There is a task to raise from 0 on the cloud HETZNER VMWare latest version + Create VM with maximum resources and install ws19 there With the ability to connect via RDP 120-150, and maximum protection... from attacks!

WindowsSystem administration ∙ 8 proposals

We are looking for a Specialist in the Thinkific platform

Project: Looking for a Thinkific Platform Specialist Project Description: The goal of the project is to find a qualified specialist to work with the Thinkific platform. Thinkific is an online platform for creating, publishing, and selling courses. The specialist will be…

System administrationWebsite maintenance ∙ 2 proposals

Jetson nano gstreamer

75 USD

Need to implement launching gstreamer with perspective correction on Jetson Nano and display on screen So that the transformation is as fast as possible Capture FullHD, output FullHD

Linux and UnixSystem administration

Administrator of a website on Wordpress, WooCommerce

A website administrator is needed for one-time paid work. Required: Create new site pages, adapt them for all gadgets. Layout on request. Backup, connect monitoring systems, search for vulnerabilities for hacking. Implement the SEO specialist's technical task. Configure…

1CSystem administration ∙ 11 proposals