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Seven Banners on Goodbye new

Making banners for the store in Goodwill. The demo design was originally like https://horoshop.ua/design/86/#desktop The shop is here https://shora.ukr/ The top and the bottom to your taste harmoniously the theme of the site, 5 average can be made in categories (bdsm, portfolio,…

BannersInterface design ∙ 6 proposals
The Twitch Channel new
2000 UAH

Welcome, I want to order the layout for the Twitch channel, and the banner - cover and 6 banner description (Donate, Music, Chat commands, Forbidden, My PC, TikTok. In addition to this, 2 screens with the start of the stream and the end of the stream + the thematic framework for…

BannersCorporate style ∙ 8 proposals
Posts for Instagram and Facebook new
500 UAH

Advertising photo post on medical theme, format for: 1st Facebook 2nd Instagram Banner on the site The number is 5th! The price is agreed!

BannersPhoto processing ∙ 43 proposals
Posts and banners new

I need a designer with straight hands. The key task will be to deny posts and banners. In many ways they are template, but sometimes you will need to be creative. There will be somewhere 2-3 banners or post per day. Examples are in the fortress. The price is contractual.

BannersVector graphics ∙ 49 proposals
Banner for GoogleAds new
500 UAH

Not complex banners for the sale of tea production. I add as an example. I will talk more in detail with the executive. Adaptive media ads: Image format: png Image size: 300x250, 336x280, 728x90, 300x600, 320x100, 468x60, 970x90, 160x600, 250x250, 200x200 in pixels. Maximum…

Banners ∙ 45 proposals
Create an Instagram account , Theme - bookmaker, 9 photos + logo new
1000 UAH

Form an Instagram account, 9 photos in a profile + avatar, TZ download the example of each of the 9. Auditorium of the Men of Poland and Lithuania. The subject of the inst - Rental of bookmakers accounts Off your price, cases for similar topics will be a plus!

BannersSocial media page design ∙ 22 proposals
It is necessary to develop a banner design for FB and YouTube new

For example, in the investment you need to make several options of a banner for the month of October. For profile on FB and hat on YouTube. Color and fonts without changes. Options for the call (debated): 1 . Sign up for an effective Czech language course in October! Up to…

BannersSocial media page design ∙ 44 proposals
Required a website designer and also design of advertising pasts for social new

Hello to you, It requires a website designer and also the design of advertising paste for social media. Please add a link to the portfolio. * Suitable only for those who are free for the project. It is suitable for those who can be in contact daily. It is suitable for those who…

BannersWeb design ∙ 62 proposals
Create an image for a WordPress site size 1600 x 230 new

Create a page page image for WordPress size 1600 x 230 pixels. Whatever he normally looked on the screen of the monitor, the phone (vertical and horizontal location) and the tablet.

BannersCorporate style ∙ 17 proposals
Design branding car new
1500 UAH

Glory to Ukraine, you need to develop a branding design for the car “minive”. The website of our products ogo-food.com There is an understanding which design should be, you just need to make everything beautifully, but the idea is also welcome.

BannersPrint design ∙ 34 proposals
You need to be creative for Instagram advertising. new

It is necessary to develop a advertising creative to place in Instagram in the field of permanent makeup. Interesting for long-term cooperation. Examples of works in the field of the provision of services of permanent makeup or in general from the field of beauty are a major…

Illustrations and drawingsBanners ∙ 54 proposals
Advertising video creative new

Hello to you! You need a moush-creative for the niche "Cuchine on order" as an example (creativity is welcome) for targeted advertising. Stories format and for the tape. I give you a picture of the early kitchen and the text you need to insert.

BannersVideo advertising ∙ 27 proposals
Design of street banner, 5000cm x 2350cm new
300 UAH

You need to develop a street banner design for the shoe store. Men's and women's shoes in the offline store. There is an invitation to shop in the store. Transfer to the Instagram page. Description that in the store there are both male and female shoes,kamnate and gums…

BannersOutdoor advertising ∙ 37 proposals
Preview / Cover for Youtube new

Good day . You need to make 10 plugins for the YouTube channel. Work is not single, rather permanent. If you like it, we can cooperate on a permanent basis. Examples I am adding. Offer the price. We will then choose. Portfolio is required.

BannersPhoto processing ∙ 34 proposals
Creating a channel on Twitch new
500 UAH

you need to make the layout of the channel on tweet:phone,avatarka,donates, about yourself, etc. and so on a bit more detail I will tell you in ls

Banners ∙ 12 proposals