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Data parsing

Make a copy of the parser and upgrade the functionality new

Make a copy of the program and redigate a little functionality. The program will download a file with a list of contracts. The program parsits data from the pages of these contracts on the etherscan site, processes and records in the database. Detailed TZ and the program I will…

BlockchainData parsing ∙ 4 proposals
ETSY bot to turn reviews new
41 USD

Good Morning, Dear Developers. Required parser-bot to turn reviews in stores on ETSY.com What he should know: 1 . Find the keywords of the shop. The 2nd Find a store by name on which the reviews will be rolled. 3 . Add the product to your favourites. and 4. Be able to register…

Data parsingBot development ∙ 2 proposals
Development of the backend for channels telegram statistics new

There is a closed channel with different links. You need to create a statistics in which you will be daily visible call-in new subscribers on each link, to which you need to link costs (it will be integrated with the API service) and call-in sales (it will be integrated with crm)

DatabasesData parsing ∙ 5 proposals
Parking and obtaining data from sports sites. new
547 USD

You need a developer who has experience, but not the one who knows and has done this not once and is a ready solution.The task.1 .Parcing or receiving by API from 5-10 sites of bookmakers' coefficients in live mode, the coefficients should be updated every 15 seconds.2ndSince…

C and C++Data parsing ∙ 5 proposals
Configuration of a ready HTML data parser new
82 USD

There is a ready HTML parser for Google and Bing Ads. He must actually collect all advertising ads according to the specified parameters. Please set his work on the domain and set the visualization of the data he will collect. HTTPS://github.com/Monibrand/google-html-parser…

HTML and CSSData parsing ∙ 3 proposals
You need to parish the price table in an open card. new

example of the table https://prnt.sc/mR6EwYHWcJXa need to open the map to update the field in the form of "22_09_sportcheck_159" search and update by field 010-12863-05 model server hosted in Ukraine Updated once a day There will be 2 tables of Google from where we will take…

Data parsing ∙ 5 proposals
The Telegam Client API new
106 USD

It is necessary to develop a module for sending and receiving answers using several Telegram Client sessions (Pyrogram Library). I use TZ to get acquainted.

Data parsingBot development ∙ 3 proposals
I need to download data from the site krisha.kz new

https://krisha.kz/prodazha/kvartiry/almaty/ Need to load data. 37948 appearances Carrying in Excel We need a number in mandatory order and a reference to each announcement.

Data parsing ∙ 13 proposals
Google search console has more than 1,000 lines new

I’m looking for a programmer who will be able to spark from the Google search console more than 1000 lines through the API or otherwise. There are 4,000 lines of pages that give 404 code and also 79,000 pages that are not in the index but displayed in the google search console…

Data parsingApplication programming
Parking and Website Automation new
274 USD

You need to collect data from suppliers to download to the site and set up updates so that the data from suppliers appear to me on the site in real time.

Data parsing ∙ 8 proposals
Transfer products and categories from a prom to a horoshop new

You need to organize the import of goods and groups from the prom.ua platform on horoshop.ua There is an Excel standard download file from prom.ua you need all the data to be transferred to horoshop.ua so that in the event of the appearance of new products and groups - they were…

Online stores and e-commerceData parsing ∙ 6 proposals
Parking categories of Amazon new
33 USD

Good day !It is necessary to spart all categories on the American Amazon.As a result, you need approximately this file (this is, by the way, the current full list of Amazon categories): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kI0X_XWwjuCvylnfJKeOu8IMurjDvrBW/view?usp=sharing In each…

Data parsing ∙ 2 proposals
Program for Crypto Exchange Analysis new

The main functions: Accounting quotes and glasses (volume of assets for sale and purchase) Exchange by API means ( https://github.com/ccxt/ccxt/blob/master/wiki/Exchange-Markets.md ) supports 97 Exchange ( we need the basic 40-50) After reading the quotes - The Program must…

PythonData parsing ∙ 3 proposals
Development of news copy bots through NewsAPI or analogue new

The project includes the development of an automated bot to copy news, chatgpt and automatic news source (beehive or wordpress site, unprincipially). It can be performed as by automaters, plugins or external add-ons. To realize the functionality you need through NewsApi on…

Data parsingBot development ∙ 4 proposals
Parcing autoria under Wiber new

Wiber displays the owners of the car on the autory, is under the autory filters. The possibility of changing the selective other filters on the site itself

Software and server configurationData parsing ∙ 1 proposal