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System administration

The 3proxy Ubunta new
200 UAH

You need to set up and up 3proxy on the Ubunta VPS server and make instructions to set up 3proxy on this server.

System administrationSoftware and server configuration ∙ 4 proposals
Updated by Denwer new

Upgrade the Denwer package to PHP8.1 (the later stable version of Windows with all the extensions) Update the apache accordingly. Check what works without phpmyadmin problems if it’s wrong – update too php.ini is unwilling to change - check that all the updated extensions are…

WindowsSystem administration ∙ 2 proposals
Configuration of Windows Server 2016 Standard new

There is a separate server, there are different OSs on the corner, including. The sites. The server also has Windows OS installed and has access to several users via RDP. There is constantly a problem with access to RDP users. After closing and new launch, the download window…

WindowsSystem administration ∙ 10 proposals
Notion (notch) for M-Coffee new
200 UAH

Hello to you! The task is to set the rights of access to the noushin. There is a handmade methodology in a personal node. The task is to spread it "for reading" to employees, with the possibility of closing access to any of them, while not plumping the nushin all the money in…

System administrationConsulting
Mobile Proxy Settings new
200 UAH

Buying mobile proxy foreigners I know how to use them with the anti-detect browser but in the root I don’t understand how they can be fully used from the phone, so that the applications can be uploaded and so on, so that the mobile iPhisk of another country can be displayed.…

System administrationSystem programming ∙ 3 proposals
Set up the server for hestia new
500 UAH

After reloading the nginx server simply doesn't want to reload - and the server sites have ceased to work - you need to return the site to work I am looking for a person you can always seek help.

System administration ∙ 20 proposals
Setup of Cryptocurrencies new

1 . First, it is necessary to set the node of the radio. After transitioning the broadcast to POW, we need to reinstate the nod on our crypto exchange. 2nd There will always be problems on the nodes.

DevOpsSystem administration ∙ 3 proposals
Connect the domain to the NS server and assign from the IP new

There is a DNS. One NS is already set. The second NS has the same IP as the first, and must have a completely different. There are 2 other domains that are attached to this NS through the Domain Register. The main task is to assign IPs to these domains through DNS and learn how…

System administrationSystem programming ∙ 6 proposals
Google Play Dev new

I’m looking for Google Play Dev to help you interact with Google Play (play console). The task of this type: the add-on ceases to appear on the resource asks for a static login and password but when I provide it in the description and throw it on the check, the collection is…

System administrationApps for Android ∙ 2 proposals
Set CI/CD GitHub for the project new

The project uses python, c, c++, react languages, as providers are used AWS, OVH, database - Postgres. There is a client part plus training/inference of neuronal networks. It is necessary to set CI/CD for the project. Please ask additional questions to clarify the details (you…

DevOpsSystem administration ∙ 2 proposals
Broken the Facebook business page new

Broken the fb business page https://m.facebook.com/ImperialGarageDetailing/ I received an email yesterday that I was removed from admin from my page. Today, there were attempts to deposit $600, then $615 and so on the growing. Good that the money was not enough on the map and…

System administrationSocial media marketing ∙ 6 proposals
Installation of NAS QNAP TS-669 Pro new
600 UAH

This QNAP TS-669 Pro normally worked 8-9. The password of admin. You can go and copy in admin. You need to find access and password from one of the 6 disks. It can be a port prevention.

System administrationComputer networking