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Logo design


Remove the background and replace the color of the element.

13 USD

1 . In the sample to get a white background, make all the elements in one color "497ec3" and save as "Variant1" The 2nd In "Variant1" replace the color of one element with the yellow "ffd500" (as in the example), and save as "Variant2".

Logo designCorporate style ∙ 79 proposals

We need to create a new logo.


You need to develop a new logo for the company Poltavska Cypochka (crop on your own farm of meat from eco-bird and delivery of meat products in Ukraine).https://poltavska-tsypochka.com/ The logo must be modern, stylish and communicate to the customer safety, quality and…

Logo design ∙ 66 proposals

Design of a logo with the brand name

131 USD

It is necessary to develop a brandbook for the production of aromatic candles, with subsequent implementation of them on market plays/sites and other sites. the networks. The brandbook must include the name and development of the brand/logotype with variations (including on the…

Logo design ∙ 40 proposals

Drawing the logo


Drawing the logo for the poker club offline, there is a sketch (concept) that you would like to see for communication, about 2364926

Logo design ∙ 53 proposals

Create a logo for the Judo Club

18 USD

You need to develop the logo, the judo club is already working, the name of the Avangard judo club. The approximate idea is already there, you need to combine two pictures that are below. Unfortunately there is no much time. I wait for the proposals. Our current logo is also…

Logo design ∙ 49 proposals

Creating the company’s logo


We are looking for a graphic designer who will make a logo in the style of “minimalism”. There should be a combination of only contrasting colors. The details of the order will be told in personal messages. It is important to provide your examples of other projects in this…

Logo design ∙ 96 proposals

Creating a logo and rules for a photo studio


Create a logo for this Instagram page, @_bez_mezh_ Request to specify price and deadlines immediately

Logo design ∙ 83 proposals

Formation of the TG channel for service

31 USD

Create a logo for the tg channel. Name: DiGi Market Create a channel (platform) to provide advancement services and create logos You need consultation on the subject of the future conduct of the channel and a little more (to talk more, to consult)

Logo design ∙ 18 proposals

Design (Logo) for the online store of various teas

26 USD

Congratulations to all who were interested in this task!I and my team are planning to launch our own online tea store and everything we need to drink.For the beginning we plan to open on such platforms: OLX, Instagram, Tik-Tok.and concrete.Keywords for design: Shiva (the name of…

BannersLogo design ∙ 18 proposals

Design and design of packaging


Hello to you! We would like to create a logo and design for the packaging (box) of flowers. We have already developed the colors and style we want to follow, but we need skilled hands that will be able to realize on paper. The logo will be used on packaging and for social…

Package designLogo design ∙ 80 proposals

Develop a modern logo for the CLEEPS SOCIETY in Ukraine.

26 USD

The main task is to develop a recognizable logo of the society of the blind to further promote the goods produced by the blind people. The project is social and requires special attention. What you need to pay attention to. After the end of the war in Ukraine will be a large…

Logo design ∙ 58 proposals

Printing for T-shirts


It is necessary to develop printing for shorts, the printing must be aggressive. In the first stage, these 3 printes will be much more, on all printes there is a specific idea and how they should look, some images from the internet need to be translated into vectors and…

Logo designCorporate style ∙ 24 proposals

It is necessary to design labels taking into account the restrictions on the Supliful platform.

105 USD

Design is required for labels and logo re-design. Different bioactive supplements for women, but the main product will be collagen in the powder. I can also tell you how other products look. From graphic materials there is only a logo, but the logo is made on the fast hand,…

Package designLogo design ∙ 21 proposals

Re-design of the logo / design of the flare label

149 USD

Design of the existing logo Design of labels / flare Language Ukrainian / Russian Preparation for printing Use to create a simple landing page

Logo designPrint design ∙ 65 proposals



It is necessary to develop a logo under the online store of car parts. Colour range, size and website will be provided in private messages. Interested in the price order and your work. and thank you.

Logo design ∙ 97 proposals