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Logo design

Repeat the logo new

We have a website, there is our logo. But the image is cut, and there is no final file. You need to repaint the logo so that it can be placed in Instagram on the logo. You need to create a .ico file so that you can put it in the site's favourite. You don’t need to change the…

Logo design ∙ 19 proposals
Logos for Business new

Everyone is greeted! You need a logo for the online store and polygraphy. Name: "Tehteplo" (abbreviated from "heat technology" Website: tehteplo.com.ua (in development) Subject: sale of cottage, boilers, pumps, radiators. In one word, the burning. Colors: possibly blue,…

Vector graphicsLogo design ∙ 50 proposals
Photoshop Expert (Graphic Design) new
1600 UAH

I am looking for a designer who will help me make a logo (web version and print version). We already have a logo, but it needs to be removed. In addition, we need 7 images that we are going to download to the Play & App Store. We already have an app and now we are looking for…

Web designLogo design ∙ 31 proposals
Website designer/digital logos new
4000 UAH

I am looking for someone to complete a short-term project consisting of: Three digital logos – a visitor The card Magnet for the refrigerator/car -Logo file for the website design It should be convenient to communicate in English. This project is short-term and is expected to…

Web designLogo design ∙ 29 proposals
Brandsbook new

For a marketing agency, a brand-book is needed. Here is our style Ollamee.xyz It is important for your non-standard vision, and experience. If you do well, we will work further.

Logo designCorporate style ∙ 29 proposals
Creating a logo and corporate style. new
5000 UAH

Create a logo and corporate style, or rebrand for mobile accessories shops Flashmob. External advertising and commercial islands.

Logo designCorporate style ∙ 66 proposals
Logotype of Shivron new

I'm looking for a digital artist for drawing the logo from the photo to paint a shyroon with my photo and signature from below The work is interesting

ArtworkLogo design ∙ 40 proposals
Design of the logo for the bakery new

You need to create a logo design for a bakery with an interesting concept. I will send the design to the chosen designer.

Logo design ∙ 116 proposals
Creation of the logo and site consortium service new

Good day , The task is to create a site consortium of services as well as a logo to it. This is similar to the functionality of the site below. A number of packages of support services with the possibility to connect immediately to a telegram or another messenger when paying for…

Logo designWebsite development ∙ 38 proposals
I need a logo. new

There is a type of logos like the applied file, but it will be named IXI. There is an idea, but you have to play with the flowers to understand what is better. I would like to use such colors as blue, red, yellow. It needs to look beautiful on the street lift, as well as the…

Logo design ∙ 97 proposals
Logo for the Zoo new

Develop a logo for an online and offline zoo shop.The main requirements: 1 .Black and white, we use a black graph on a white background.2ndIt should look equally well with the inverter of colors, i.e.When used in white performance on a black background.ThreeMinimalism, no…

Logo design ∙ 80 proposals
Creation of a design in one topic new

You need to create a design on one topic, probably the emphasis will be on orange, blue, and black colors, but if you want you can try experimenting, for the inventiveness I can and leave on the tea)) Design that is specifically needed. Round Logo/Quadratic Logo/YouTube…

BannersLogo design ∙ 36 proposals
Correction of errors and change of addresses on the site. new
500 UAH

Correction on the PHP site error, log in the text, change the addresses of the locations in three places. In the telegram or in ls.

Logo designText editing and proofreading ∙ 5 proposals
Drawing the logo and icon for the site new

You need to draw a logo for the site and also an icon. The website is The logo on the left in the site hat should contain the name of the site ThoughtS on Cloud

Icons and pixel graphicsLogo design ∙ 43 proposals
Brands of Clothing new

Good day ! You need to invent the name, slogan and logo for a brand that is engaged in the manufacturing of clothes, suitcases and other accessories. Brand CA: lovers of active leisure. Tracking The Alpinism Walking and walking tourism The clothes will be sold in the EU. It…

Logo designCorporate style ∙ 49 proposals