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Create a banner animation new

Good day There is a character animation, there are originals + ae file According to the same link video banner - now the transitions are brutal The task is to make the animation more smooth, the task is urgent. Write by price and time.…

AnimationBanners ∙ 3 proposals
Stylization of the brochure new

Good night, you need timely (in an hour-two) help with the styling of the existing brochure with a layout on one page. It should look more attractive, ordered and minimalist.

BannersPrint design ∙ 27 proposals
You need to develop the design of banners to place in articles new

Good day ! You need to develop a banner to place in articles. Please provide 3 design options to choose from. The size of the banner is 890*300rh At the moment there is this template option (I add to the task) Logotype (I attach to the task)

Banners ∙ 40 proposals
FIGMA Banners for Goodbye (foot theme) new

Good day, you need banners for the site on Good Hope, the site https://osakahamono.com.ua/ Do it in the FIGMA program so that we can edit the language.A) Banners for sections: 1) Kitchen knife OSAKA https://osakahamono.com.ua/kukhonni-nozhi/filter/serijaTovara=1/ the whole…

Banners ∙ 21 proposals
Design of banner for advertising on the TRC facade new

Create a banner design for advertising on the TRC facade Show your design examples. Subject: Property A modern design that attracts attention.

BannersOutdoor advertising ∙ 34 proposals
Unified photos on the site new
200 UAH

Good day to everyone. To fill the site you need to make (create, generate, unify) images-photos that Google will see as unique and that a person will see that it is a real photo of life, so that they fit into the color range of the site (as far as possible) and were sellers,…

BannersPhoto processing ∙ 3 proposals
Creatives are needed on FB for 2nd advertising campaigns new
1000 UAH

Good morning, you need advertising creatives for several FB advertising campaigns. Big campaigns so advertising creativity needs to be a lot. I will write Desirable and great plus will be the experience of creating creativity on the bourgeois market. (My customers are mainly…

BannersSocial media page design ∙ 54 proposals
A+ content for Amazon new
1000 UAH

You need to make 2-3 slides for A+ content. One picture for the listing. Only 3-4 slides with simple infographics. Example here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1vvKBhoauudaEKSLZsL0MUgpD-7aC64NdLRtLkgyJfU/edit?usp=sharing

BannersInfographics ∙ 16 proposals
Banner of the main YouTube page new
500 UAH

Banner of the main YouTube page for the beauty salon. Our Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/dr._hair/ All questions by telephone

BannersInterface design ∙ 28 proposals
Banner Design/Advertising for Instagram new

The design format is Instagram Stories, Post, Tictus. The subject: Electrical scooter. Examples of the goods. Photo of the specific model of the scooter and the exact text and logo of the hopes in the personal post. A further animation design is planned, it should be considered…

AnimationBanners ∙ 33 proposals
We are looking for a designer to create banners on the site new

We are looking for a designer to create new creatives on the worldofcomics.ua website The above-mentioned blocks for which you need to create a new visual

Banners ∙ 46 proposals
The Eurobucks new
500 UAH

You need to deny the Eurobucket in accordance with the brand book of the company. Placing the products in accordance with the TZ. All packages for discharge Please indicate the deadline and the cost for the entire work. I am also looking for a designer to cooperate on a…

BannersPrint design ∙ 43 proposals
Painting of banners/cartoons new
500 UAH

For the site, you need on a constant basis to draw various beautiful banners on a computer theme. Stock sales and so on. The site is currently in the development phase, until the end of the +- week. At this stage you need to draw 3-4 banners with different information about…

BannersWeb design ∙ 68 proposals
Design of Banner new

KOROB is a company for the sale of computer equipment.Our website: korob.com Looking for a Designer We offer: Distant cooperation.✅Load: 2-3 banners per month.✅Sometimes in 3D format.400 UAH for 1 banner (in 3 sizes: 1920x500 pixels / 1080x1080 / 1920x1080).✅We are pleased to…

Banners ∙ 42 proposals
Create an external advertising design new
600 UAH

You need to create a design of external advertising on windows and doors. I add the picture below. Design is needed in minimalism.

BannersExhibition booth design ∙ 44 proposals