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I'm looking for someone to cut my photo. new

You will have to cut a part of the photo, and make it from this PNG) It will be very good if it will be tonight (23:47 23.09.22)

Banners3D modeling and visualization ∙ 21 proposals
Logo and banner for the YouTube channel new
1000 UAH

Logo and banner for the YouTube channel. All details in personal communication. The car channel. 1 to 2 days

BannersLogo design ∙ 30 proposals
Designers for YouTube Channels new
200 UAH

You need a designer who knows how to make a classical switch and hat for the YouTube channels. YouTube channels of different topics: Cosmetics Construction by Taro The horoscopes Cryptocurrency The budget: Pricing – 100 UAH The Hat – 300 UAH A month can be from 10 to 35…

BannersSocial media page design ∙ 23 proposals
You need to be creative for Instagram advertising. new

It is necessary to develop a advertising creative to place in Instagram in the field of permanent makeup. Interesting for long-term cooperation. Examples of works in the field of the provision of services of permanent makeup or in general from the field of beauty are a major…

Illustrations and drawingsBanners ∙ 38 proposals
Advertising video creative new

Hello to you! You need a moush-creative for the niche "Cuchine on order" as an example (creativity is welcome) for targeted advertising. Stories format and for the tape. I give you a picture of the early kitchen and the text you need to insert.

BannersVideo advertising ∙ 24 proposals
Catalogue to insert text new

There is a catalogue in Russian. It is necessary to replace the English text (English translated text IS) Writings, colors, the structure of the text - all leave as in the Russian version. Just replace the Russian text with English. Here is the catalogue:…

BannersPrint design ∙ 25 proposals
Design of street banner, 5000cm x 2350cm new
300 UAH

You need to develop a street banner design for the shoe store. Men's and women's shoes in the offline store. There is an invitation to shop in the store. Transfer to the Instagram page. Description that in the store there are both male and female shoes,kamnate and gums…

BannersOutdoor advertising ∙ 30 proposals
Preview / Cover for Youtube new

Good day . You need to make 10 plugins for the YouTube channel. Work is not single, rather permanent. If you like it, we can cooperate on a permanent basis. Examples I am adding. Offer the price. We will then choose. Portfolio is required.

BannersPhoto processing ∙ 28 proposals
Create a logo new

Good night You need to develop a logo that will go to the banner of the YouTube 2 colour palette red and black not too banal PSD formats by layers We film team as well as teachers filmmaking web series videos 2 languages in English and Ukrainian: Black Bear Film Inc Photo…

BannersLogo design ∙ 24 proposals
Creating a channel on Twitch new
500 UAH

you need to make the layout of the channel on tweet:phone,avatarka,donates, about yourself, etc. and so on a bit more detail I will tell you in ls

Banners ∙ 12 proposals
You need to develop 3 slides, on the site, dental clinic new

We are looking for a designer for a time-to-time task, but with the possibility of constant projects daily. You need to develop 3 slides, on the site, a dental clinic. Create a logo for the site. Write the price for the development of 3 slides and 1 logo.

BannersLogo design ∙ 51 proposals
Reducing in the vector new

Good day to everyone! You need to paint in a vector, an idea for a poster. The idea is to paint + creatively complement when necessary with your vision.

BannersVector graphics ∙ 47 proposals
Painting a banner for Google Ads new

Hello to you. You need to draw a banner for Google Ads. www.support.google.com/google-ads/editor/answer/57755?hl=ru#zippy=%2C%D0%BC%D0%B5%D0%B4%D0%B8%D0%B9%D0%BD%D1%8B%D0%B5-%D0%BE%D0%B1%D1%8A%D1%8F%D0%B2%D0%BB%D0%B5%D0%BD%D0%B8%D1%8F 1-2 pieces of one-type simply different…

BannersVector graphics ∙ 30 proposals
Creating 8 Beautiful Cases new

Hello to you. You need to create 8 beautiful pictures for cases on topics: 1 . Gathering keywords for the site 2nd SEO optimization of a WordPress site Three SEO optimization Shopify website 4 . Full website optimization and 5. Improving site ranking 6 . Combating the stolen…

BannersSocial media page design ∙ 23 proposals
Design and composition on Roll Up and POP Up new
4000 UAH

What should be shown on the picture?Farm products on Roll up and POP up, the originals will be provided Where should the image be used?Roll up and pop up. What type of image should be?(Remove other items) : Illustration of Corel In what style should the image be?(Realistic…

BannersVector graphics ∙ 19 proposals