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Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Roblox scans for iOS new

You need an application-scan editor for Roblox on IOS. The main functionality: a gallery of ready skins (looking in 3d), creating from zero and the editor, downloading these skins as files. App Store subscription and AdMob advertising. Figma design -…

Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 1 proposal
On the project I'm looking for an iOS developer (Swift), 3 years of work experience. new
1000 EUR

Capacity to work at least 40 hours a month. The task will be discussed personally. We are looking for a direct developer, studio and managers please do not contact Work in the team. It’s only on Swift. A number of tasks with a cast UI Necessary Prof. Experience in work…

SwiftApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 3 proposals
Processing of the mobile IOS app new

We have an iOS app that is launched and works. The add-on is developed on Swift and Objective-C. There are periodic functional improvements, as well as the need to rewrite the code from Objective-C to Swift. The list of tasks will be shared with the real candidate, as the…

Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 4 proposals
FlutterFlow Developer with Flutter Knowledge for Casting Solutions new
11 111 UAH

FlutterFlow Developer with Flutter Knowledge for Casting Solutions Let’s make an add-on on FlutterFlow. In addition to the designer, you should also be able to integrate cast APIs and components. For example, annetization through Firebase. The project is scheduled for 3…

Hybrid mobile appsApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 4 proposals
Bridging Objective-C and React Native. new
10 000 UAH

I'm React Native developer, and I need assistance with bridging Objective-C and React Native. I have launched the next library, and I want to add a background image and photo zooming, it requires bridging. https://github.com/hrupesh/RNPencilKit Only with relevant experience,…

Hybrid mobile appsApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 2 proposals
Appendix new

Good day , I am looking for an executive team to develop an application for the logistics theme. There is already: Design (Make in Figure) on the main screens The volume of TZ I can send any interested team of performers. Please write your reference bets for the development…

Apps for AndroidApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 12 proposals
App for Coffee Roster new
2500 USD

Welcome to Hello, You need to make an app for the Coffee Fire Machine for iPhone and Android with the following features: You need to regulate the temperature, the rotation of the drum, the power of the ventilator and the heat time before launch and after launch of the heat,…

Apps for AndroidApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 15 proposals
Development of the Flutter Mobile App new

The technical task: The Dairy:Flutter + Getx Onboarding – the ability to keep a diary The Preloader Change of icon depending on the tariff Integration of AdMob - Signature - Evaluation of your status today - Different types of records to add to your journal - Dark and Light…

Apps for AndroidApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 5 proposals
Design of Additional new

Create a design app The Essence of the Addition - Game with the Character You need to paint the menu screen and the game screen. Show your design examples.

Apps for AndroidApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 4 proposals
Appendix for the determination of the geoposition of objects new
300 USD

More detail to the candidates. Also indicate time and cost, because in the task it is simply orientative. You need to make a simple application (ios+android or 2 freelancers separately) to determine the geoposition of taxi drivers (and only! No orders and TP, just geo + a small…

Apps for AndroidApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 9 proposals
Apk,AAB - file decompilation new
5000 UAH

I have to do APK,AAB - file decompilation, lost the source code of my fold, now I can't make updates, etc. We can agree on the price!

Apps for AndroidApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 1 proposal
Development of mobile application under iOS new

There is a ready app on Android that removes a particular app from the system. It is necessary to do so under iOS. Details in the face.

Apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 4 proposals
Screen Time Framework new
50 000 UAH

You need to get the time spent on using other apps in iOS Library and example. https://developer.apple.com/documentation/familycontrols/ HTTPS://developer.apple.com/documentation/ManagedSettings https://developer.apple.com/documentation/deviceactivity/ The example…

SwiftApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 4 proposals
Mobile positions on Quasar Vue new

All greetings App made on Quasar Vue Simply simple, articles with the possibility of search and sorting There are a list of directions to do, mostly visual directions. I'm looking for a programming professional that will bring the directions and improve the speed of work.…

Apps for AndroidApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 2 proposals
Implementation of Facebook SDK for mobile app new

The Nobelbee Donate is a mobile add-on created by a team of volunteers. The aim is to raise donations from the international audience to Ukrainian funds that help the victims of the Russian aggression. https://www.donation.nobelbee.com/ What to doWe are planning to launch…

Apps for AndroidApps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) ∙ 1 proposal