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Creating YouTube covers

13 USD

Need to create 30 YouTube covers in the same style, we will provide photos and descriptions, the work is similar and not difficult.

BannersPhoto processing ∙ 8 proposals


15 USD

1) Add a red aviator airplane + inscriptions + Telegram icon: My AVIATOR HACK software Write my Telegram - Chennai Bhai 2) At the bottom of this add (also with a Telegram icon): Write my Telegram - Chennai Bhai

BannersCorporate style ∙ 15 proposals

Development of a banner for the website is required

A selling banner needs to be developed. Text: Turnkey repair in 50 days from 250 UAH/m2 (work+materials) Quickly, qualitatively and with a guarantee! "Call to action" Requirements: 1. Placement here: https://www.rabotniki.ua/remont-kvartiry-ili-komnaty 2. Dimensions 320×100 3.…

Banners ∙ 38 proposals

Drawn design for YouTube channel

26 USD

I am looking for a designer to create a high-quality detailed drawn design, header + avatar, in the project you need to use my character from the game Roblox and the wishes that I will specify, I am waiting for you!)

BannersSocial media page design ∙ 12 proposals

Preview for YouTube and etc.

Creating engaging images for use on websites, social media, mobile app platforms, etc. Developing custom previews that reflect the unique style and concept of your brand or product. Optimizing images for various devices and platforms. Creating informative infographics that…

InfographicsBanners ∙ 30 proposals

Develop a post for Facebook

13 USD

Post for SMM Size 1000 x 1000 px Placement Facebook Need to develop two separate posts for delivery within the city (Local) and throughout Ukraine (NP) Technical task in Figma

Banners ∙ 31 proposals

I am looking for a person to create landing pages on Tilda or other builders

13 USD

I am looking for a person to create landing pages on Tilda or other builders. Right now, I need to create a page to invite to a barber course. Need to create a page with a header, course description, and a button to sign up for the course.

BannersWeb design ∙ 24 proposals

Presentation design

26 USD

I am looking for a designer who can refine the design of a presentation. It is already prepared, but I want to improve it. Currently, there are 130 slides in the presentation. Please write the price per slide and the price of your work.

BannersPresentation development ∙ 31 proposals

Creating a banner for the website ramplo.net

Creating a banner for the website ramplo.net. Combining a photograph with geometric shapes and interesting color combinations. Photo for the banner: You can play around with this banner, just without any text:

BannersPhoto processing ∙ 43 proposals

Development of a static advertising banner

89 USD

We are the Taxi UA app, an indispensable assistant for every taxi driver. The application provides discounts on fuel, gas station goods, car insurance, self-service car washes, and many other useful functions. Currently, we are looking for a graphic designer (possibly on a…

Banners ∙ 55 proposals

Telegram channel about a cat

We are looking for an experienced responsible Promt engineer to generate images for a crypto project. Task: Generate images with a specific character for the crypto project. Angles and types of drawings will be very diverse, so please respond only if you can create practically…

BannersPhoto processing ∙ 7 proposals

We are looking for a designer of bright creatives for a store.

- Looking for a specialist who creates bright creatives, banners for commercial business - Considering specialists only with a portfolio

BannersInterface design ∙ 58 proposals

Pdf brochure in Canva

128 USD

Brochure for an online school (tutoring platform) in English. Also need to create banners/images for different creatives. Ability to work with Canva.

BannersInfographics ∙ 19 proposals

Design of Advertising Materials

We are the company Polycolor from Kamyanske. We are looking for a creative designer with knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. You will need to develop banners, logos, layouts for the production of paint and varnish products. There will be a basic request and…

BannersPrint design ∙ 48 proposals

Designer needed on a permanent basis

13 USD

Good day. I am looking for a designer. Work with banners on a regular basis: horizontal, square (place several products beautifully to create a set). As a rule, I clearly understand what I want. I can explain it reasonably. I always have a basic idea of what I need. I provide…

BannersVector graphics ∙ 70 proposals