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Updated by Denwer new

Upgrade the Denwer package to PHP8.1 (the later stable version of Windows with all the extensions) Update the apache accordingly. Check what works without phpmyadmin problems if it’s wrong – update too php.ini is unwilling to change - check that all the updated extensions are…

WindowsSystem administration ∙ 1 proposal
Configuration of Windows Server 2016 Standard new

There is a separate server, there are different OSs on the corner, including. The sites. The server also has Windows OS installed and has access to several users via RDP. There is constantly a problem with access to RDP users. After closing and new launch, the download window…

WindowsSystem administration ∙ 5 proposals
Find an online mail client,with MS-365 and forward to external addresses new
1500 UAH

Welcome to!This is a new version of the previous project, the description of which, as it later became clear, did not give a true idea of the task.After additional tests, the picture became clearer and the task, at the moment, looks as follows: You need to help find an online…

WindowsSoftware and server configuration ∙ 3 proposals
The compet says: “Microphone has not been found.” new
200 UAH

I try to make calls through Wiber, Watsapp and other messengers. It says, “Microphone has not been found.” I can understand what the problem is. Per<unk> in the trees? Maybe in the iron. Who can help? Take on Annie Desk away and solve the problem. I add the roofs below

WindowsSoftware and server configuration ∙ 14 proposals