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Descriptions of bouquets

Need to write selling, unique, and beautiful SEO descriptions of bouquets. Select keywords independently. There should be many descriptions, but for now 33 descriptions of 500 characters without spaces. We will send photos of each bouquet and composition to the performer.…

EnglishCopywriting ∙ 3 proposals

Content manager/SEO copywriter with knowledge of English language (C1)

We are looking for an experienced content manager/SEO copywriter to create SEO-optimized descriptions and titles for our furniture products for an English-language website. Our candidate should have an understanding of SEO principles and experience in writing persuasive and…

EnglishCopywriting ∙ 3 proposals

Voice-over of the text in English.

English voiceover needed for a YouTube video. 5315 characters, approximately 11 minutes of text.

EnglishSpeaker/Voice services ∙ 17 proposals

Translation of the text: ``` Translate a book from Ukrainian to English

Looking for a translator. Goal: translate my book from Ukrainian to English. Number of characters without spaces - 440000. Subject - non-fiction, psychology, esoterics, self-development, philosophy. I do not specify the budget, as the range of offers among agencies varies…

EnglishText translation ∙ 31 proposals

A girl is needed for voice-over of videos in English

12 USD

Hello! We need a girl with a pleasant voice and good English pronunciation. You need to voice over videos for YouTube on the topic of travel. The script is already available, you just need to record the voice.

English ∙ 5 proposals

Translate the website from English to Vietnamese

https://www.drivelab.cz/en/car-service This is our website. You can see that there is a version in Czech and in English. So, the English version (which is slightly shortened) needs to be translated into Vietnamese.

EnglishSoftware, website and game localization ∙ 6 proposals

Translation of articles from Russian to English

Greetings, I need help translating 5 articles from Russian to English (USA), WITHOUT the help of machine translation and AI, total character count - 35,000. The text will be checked by a native speaker, so if you are not sure - please do not place a bid, so we do not waste time…

EnglishCopywriting ∙ 33 proposals

English Copywriting (Long-Term)

Вітаю! Шукаю автора для статей англійською для довгострокової співпраці. Будь ласка, надайте свої приклади робіт англійською мовою, бажано у сфері бізнесу або маркетингу, та вартість ваших послуг за написання статті на 1000 слів англійською. Перша стаття, яку треба написати: 9…

CopywritingEnglish ∙ 20 proposals

INTERMIDIATE Proof-readers to Handle Other Content Writing Editorial T

1700 USD

Our organization is an online team that emphasizes collaboration and division of labor. As a result of the burden assigned to our content writers and proofreaders, we are now searching for flexible entry-level proofreading applicants to join our team. These individuals will…

EnglishText editing and proofreading ∙ 10 proposals

Easy copy and paste data entry job in Google Sheets

1500 USD

I am copying and pasting information from one database into a Google Sheet. Very simple. Data goes into one cell in one column. There is quite a bit to do and the sooner the better. I will train via Zoom to get you started and then be available any time for questions

EnglishText editing and proofreading ∙ 23 proposals

Translation/Localization Project Manager

Translation/Localization Project Manager We are looking for an enthusiastic and professional Localization Project Manager who will successfully drive localization projects of all shapes and sizes from conception to completion. You will be responsible for managing the end-to-end…


Translation from German and English to Ukrainian

12 USD

1) My project will help Ukrainians communicate freely and without any problems with foreigners 2) Project goal • help understand each other. • quick and accurate translation without any mistakes. • quick assistance to people who need it.

EnglishGerman ∙ 8 proposals

Translation of text and articles

17 USD

1) Translation of text to make it easier for other people who speak foreign languages 2) such as English and German speakers 3) assistance to lawyers and other important individuals with translation. 4) absolute accurate translation, without any errors, and without any violations

EnglishGerman ∙ 9 proposals

Actor for shooting in advertising creatives

12 USD

We are looking for a person who will shoot videos at home, on the street, or in other places according to the technical task. Be sure to send video examples to Telegram. References to the videos we will have:…

EnglishVideo advertising ∙ 3 proposals

Translation from English to Ukrainian and vice versa in a video call

Being present on the video call and translating between English and Ukrainian Topic: product launch international market Duration - 30 minutes or 1 hour

English ∙ 4 proposals